Adjustable Blackberry Trellis

Adjustable Blackberry Trellis

Looking for the best trellis for blackberries? Check out our top picks to keep your berries supported and healthy all season long. From simple designs to more elaborate options, we have something for everyone.


Best Trellis for Blackberries

MRGARDEN Blackberry Trellis with Adjustable Arms
CEED4U Green Expandable Trellis
H & E Associates High Set Trelllis
Giantex 8 Panel Trellis, A-Frame Garden Trellis
Cable Trellis System for Climbing Plants
Jakob 96 in. Wire Rope Plant Trellis System



Best Trellis for Blackberries



MRGARDEN 7-Feet, 4 Pack, Blackberry Trellis with Adjustable Arms, Blackberry Stake, Vineyard Trellis

The MRGARDEN Berry Trellis (Buy Online) is the best trellis for blackberries. This trellis is designed to be easy to assemble and adjust, making it perfect for any type of blackberry bush (upright or trailing). The cross stake system ensures that your plants will be sturdy, and the UV resistant and weatherproof design means that this trellis can withstand anything Mother Nature throws its way. And at 7ft tall with adjustable arms, this trellis can accommodate even the tallest blackberry bushes.



CEED4U 3 Packs 37 Inches Height Green Expandable Trellis

If you are looking for the best trellis for blackberries, the CEED4U Expandable Trellis (Buy Online) is a great option. The eight panels provide plenty of space to grow your blackberry plants, and the steel wire construction is rust-resistant and powder coated to protect it from the elements. Plus, when you’re not using it, the trellis folds down for easy storage.



H & E Associates High Set Trellis

The H & E Associates High Set Trellis (Buy Online) is a great choice for growing blackberries. This trellis includes two fences made from galvanized steel mesh wire, which can be expanded to 80 inches wide. It also folds up for easy storage since each fence measures just 14″W when folded. And at 9-3/4 lb, it’s lightweight enough to move around easily. So if you’re ready to start planting and harvesting delicious blackberries, check out this high-set trellis today.



Giantex 8 Panel Trellis, A-Frame Garden Trellis

The Giantex 8 Panel Trellis (Buy Online) is perfect for growing blackberries. It’s easy to assemble and made of sturdy metal that will last for years. Plus, it comes with 18 clips, 16 ground stakes, 8 spiral connectors, 12 cable ties, and a roll of twist ties so you can get started training your blackberries right away.



Two Wire Blackberry Trellis DIY



Cable Trellis System for Climbing Plants, Vines and Green Wall

This DIY Cable Trellis System (Buy Online) is a great way to add some structure to your garden while providing a sturdy support system for climbing plants. This kit includes all the pieces you need, along with mounting hardware and instructions. The trellis is made up of nine hubs and nine wall anchors, each in stainless steel (316), so it will last for years under even the most challenging conditions. Whether you’re looking to support blackberries, wisteria, ivy, clematis, or morning glory vines, this cable trellis system is sure to do the trick.



Wire Blackberry Trellis



Jakob 96 in. Wire Rope Plant Trellis System

The Jakob Wire Rope Plant Trellis System (Buy Online) is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your garden while also providing support for your plants. This easy-to-install system is made from high-quality materials and it includes everything you need to get started. And this trellis system will allow you to easily grow blackberries along a wall or a wooden fence.



Blackberry Cane Ties



YDSL 2 Reels 328 Feet (100m) Twist Tie

If you’re looking for a strong and sturdy garden tie that will last through the season, Blackberry Twist Ties (Buy Online) are a great option. They’re made with green coated garden wire that is flexible and easy to work with, and they come with a built-in cutter so you can easily trim them to size. Plus, they’re available in reels of 328 feet (100 meters) so you’ll have plenty of ties.



Blackberry Cane Clips



Ram-Pro 40 Piece Green Gentle Gardening Plant & Flower Lever Loop Gripper Clips

Ram-Pro 40 Piece Green Gentle Gripper Clips (Buy Online) are a great way to support and protect your plants. The clips are reusable, weatherproof, and non-rusting. They come with a set of 20 small clips and 20 large clips.



Blackberry Trellis FAQ



Do Blackberry Bushes Need a Trellis?

Upright blackberry varieties typically don’t need a trellis, but trailing blackberry varieties do.

This is because the trailing varieties grow long vine-like canes that need something to cling to in order to stay upright. Upright blackberry varieties are more bush-like and don’t grow long trailing canes, but they still might need a trellis in some cases to help them stay upright.


Blackberry Trellis Height

How tall should a blackberry trellis be? The height of a T-type blackberry trellis is typically between 3.5 feet and 5 feet, with the bottom wire being 3.5 feet and the top wire at 5 feet above the ground.

Similarly, an A-frame trellis is generally between 4 and 6 feet tall, with the bottom wire being 4 feet and the top wire at 6 feet above ground level.


Blackberry Trellis Wire Spacing

For blackberry trellises, the spacing between wires should be 1.5 to 2 feet. This provides more than enough support for heavy fruit-laden plants and makes it easier for you to harvest them.


Blackberry Trellis Spacing

Blackberry trellis rows should be spaced 12 feet apart.

For trailing blackberries in the same row, space them 10 feet apart, and for erect blackberry plants in the same row, you can space them 3 to 5 feet apart.


What Gauge Wire for a Blackberry Trellis?

For a blackberry trellis, you’ll want to use either 12-gauge or 14-gauge galvanized wire. This will ensure that your trellis is strong and sturdy, so it is able to support the weight of the blackberries as they grow.