Scary Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Scary Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween is all about enjoying the fun of dressing up and decorate your house with your own terrifying creations. Caving pumpkins is one of the most fun and creative ways to add your own personal touch to your Halloween celebrations. That’s why put together this list of Scary Pumpkin Carving Ideas to help give you some creative inspiration.


Scary Pumpkin Grin Stencil Ideas

This Book on Realistic Pumpkin Carving (Buy Online) will help you learn how to create detailed 3D pumpkin carvings that go way beyond your regular old fashion Jack-O-Lantern designs.  This book contains 24 Spooky,Scary, Spine-Chilling Designs that are easy for anyone to learn, so your whole family can learn how to create detailed scary 3D pumpkin carvings that will scare and delight.


Pumpkin Carving Kit

Pumpkin Carving Kits (Buy Online) are a great way upgrade from using your kitchen knives.  Using a carving kit makes it easy to carve out intricate designs that you never could achieve with a regular old knife.  If you ready to up your pumpkin carving game it’s definitely worth giving a carving kit a try.




Midnight Squash Slasher

Pumpkin Carving

Lock your doors and secure your gourds the Midnight Slasher is coming to a door step near you.


Predator Pumpkin


If you master the skill in the realistic pumpkin caring book then someday you might be able to carve a Predator Pumpkin.


Scary Pumpkin Carving Ideas – Dark Family

Carving Pumpkins, 2008

Simple pumpkin carvings that you anyone can create with simple pumpkin stencils


Jack O Lantern Dragon Pumpkin Carving


It’s the nightmare before Halloween and all through the house their are creatures stirring and ghosts on the prowl


Evil Grin – Pumpkin Carving Ideas Scary


Make the most of a misshapen pumpkin with this unique pumpkin carving design


Smash Face

Pumpkin Carving

A realistic pumpkin carving that’s bursting to life with smashed pumpkin shards and a highly detailed 3D design.


Walking Dead


You never know where a zombie might be hiding.  Next time you’re in the pumpkin patch at night watch out for hands grabbing at your feet.


Tribal Head


Welcome to skull island where the head hunters are giving pumpkin carving a try.  Just don’t upset the natives or they might want to give your head a unique design



Head Shot


One of the most outrageous pumpkin carvings! Award winning design.  Must have been a real headache to create 🙂

Black Cat – Pumpkin Carving Ideas Cat


A nice Black Cat intricate pumpkin carving design.  


Medusa Daemon


Don’t look into this pumpkins eyes or you might turn into stone.  This inspiring medusa pumpkin carving pushes the limit with it’s multidimensional design


Dracula & Vampira

2009 Pumpkin Carving

I want to drink your blood and eat all your candy.  These Dracula and Vampira pumpkins are easy to make with a stencil if you want to give it a try


Grin Lock


Watch your fingers he might bite.  With a face like that I won’t wait to see if he trys


Angler Gourd


This pumpkin carving is inspired by a deep sea angler fish, which are one of the most creepy fish you’ll ever lay eyes on.


Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin Carving Competition


Stitch Head – Pumpkin Carving Ideas Funny


You might be of a split mind on this pumpkin carving design, but this pumpkin is sure to sew up a win in any pumpkin carving competition




Good Guys have all the fun when they are two feet tall and they are chasing after you with a knife.  If you want to bring a daemon back to life all you need is a Chucky Doll and the forces of Satan on your side




Looks like Frankenstein’s monster has had better days.  Looks like he needs another bolt of lightning to bring him back to life.  


Scary Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Carve

Now THAT's a scary pumpkin!


With a knobby gourd for a tongue and a bloody painted pumpkin design to accent it’s bloodshot eyes and diseased gums, this pumpkin almost makes you want to loose your lunch.  


Monster Real Eyes

2012 Carved Halloween Pumpkin

Where is my other eye?  Why don’t you put your had in my mouth and find out


Joker Pumpkins


The joker never dies he live in every single persons deepest darkest desires. HAHA


Hitchcock’s The Birds


Watch out for the birds they’ll peck out your eyes.


Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas


Unique pumpkin carving stencils make it easy to care intricate designs


Hell Skull