Best Moss for Indoor Plants

Best Moss for Indoor Plants

On this page, we’ll go over the best moss for indoor plants. Moss can be used as an accent in planters, hanging baskets, and containers. It looks like lush green velvet against other plants or flowers and there are many varieties of moss available so we’re sure you’ll have no problem finding one that suits your needs.


Best Moss for Indoor Plants

SuperMoss Mountain Moss Preserved, Fresh Green, 3lbs
DUSPRO Dried Forest Moss for Potted Plants
Super Moss Reindeer Moss Preserved, Fuchsia, 2oz
SuperMoss Moss Mix Preserved, 2oz (110 Cubic Inch)
FloraCraft Spanish Moss 8 Ounce Natural



Best Moss for Indoor Plants



SuperMoss (23805) Mountain Moss Preserved, Fresh Green, 3lbs

SuperMoss Mountain Moss (Buy Online) is a preserved moss product made from 100% natural mountain moss harvested sustainably from old-growth forests. This convenient moss has been used by top horticulturalists around the world for decades as both a soil conditioner and decorative mulch.

Mountain Moss can also be used in place of peat in potting mixes, soilless media, seed starting mixes, hydroponic applications, automatic indoor plant irrigation systems, and more.

Most garden centers don’t carry moss, and even if they do sell moss, they can only get small quantities, and most of them either charge too much or sell products of low quality (or both).

SuperMoss Mountain Moss solves this problem for people who want top-quality preserved mountain moss but don’t live near a store that sells affordable preserved moss in bulk.



Moser Lee Natural Green Sheet Moss, 325 sq. in. (Тwo Рack)

Moser Lee Natural Green Sheet Moss (Buy Online) is 100% organic moss harvested from old-growth forests where each piece of moss is hand-picked. This high-quality selection process ensures that you receive only the freshest and most vibrant moss that looks great and really pops. Plus, this beautiful sheet moss is just the right size and shape – not too big or too small, so it will work well in any size pot.



STARDOM Moss Preserved, Green Moss for Fairy Gardens, Terrariums, Any Craft or Floral Project

STARDOM Moss (Buy Online) is one of the best mosses available, and it retains its beautiful green hue over time without fading away into yellowed or brown hues like other brands often do after being exposed to sunlight



SuperMoss (21580) Sheet Moss Dried, Natural, 2oz

SuperMoss Flat Sheets (Buy Online) are perfect for dressing up pots, planters, and terrariums as well as covering the soil in your garden. You can also use this natural green decoration on party tables for weddings or special events. Plus, each package comes with three large flat sheets of 100% real dried moss and it is easy to cut into any shape with scissors.



SuperMoss (25322) Forest Moss Preserved, Fresh Green, 8oz

SuperMoss Forest Moss (Buy Online) comes in sheets that are thick enough and flat enough not to curl up like other brands. The bristles are long (about 1/4″) and they hold their shape even if you’re watering daily, which helps them stay firmly in place. And the amount of moss included per package is more than enough for a few pots.



DUSPRO Dried Forest Moss for Potted Plants

DUSPRO Forest Moss (Buy Online) is made of 100% dried forest moss and comes in large bags that are ideal for tropical potted plants like palm trees, and it even makes an excellent orchid substrate. It holds moisture well enough to meet your plant’s needs, yet still drains water well so you don’t have to worry about over-watering your plants. And DUSPRO forest moss is made from 100% dried and sterilized forest moss, so it’s perfect for use in terrariums or vivariums, and it’s safe for animals as well.



Natural Color Reindeer Moss Preserved Floral Moss

DALAMODA Reindeer Moss (Buy Online) is the best moss for decorative indoor plants because it’s high quality and easy to work with. And you’ll love how soft this moss feels when you touch it.  This premium preserved floral reindeer moss comes in different sizes, and you can also mix colors together for an even more unique look that will turn heads whenever anyone sees the vibrant mulch at the base of your indoor plants.



Super Moss Reindeer Moss Preserved, Fuchsia, 2oz

Colored Super Moss (Buy Online) has been thoroughly washed, cleaned, and treated with natural dyes and preservatives so you can rest assured that your plants will look their best. This beautiful fuchsia-colored sphagnum moss looks amazing on top of soil or around potted flowers/plants as an alternative to using rocks or wood mulch. And Colored SuperMoss bulk packages are available if you’re looking for something unique at your next special event (weddings, baby showers, birthdays) or just want to stock up at home.



SuperMoss (23310) Moss Mix Preserved, 2oz (110 Cubic Inch)

This SuperMoss Mix (Buy Online) includes an assortment of some of their most popular mosses in one package so you don’t have to worry about picking the right ones yourself. With this mix of popular mosses, you can experiment with new styles, get a feel for each type, and find out which ones work best with your personal style and home decor.



Dried Spanish Moss for Indoor Plants



FloraCraft Spanish Moss 8 Ounce Natural

FloraCraft Spanish Moss (Buy Online) comes from Mexico where the climate is perfect to harvest this beautiful plant without damaging its delicate structure. The plants are harvested and then air-dried which preserves their shape and color while keeping them soft enough to bend into any form needed for floral arrangements or other projects. Plus, it’s easy to work with because there’s no preparation required before using it like with live mosses.



Best Artificial Moss for Indoor Plants


TOPCOMWW Fake Moss for Centerpieces Decor, Artificial Green Moss for Plant Crafts Flower

TOPCOMWW Fake Moss (Buy Online) is a realistic-looking artificial moss that makes your plants look more alive and natural than ever before. It’s easy to use, it comes in big pieces so you can pull them apart with your hands to make them fluffy or just lay them flat on top of your pots like real moss.



Is Moss Good for Houseplants

Yes, preserved moss used as a mulch is actually very beneficial for houseplants. It helps conserve moisture and conceal bare soil. Plus, it also looks great too.

However, live moss growing on the surface of your houseplant’s soil is a sign of over-watering. In that case, your plant must have been watered too often and for too long, creating a damp unhealthy environment in which moss can grow.



Benefits of Moss for Indoor Plants

  • Moss is a great option for those who are looking to grow plants indoors
  • Moss can be used as a mulch in pots or other containers
  • Moss helps retain moisture which reduces the need for watering
  • Some people even use moss as a decoration around their home



Types of Moss for Indoor Plants


Best Moss for Orchids

Sphagnum moss is the best moss for orchids because it has a high water holding capacity. This means that it can absorb a lot of water and keep the orchid potting mix moist. Sphagnum moss also contains organic matter that helps to feed the orchid’s roots.


Best Moss for Bonsai

The best moss for bonsai is forest moss. Forest moss can be used to create a natural and realistic appearance at the base of bonsai trees. It is also easy to work with and can be attached to tree branches with wire or glue.


Best Moss for Succulents

Reindeer moss is a great choice for succulents because it’s a low-maintenance moss that has a nice decorative touch, and it can be used to create beautiful arrangements with other types of plants.