Best Potting Mix for Gardenias

Best Potting Mix for Gardenias

The best potting mix for gardenias is a well-draining blend of peat moss, perlite, and sulfur. If you want to give your gardenia the best chance at thriving, you can use one of the potting soils below that are specifically formulated for acid-loving plants.


Best Potting Mix for Gardenias

Dr. Earth Acid Lovers Planting Mix
Coast of Maine Organic Potting Soil Blend for Acid Loving Plants
Esbenshade’s Professional Potting Soil
Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil
Espoma GSUL6 Soil Acidifier, 6-Pound



Best Potting Mix for Gardenias



Coast of Maine Organic Natural Garden Compost Potting Planting Soil Blend for Acid Loving Plants

Coast of Maine Organic Potting Mix (Buy Online) was specially formulated with gardenias and other acid-loving plants in mind. It contains everything they need to thrive, and it’s 100% safe for people and pets.

Acid-loving plants can be difficult to grow, and they can be hit or miss when you try to lower the pH of standard potting soil.

Coast of Maine Organic Potting Mix solves this problem since it has been carefully blended with composted sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, pine bark fines, and other natural ingredients.

This custom blend slowly breaks down over time and helps lower the pH of the soil naturally without any pH swings that can harm your plants. That makes Coast of Maine Organic Potting Mix especially well suited for young gardenias that have a delicate root system.



Dr. Earth 802 1-1/2 Cubic Feet Acid Lovers Planting Mix

Dr. Earth (Buy Online) has created an all-natural planting mix specifically designed for acid lovers like gardenias. In addition to providing great drainage and aeration, this soil mix also keeps the pH low enough so you don’t need to add any extra sulfur. And it contains TruBiotic®, which is a patented blend of organic soil microbes plus mycorrhizae that promote vigorous root growth and help break down nutrients in the soil so they are available for your plants.

Acid-loving plants, including gardenias and azaleas, can be a challenge to grow.

Many gardeners have found that the best way to make sure their acid-loving plants thrive is by using an organic planting mix with a pH level of 5.5 or lower. The problem is that most commercially available potting mixes are too alkaline for these delicate flowers and shrubs, which means you either have to spend extra time adjusting the soil’s pH or give up on your favorite plant entirely.

Dr. Earth Organic Acid Lovers Planting Mix was created specifically for growing acid-loving plants like gardenias and azaleas in a wide variety of conditions – from sandy soils to heavy clay soils and even in containers.

Plus, this organic potting mix requires no additional adjustments once it has been applied because its unique formulation provides the optimal pH that gardenias need to thrive.



Esbenshade’s Professional Potting Soil (44 Qt)

Esbenshade’s Professional Potting Soil (Buy Online) is a ready-to-use, professional-grade soil mix designed to help you grow healthy plants. This potting soil is made in the USA with Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss and other high-quality ingredients. It has been specifically formulated for use in all types of containers including raised beds, planters, window boxes, and hanging baskets.

This unique blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss with perlite allows roots easy access to oxygen while still providing moisture retention, drainage, and nutrients as needed by each type of plant. It also has a neutral to slightly acidic pH balance that won’t burn delicate root systems or harm any plants growing in it.



Noot Organic Indoor Plant Soilless Potting Mix

Noot Organic Soilless Potting Mix (Buy Online) provides the perfect balance between airflow and water retention so your plants can thrive without being damaged by excess moisture or poor aeration. The coarse perlite in this mix also makes it easy to water thoroughly while still allowing plenty of space for air circulation around your plant’s root system, which protects your indoor garden from mold and mildew buildup as well as preventing root rot.



Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil

Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil (Buy Online) makes it easy to keep your gardenias looking great all year long. This potting soil has been specially designed for use with indoor and outdoor plants, including flowers. If you’re looking for a rich soil mix that’s packed with nutrients then we highly recommend Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil.



Soil Amendments for Gardenias



Espoma GSUL6 Soil Acidifier, 6-Pound

Espoma Soil Acidifier (Buy Online) is an all-natural amendment that lowers the pH level in your soil by adding sulfur into it. It’s made from elemental sulfur and gypsum and there are no harmful chemicals added. If you want your gardenia to grow big and strong (and who doesn’t?) then you can lower the pH of your soil with this natural product. This will allow it to absorb nutrients better and give it a healthy boost.



Organic Perlite by Perfect Plants

Perlite (Buy Online) is a soil amendment that makes it easier for gardenias to thrive in a container. This lightweight substance is made from volcanic rock and has many uses, including improving the quality of potting mixes and soil-less mediums. It allows plants to breathe better by creating air pockets in dense soils and perlite also helps retain moisture around the roots of plants like gardenia trees so you don’t have to water them as often.



Aries Green Biochar Soil Amendment

Aries Green Biochar (Buy Online) can be used as a soil amendment or mulch in the garden. This soil additive has been proven to improve plant growth and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. It also improves long-term soil health by storing essential nutrients and improving water retention near the roots of plants.



Cinderite 100% Organic Soil Conditioner Amendment for Indoor, Outdoor Plants

Cinderite (Buy Online) is a volcanic organic soil amendment that can be mixed with potting soil. It increases water retention within the soil and adds vital minerals and aeration. And it stabilizes unhealthy, nutrient-deficient soil. Plus, the angular porous pieces of lava provide excellent drainage when they are placed at the bottom of a container.



Live Gardenia Potted Plant



AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Gardenia Veitchii Mini Topiary Tree Live Plant

This Miniature Gardenia (Buy Online) plant is perfect for anyone who loves the smell of gardenias but doesn’t want to deal with all of the hassle involved in growing them. These plants only grow 6 inches tall and produce lovely white flowers that smell like heaven on earth.



American Plant Exchange Gardenia Bush Veitchii Live Plant

American Plant Exchange’s Gardenia Bush (Buy Online) is the easiest way to get started growing your own beautiful flowers right away. These plants are shipped directly from American Plant Exchange’s nursery where they are grown under optimal conditions; which means that when you receive your plant it’s ready to bloom. And this particular variety of gardenia is known as one of the longest-lasting varieties with large white flowers that have a heavenly perfume.



Perfect Plants Frostproof Gardenia Live Plant, 1 Gallon

Perfect Plant’s Frostproof Gardenia (Buy Online) comes with everything you need for success and it has been proven to survive light frosts without any damage. And these frost-proof gardenias are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy when you receive them and they come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to care for your new addition.



Brussel’s Live Gardenia Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Brussel’s Live Gardenia Outdoor Bonsai Tree (Buy Online) comes with everything you need to grow an amazing gardenia bonsai tree right out of the box. This live indoor/outdoor bonsai tree includes a ceramic pot, decorative rocks, soil, and even fertilizer. Plus, it makes a great gift for anyone who loves indoor plants.



What Soil is Best for Gardenias

Gardenias are flowering plants that thrive in well-drained acidic soil that is not too dense or compacted.

If you’re planning on growing a gardenia in a container you can either create your own gardenia potting mix from the recipe below or buy one of the soil mixes above that have been specifically formulated for acid-loving plants.



Gardenia Soil Requirements – Gardenia Soil Preference

Gardenias prefer soil that is rich in organic matter and has good moisture retention. They grow very well in acidic soils and like a lot of water, and they will not do well when their roots are over-saturated.


Gardenia Soil pH

Gardenias grow best in acidic soil with a pH between 5.0 to 6.0. They are considered acid-loving plants and need soil that is rich in organic material with a lower pH, so it’s important not to use lime or calcium oxide on gardenia plants.



Gardenia Potting Soil Mix

  • ½ Peat Moss
  • ¼ Potting Soil
  • ¼ Perlite
  • Soil Acidifier



Do Gardenias Need Ericaceous Soil

Gardenias prefer to grow in ericaceous soil, but they can tolerate a wider range of acidity than other ericaceous plants. This makes them able to grow in richer higher pH soils than azaleas and rhododendrons.