Can You Grow an Olive Tree Indoors

Can You Grow an Olive Tree Indoors

Olive trees are a popular addition to many home landscapes. They are drought tolerant and can grow quite large, making them the perfect specimen for those looking to add some greenery to their yard. But what if you don’t have the space or conditions to grow an olive tree outdoors? Can you still enjoy one of these beautiful plants by growing it indoors? Keep reading to find out.


Can You Grow an Olive Tree Indoors

Yes, you can grow an olive tree indoors. The process of growing an olive tree is relatively simple and can be started at any time of the year. The first step is to choose a healthy plant that has been grown from seed or purchased from a nursery.



How To Grow An Olive Tree Indoors

Once you have selected your plant, the next step is to choose a suitable pot and fill it with a fast potting draining soil. Then place your plant in a location that receives plenty of direct sunlight near a south-facing window

  • Find a pot that is at least 2 inches wider in diameter than the root ball of your tree
  • Olive trees need plenty of room to grow, so be sure to pick a pot at least 18 inches wide and deep.
  • Fill the bottom with gravel, then add enough soil that the crown of your olive tree sits 1-inch below the rim of the pot
  • Place your olive tree in its new home and fill in the space around the root ball with soil and gently pat it down.
  • Then water your freshly repotted olive tree well

Now comes maintenance – make sure to keep an eye on how much water your plant needs and fertilize in after a few weeks (with compost or liquid fertilizer) to help boost growth and fruit production



How To Care for My Indoor Olive Tree

Is there anything quite as elegant as an indoor olive tree? This evergreen addition to your home will bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your décor. But, before you can enjoy your new plant, you need to know how to care for it. Here are some tips to help you get started:


Indoor Olive Tree Care Watering

When it comes to watering your indoor olive tree, there is a bit of a difference between the needs of saplings and those of mature trees. Saplings prefer moist soil while mature olive trees can get by with less water. So, you’ll want to make sure to be mindful of your tree’s age when watering it.

One way to tell if your tree needs water is to check the soil. If the top inch or so of soil is dry, then it’s time to water your olive tree. You can use a watering can to wet the soil around the base of the tree until the soil is saturated but stop immediately if water begins flowing out from the drainage holes at the bottom, so you don’t overwater, as this can lead to root rot.


Indoor Olive Tree Light Requirements

It’s important to provide at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day for an indoor olive tree. If you can’t give it this much natural light, the plant will not be able to survive indoors unless you supply it with supplemental light

TIP: The best way to give an olive tree some extra light is with either fluorescent lighting or LED Grow Lights (Buy Online) since they emit light that plants can use and cost less to run.


Olive Tree Indoor Safe for Cats

Olive Tree Indoor Safe for Cats

Olive leaves and branches are not poisonous to cats. However, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your cat when they’re playing in or around any plants, just to be sure they’re not ingesting any leaves or branches that might make them sick.



Where Can I Buy an Indoor Olive Tree?

There are many places to buy an indoor olive tree. Online nurseries offer the widest variety of healthy plants at reasonable prices.

Local nurseries also often have a wide selection of trees that can be planted outdoors in your home or garden – if you’re looking for something more specific, though, it may be best to search online nursery sites since olive trees aren’t commonly sold in most northern nurseries.

Garden stores will also often have a small selection of houseplants available for purchase which could include an olive tree depending on their inventory mix; however olive trees aren’t typically available at most garden centers.



Live Indoor Olive Tree for Sale – Olive Tree Indoor Real



The Magnolia Company, Olive Tree

With The Magnolia Company Indoor Olive Tree (Buy Online) you get all the benefits of having an olive tree in your home without any of the hassles of tending to it outside. It’s perfect if you live in an apartment with no yard, or if you live in a cold climate. Trees are shipped year-round and can be planted directly into soil or a container like any other houseplant. Plus, each tree also includes instructions on how to plant your indoor olive tree as well as tips on growing, maintaining, and harvesting olives from your new plant



9Greenbox Tree of Peace, Olive Tree-Olea Europaea, 4 Pound (Pack of 6)

The 9GreenBox Tree of Peace (Buy Online) is a great way for beginners to get started in the wonderful world of growing their own olives and harvesting fresh fruit indoors. It’s also an excellent gift idea for anyone who loves gardening or cooking with fresh ingredients. And unlike other “starter” trees that are ready to be planted outdoors, these trees are specifically grown for life indoors as a houseplant.



AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Arbequina Indoor Outdoor Live Plant, 6″ Pot 18-20″ Tall, Green & Red Edible Fruit

The AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Arbequina Indoor Olive Tree (Buy Online) is perfect for city dwellers who want to grow their own fruit tree indoors. These olive trees are drought resistant, pest resistant, and heat tolerant so they will survive in most homes without any special attention or care. And when planted in a large pot this Arbequina Olive Tree can grow up to 6 feet tall and live for over 10 years with proper care.



Arbequina Olive Tree – Beautiful Live Plant – 6 Inch Pot – Grow Your Own Olives Indoors – Olea Europaea

This Arbequina Olive Tree (Buy Online) is hardy enough for indoor growing, so you can enjoy the beauty of an olive tree even when it’s too cold outside. And this live olive tree comes with detailed instructions so you don’t need experience caring for this type of plant before purchasing one.



American Plant Exchange Arbequina Olive Tree Live Plant, 6″ Pot

The American Plant Exchange Arbequina Olive Tree (Buy Online) is the perfect plant for busy people. This easy-to-care-for evergreen tree only needs water every other week and can live for many years with proper care. And these trees ship at 18-20″ tall and they will be ready to produce edible olives sooner than smaller olive trees you’ll commonly find for sale online.



Brighter Blooms Fragrant Tea Olive Plants – Osmanthus Fragrans – The Most Fragrant Blooms. – 3 Gallon

Brighter Blooms Fragrant Tea Olive Plants (Buy Online) are an excellent choice if you want to grow your own fragrant tea olive tree indoors. These potted olive trees come with everything you need to get started growing, including detailed instructions and tips on how to keep them healthy and happy. And the plants themselves are small enough that they won’t take up much space in your house but large enough that they’ll look beautiful when fully grown.



9GreenBox – Sweet Olive Tree Osmanthus – 2 Pack of 4″ Pot

The Sweet Olive Tree (Buy Online) is a top seller because it’s easy for beginners and makes for a great gift as well. This tree will reach up to 10 feet tall, but still looks beautiful in any room no matter how big or small. It even has fragrant white flowers that smell like honeyed almonds during springtime. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with kids, or want something fresh and new in your life, we highly recommend getting an Osmanthus, Sweet Olive Tree.



Olive Tree Indoor Bonsai


9GreenBox – Olive Tree Bonsai with Water Tray and Fertilizer

The 9GreenBox Olive Tree (Buy Online) makes it easy for you to enjoy all of the beauty of a full-sized olive tree without any of the hassles. This olive tree bonsai comes pre-potted in its own decorative planter so that you can start enjoying this living work of art right away. And if you’re not sure how best to take care of your new plant, it also includes a booklet containing instructions on how best to water and fertilize your new friend.



Grow Light for Indoor Olive Trees



Abonnylv Floor LED Grow Light with Stand

The Abonnylv Floor LED Grow Light with Stand (Buy Online) is perfect for anyone who wants to grow an olive tree indoors. This grow-light has 3 different LED lights that simulate natural sunlight, providing your plant with all the light it needs to stay healthy. The stand is adjustable so you can position the light however you need it, and it also has a gooseneck design that makes it easier to adjust the light according to the needs of your plant, and it also has a tripod stand that can be extended from 15 inches to 47 inches.



Craftersmark LED Floor Plant Light, Full Spectrum Grow Light with Stand, Timer

The Craftersmark LED Floor Plant Light (Buy Online) is perfect for anyone who wants to grow an olive tree indoors. This light is equipped with an adjustable tripod stand that can be extended in height from 15″ to 62″, making it suitable for most indoor plants. It also has 4 switch modes and 9 levels of brightness, so you can find the perfect setting for your plant. Plus, you can also set the lighting time for 4, 8, or 12 hours so you never have to remember to turn the light on by hand.



Decorative Plant Pot for an Indoor Olive Tree



LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planter – 14.2 Inch Large Indoor & Outdoor Tree Planter

The LA JOLIE MUSE Tall Planter (Buy Online) makes it simple to keep an olive tree alive and thriving. This pot is the perfect size for growing a small olive tree indoors, without taking up too much space or requiring lots of maintenance. Plus, they’re made from high-quality recycled materials (plastic & stone) that look great while also being environmentally friendly. And these decorative plant pots will add a touch of elegance to your home decor as well as provide a practical solution for growing an olive tree sapling indoors.



Veradek Metallic Series Indoor/Outdoor Cube Planter

The Veradek Metallic Series Indoor/Outdoor Cube Planter (Buy Online) is made from scratch-resistant galvanized steel and has an optional drainage hole to drain out excess water. Plus, it has a high gloss contemporary finish which makes it perfect for any setting.



Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter Pot

The Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter Pot (Buy Online) is a great gift idea for anyone that loves plants or just wants to add something special and unique to their home. It’s also perfect for offices, restaurants, hotels, anywhere that needs a little green. This ceramic planter pot features an elegant geometric design in neutral tones of brown and beige. And this pot can hold any type of small olive tree or houseplant with ease thanks to its ample size.



Worth Garden Tall Tree Planters

Worth Garden Tall Tree Planters (Buy Online) are large round planters that come in a variety of colors and have a stylish classic appearance. Plus, they’re also weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged if you want to use them outside.