Best Soil for Indoor Begonias

Best Soil for Indoor Begonias

The best soil for indoor begonias is one that drains easily but also retains moisture. Begonias do not like their roots sitting in water for extended periods, so make sure the soil you choose has excellent drainage if you want to avoid mold and root rot issues.

There are many different options out there when it comes to choosing a good quality potting mix for begonias and I will cover some of my favorites below.


Best Soil for Indoor Begonias

Esbenshade’s Professional Potting Soil (44 Qt)
Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N Gro Concentrated Planting Mix, .67 cu. ft.
Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil
Aries Green Biochar Soil Amendment



Best Soil for Indoor Begonias



Esbenshade’s Professional Potting Soil (44 Qt)

Esbenshade’s Professional Potting Soil (Buy Online) is a high-quality Canadian sphagnum peat moss based soilless mix designed for indoor begonias. It contains no additives or fillers which can inhibit root growth in some plant species, especially tropicals. And it also contains no composted bark products which can rob nitrogen from the soil limiting nutrients available to the roots of your plants.

We’ve found the perfect balance between quantity and quality with Esbenshade’s Professional Potting Soil – 44 Qt Bag. And this potting soil has everything begonias need to thrive pre-mixed in one bag at a competitive price point. Plus, if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can avail yourself of Esbenshade’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Dr. Earth Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil 8 qt

Dr. Earth Pot of Gold All Purpose Potting Soil (Buy Online) has been specially formulated to help your indoor begonias thrive. It’s made from a blend of organic materials including perlite, peat moss, and composted forest products and it is non-GMO certified, OMRI listed and even CDFA OIM registered. This potting soil also contains beneficial microbes to help keep your plant healthy so all you have to do is add a little begonia fertilizer.



Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N Gro Concentrated Planting Mix, .67 cu. ft.

Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N Gro (Buy Online) is a mixture of peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite that helps you grow bigger plants with less hassle. It’s specially designed for indoor plants so it makes the perfect growing medium for begonias or other flowering houseplants like African violets or ferns. It also works well as an alternative soil in containers such as hanging baskets and planters where regular potting soil might get too heavy after watering.

Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N Gro has been specially designed for indoor gardening and will give you better results than any other potting mix available. It holds more water, expands up to 3X when watered, and grows bigger plants than regular potting soil. And on top of that, it also contains a healthy dose of fertilizer that will feed your flowers for up to 6 months after planting.



Noot Organic Indoor Plant Soilless Potting Mix

Noot Organic Soilless Potting Mix (Buy Online) is the perfect solution for any home gardener with an interest in growing healthy, beautiful houseplants. This organic soilless potting mix contains coconut husk chips which provide excellent moisture retention and drainage while also providing roots with more oxygen than traditional soil mixes.

Noot Organic Soilless Potting Mix also contains a mild plant food that contains all-natural ingredients specifically chosen because they help strengthen roots at the cellular level while also improving the overall health and vigor of indoor begonias.



Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil

Mother Earth Terracraft Potting Soil (Buy Online) is great for Begonias because it’s made with natural ingredients that are proven to improve the growth of indoor plants. The peat moss, perlite, forest products, and earthworm castings in this performance potting soil provide ample aeration while still retaining moisture so your plant gets just the right amount of water when it needs it most. And the nutrients in the worm castings will allow you to apply less fertilizer – giving you beautiful begonias that are extremely low maintenance.



Espoma Moisture Potting Mix, Natural & Organic, for Indoor & Outdoor Potted Plants

Espoma Moisture Mix (Buy Online) provides the perfect balance between water retention and drainage so it’s ideal for use with all types of containers whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors. Plus, this organic potting mix contains no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides which means it won’t burn delicate roots like chemical-based potting mixes.



Black Gold 1310102 8-Quart All Purpose Potting Soil With Control

Black Gold All-Purpose Potting Mix (Buy Online) is a great choice for begonias because it’s nutrient-rich, slow-release, and easy to use. This Canadian sphagnum peat moss based mix contains worm castings, forest humus, and pumice which makes it perfect for any indoor plant in your home or office.



Begonia Soil Amendments



Organic Perlite by Perfect Plants

Perfect Plants Organic Perlite (Buy Online) is made from 100% natural volcanic rock that never breaks down; this means you won’t have to worry about adding more in the future. The lightweight mineral plays a key role in any begonia soil mix since it prevents soil from compacting while also providing excellent aeration and drainage.



Aries Green Biochar Soil Amendment

Aries Green Biochar (Buy Online) can be added directly to your garden or flowerbeds without any preparation needed. It will improve the health of your soil while reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. You’ll see results within 1-3 months after adding Biochar into your garden beds or pots, and you won’t believe how much better they look compared to before.

Note: Biochar is made from wood that is turned into charcoal at high temperatures with no oxygen present. This process makes Biochar porous which allows it to retain water and release minerals into the soil over time. The result is healthier plants that need less fertilizer.



Cinderite 100% Organic Soil Conditioner Amendment for Indoor, Outdoor Plants

Cinderite (Buy Online) helps make any type of soil healthier and more fertile. It also makes nutrients easier for roots to absorb by increasing ion exchange within the soil. And the porous pieces of lava hold onto nutrients efficiently, which means that they last longer than other types of fertilizers or soil amendments.



Hoffman 15503 Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

Peat Moss (Buy Online) when mixed with other ingredients such as perlite or vermiculite, creates an ideal potting soil mix for growing beautiful begonias.



Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals, 12-Ounce

Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals (Buy Online) absorb water from the soil around them and release it later in a controlled manner, helping you maintain an ideal moisture level for your plant. This helps prevent over or under watering which can cause root rot or white mold respectively.

Garden Tip: Simply mix these crystals with potting soil before planting a new plant or add them directly into the soil of existing potted plants at any point during their life cycle.



Begonia Live Plant



Costa Farms Live Indoor Trending Tropicals Assorted Begonias, 14-Inch Tall

Costa Farms Begonias (Buy Online) make great additions to any home or office because they can be grown in small spaces and low-light situations. They also come in many different colors and leaf types so there is a perfect one for every space.



Outsidepride Red Begonia Seeds – 500 Seeds

Red Begonia Seeds (Buy Online) are easy to plant and will grow into beautiful, healthy plants that will bring color to your garden or home. With proper care, you’ll have red blooming flowers in just 6-8 weeks after planting. These are the best quality begonia seeds on the market. Order yours today.



Begonia Soil Requirements

Begonias are one of the most popular flowering houseplants grown today. They are easy to grow and can thrive with minimal care, but they do require some specific soil conditions.

Begonias need to be planted in a well-draining potting mix with an acidic pH level between 5.2 to 6.0 (5.5 being ideal)


Begonia Soil pH

Soil pH is important for various reasons, but mostly because soil acidity affects the availability of several nutrients to plants. While begonias may grow well in a wide pH range, they prefer soils with an acidic pH level between 5.2 – 6.0


Begonia Soil Type

Begonia plants prefer light sandy soil with excellent drainage. The best type of potting mix for a begonia is a well-draining mixture of peat moss and sand or perlite.



Begonia Soil Mold Problems

There are many ways to handle begonia soil mold problems including taking preventative measures, properly maintaining your plants, and using fungicides.

When dealing with a mold problem it is important not to overwater in order to avoid compaction and root rot. Not only does this help kill off any fungus in the soil or on plant surfaces but it will reduce the development of new colonies when you resume regular watering.

Finally, there are many safe organic Fungicides for Indoor Plants (Click Here)


Begonia Soil Mix Indoor

  • 1/3 Coco Coir
  • 1/3 Perlite
  • 1/6 Vermiculite
  • 1/6 Peat Moss


Angel Wing Begonia Soil Mix

Angel wing begonias are a popular plant for indoor gardens. They need a well-drained soil mix that won’t get too soggy and damp. This recipe should be perfect. Give it a try when you’re next planting your angel wings to keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

  • Peat Moss
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Worm Castings
  • Sand


Rex Begonia Soil Mix

If you want to grow rex begonias, one of the easiest ways is with a good soil mix. Rex begonia soil should be aerated and light so that it drains well. A fast-draining potting mix will ensure your plant gets enough oxygen while avoiding root rot. Check the list below for more information on what makes up an ideal rex begonia potting mixture.

  • Coco Coir
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Biochar


Polka Dot Begonia Soil Mix

A light houseplant mix or palm mix may be an excellent option for a Polka Dot Begonia if it drains well and retains moisture while also allowing roots to grow freely without becoming too compacted. These types of soils typically contain perlite, sand, or clay which can help with drainage and retaining water at the same time.

  • Peat Moss
  • Perlite
  • Cinderite
  • Worm Castings
  • Sand