Cypress Tree Varieties – Types of Cypress Trees

Cypress Tree Varieties – Types of Cypress Trees

There is a wide assortment of Cypress Tree Varieties that you can plant in large and small spaces. There are even different types of cypress trees that can grow in cool and hot climates.

Keep scrolling to see a full list of the most popular Cypress Tree Varieties currently on the market.

Cypress Tree Varieties



Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress (Buy Online)

Leyland Cypress (x Cupressocyparis leylandii) is a tree prized for its fast-growing nature and lovely form. You’ll love its perfect shape when left to grow in its natural conical growth habit.

Or, you can choose to shear it to keep it at the height you want. It will happily accept you trimming it to almost any shape or size. This gives a formal look to the garden that brings to mind stately English manors.

Why waste money and maintenance time on a privacy fence when you can use the Leyland Cypress as a carefree, living one?

As if the Leyland Cypress tree isn’t impressive enough for its growth and hardiness, it will also be a particularly beautiful evergreen for your yard. It maintains a lovely bluish-green color, with a uniform upright shape. All the limbs grow outward in a pyramidal fan shape.

If you live in an area that gets ice or wind, a better choice for you is the Green Giant Arborvitae.

For all other climates, if you need a fast-growing, low-maintenance privacy screen, the Leyland Cypress is your tree.



Bald Cypress Tree

Bald Cypress Tree (Buy Online)

Kids just love the fun, soft ferny foliage of the wonderful native tree Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum). You’ll love how simple it is to create a strong focal point and gain welcome shade. Just plant this admirable and unique tree in your yard!

With a wide native range that includes swampy areas of the Mississippi Valley in the Southeastern United States, this versatile tree can tolerate standing water. Perfect for low-lying areas, Rain Gardens, and other big, open spaces, Bald Cypress tree gives decorative interest all year round.

The Bald Cypress is well-known for its love of wet areas, but it’s also adaptable to dry areas and city conditions. It can handle a wide variety of soil types and grows beautifully in either full sun or partial sun.

This is an easy-care tree, and it is one of the oldest living trees in the world. The oldest known Bald Cypress Tree is found in North Carolina and is over 600 years old!

Bald Cypress is also a fast-growing tree with 2.5 feet of growth expected each year. You’ll love the speedy way it rockets up to achieve a lovely, refreshing shade for you and your family.

This tall tree is a rare deciduous conifer that offers a fall color display. First, the soft, short, and feathery needles turn a gorgeous cinnamon-red for autumn. This is a tree that will certainly turn heads throughout the fall season.

Next, the tree drops its needles for the winter. This is where the nickname “Bald” comes from.

Even in the winter, Bald Cypress gives visual interest. When its bright fall foliage has fallen, its attractive flared trunk has its moment to shine. The attractive silvery-gray bark has a wonderful shaggy texture that exfoliates to reveal noteworthy flashes of coppery, reddish-brown.

In spring, radiant, new green needles develop. The fern-like foliage is soft and flowing and grows into a graceful accent for your colorful summer plantings.

In the wild, many animals find shelter in Bald Cypress trees. Wild birds such as eagles love to nest in this tree. If grown in water, frogs and amphibians will use it as a habitat.

Now, you may not see much of that in suburbia, but your kids will love to play under the “pettable” branches. They’ll happily scramble over the fluted base and play in the cool, refreshing shade.



Russian Cypress

Russian Cypress (Buy Online)

A Low Growing Cascading Evergreen

Russian Cypress, Microbiota decussata, is a versatile, spreading conifer. These would make a delightful shrub boarder or even an outstanding ground cover in your rock garden. It’s also a good choice for shady places where other evergreens might not thrive as well.

Your Russian Cypress is a low-growing evergreen. Its feathery, fan-like sprays are soft to the touch with delicate nodding tips. The vibrant green foliage will present a lively appearance in your yard, and continue to draw your interest into the winter when it transforms to a darker, gold-purple hue.

The branches display a subtle arch for a gentle, mounded appearance. Russian Cypress resembles horizontal-type junipers, but has the bright green, soft foliage of an arborvitae.

Russian Cypress is an extremely hardy evergreen with no significant disease or insect issues.

Russian Cypress likes full sun to full shade, and its best performance occurs in partial sun in moist, well-drained soils. However, it’s also quite adaptable to poor soils in sun and wind-exposed sites as well. It’s even deer resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your furry friends taking a nibble as they pass through your yard.

For a versatile, hardy evergreen with lively color and a spreading nature, Russian Cypress is a terrific choice!

  • Low-Growing Evergreen
  • Winter Color
  • 4-season interest
  • Cold hardy




Drew’s Blue™ Siberian Carpet Cypress

Drew’s Blue™ Siberian Carpet Cypress (Buy Online)

Tasteful, compact evergreens for partial shade are very rare, especially if you live somewhere cold (like the Canadian border), or at higher elevations. That’s why we’re so thrilled to offer the outstanding Drew’s Blue Siberian Carpet Cypress (Microbiota decussata ‘Condrew’ PP #20,298).

Choose this special selection to add value to your property; along with year-round structure, texture and inviting color. This is one tough plant!

But Drew’s Blue is also a fascinating study in contrasts. It’s ferny-looking fronds are durable enough to take Siberian-style cold, poor soil and full sun without giving you any trouble.

Best of all? Drew’s Blue Siberian Carpet Cypress grows beautifully in partial shade.

Imagine a soft covering of lovely, blissfully low-maintenance blue-green slowly growing in shady glens on your property. Can you feel your blood pressure dropping?

These small, hard-working plants do what groundcover Junipers do…in partial shade. And they produce no “prickers” along their soft fronds, either.

They actually partner beautifully with Junipers in areas with a mix of sun conditions. Use both as edging plants in your garden beds to tie the look of your landscape together.

As you can imagine, Drew’s Blue is a cool-toned variety. It looks incredible with Hosta and other shade-loving perennials.

When the nights start to grow colder, the foliage burnishes with an attractive purple overcast for beautiful wintertime appeal.



Shawnee Brave® Bald Cypress

Shawnee Brave® Bald Cypress (Buy Online)

At a glance, you’d think you were looking at an evergreen tree. The cone shape and the needle-esque foliage certainly give it the appearance as well. However, after closer inspection, you’ll see that the Shawnee Brave® Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum ‘Mickelson’) is actually a deciduous tree and the needles are just very thin leaves. You’ll love the intriguing blend of styles this tree brings to your yard.

Often found in parks bunched together, this midwest native is unlike most other cone-bearing trees. The Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress loses its needles each winter, giving it the appearance it really is going bald.

However, during the spring and summer months, this tree’s needles are a gorgeous deep shade of emerald.

Before balding for the winter, this tree has a surprise in store. The Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress will turn a vivid shade of rust orange in a glorious display of fall color! You may have memories of walking through a park and marveling at the different colored needles.

This tree has a long history starting in the southern swamps, bayous, and rivers. Today, it can be found anywhere from the salty coastal areas of Maryland to the dryer parts of lower Texas.

Gardeners and landscapers alike love the versatility and hardiness of the Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress.

If you’re looking for a dependable yet interesting tree, the Shawnee Brave® Bald Cypress is for you! Its charming featherlike needles and its rust-colored show in the fall makes it perfect for all kinds of yards. Order one from us today!




Fuzzball™ Siberian Carpet Cypress

Fuzzball™ Siberian Carpet Cypress (Buy Online)

The bar is set high when you design for a small landscape. Each plant must be carefully considered, and there are several criteria to evaluate.

Vet your choices for excellent color, form, texture, ease of maintenance…and that certain. . .”je ne sais quoi“. Call it fun, or unique charm, if you’d like.

You’re sure to love the highly desirable Fuzzballâ„¢ Siberian Carpet Cypress (Microbiota decussata ‘Condavis’ PP #20,012). It’s a perfectly poised funny little fellow.

Grow it in sunshine, or in a spot that only gets about four hours of light a day. This rare evergreen grows into a beautifully elegant vase shape, even in partial shade.

Bright green foliage resembles an extremely finely serrated fern. This fuzzy texture is what turns a nice plant into a must-have.

Picture it this way.

Fuzzball is like a Fern that stays evergreen. It’s a groundcover that is just as durable as a Juniper…for partial shade. And with a chocolate-purple fall color, Fuzzball is an evergreen that dazzles all year-long.

It takes the cold, but becomes waterwise after it is established in your soil. You’ll literally never need to prune it, unless you want to use some of the greenery in a cut flower bouquet.



Celtic Pride® Siberian Cypress

Celtic Pride® Siberian Cypress (Buy Online)

Feathery Celtic Pride® Siberian Cypress (Microbiota decussata ‘Prides’) offers low-lying, soft drifts of fine-textured foliage. Leverage these durable, spreading evergreens to put the finishing touches in your planting designs.

These cold-hardy creepers tolerate sun or partial shade. Use them throughout your front and backyards to tie the look together.

Once they are installed and their root systems are established…these versatile low shrubs become bulletproof. They show excellent disease resistance, and can even tolerate a brief drought after the first few seasons.

Charming Celtic Pride® Siberian Cypress develops flat, densely held sprays of mid-toned green. The color deepens with a pretty purple overcast during the cold season.

Cover ground with its airy, graceful branches. Lush Celtic Pride® Siberian Cypress is soft to the touch; and delivers year-round texture and color.

This special plant was brought out of Soviet Russia for the landscape trade. Use it to tell a brave story of freedom in your landscape.

Deer don’t usually bother this handsome choice. It lives through the roughest, toughest winters America can throw at it.



Blue Italian Cypress

Blue Italian Cypress (Buy Online)

Slender, gorgeous Blue Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens ‘Glauca’) trees have graced gardens throughout the Mediterranean for untold centuries. This beautiful tree has the ability to instantly conjure up the romantic charm of the Old World.

It’s also incredibly hardworking in the home landscape and will look as stunning in the sleeping winter garden as they do in the vibrant summer garden. This tree can help you meet several garden goals, including privacy, shade, accent and definition.

Blue Italian Cypress are hardy, evergreen conifers. With their tall, narrow habit, they’ll bring structure to your design all year-long. They’ll dependably keep their lush, blue-green foliage almost all the way to the ground.

A natural column, these trees never need pruning to keep its classic upright shape, although you can shear them if you want a very formal look. Otherwise, a simple clip will take care of any errant branch. Overall, this is a very low-maintenance tree.

Blue Italian Cypress represent the pinnacle of worldly refinement. And it works just beautifully in the modern landscape on today’s small lots. Order enough to complete your project today!



Arizona Cypress

Arizona Cypress (Buy Online)

Arizona Cypress, Cupressus arizonica, is an evergreen conifer with the coloration of a Blue Spruce but withstands zones Spruce cannot. A few of these would create an excellent windbreak for your property or plant just one for a lively accent in a side yard.

Your Arizona Cypress tree is a fast-growing conifer with dense, evergreen foliage of a vibrant grey-green hue, with just enough of a silver tint to catch your eye in the sunlight. The foliage is soft-textured in both appearance and touch, certain to draw you in for a closer look and feel. As your tree matures, the bark displays exfoliating, red-tinted, brown bark for added decorative interest.

Arizona Cypress has a pyramidal shape and compact nature. A low-maintenance tree, it will grow beautifully with no need for pruning, spraying for pest issues or any other of the common ailments that sometimes plague other evergreens.

  • Drought Tolerant Evergreen
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Dense and Fast Growing
  • Grey Green Hue



Carolina Sapphire Cypress

Carolina Sapphire Cypress (Buy Online)

The Carolina Sapphire Cypress is a fast-growing evergreen that features lacy, silvery-blue foliage. It can grow 20 to 30 feet tall and maintains a pyramidal shape. This tree is a great alternative to a privacy fence.

Not only is this evergreen fast-growing, but it is also deer, disease, and insect resistant! Just plant these trees in the ground for a lovely accent tree or use it as a wind barrier for your property. No extra pruning or pesticide treatments will be needed for this tree, unlike many evergreens.

The Carolina Sapphire Cypress maintains a tall and compact shape naturally. Drought tolerant, this tree only requires watering until established. This evergreen tree will be easy to grow with no extra work needed.

Sapphire Cypress prefers full sun and does not require any special soil conditions. For defined privacy or wind barrier along your property, it is recommended to plant these trees 6-7 ft. apart. You can also choose to only plant 1 of these trees as a focal point or to provide an accent next to your home. There are many fast-growing, evergreen trees to choose from.

The Sapphire Cypress offers you the peace of mind that it will continue to flourish for years to come with no extra maintenance required. For additional options, check out our Privacy tree collection.



Italian Cypress Tree

Italian Cypress Tree (Buy Online)

If you want to include a spectacular focal point in your landscape, go with the classic Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens). These Mediterranean Cypress trees instantly bring to mind the Tuscan landscape and the romantic pace of gracious living.

These fast-growing trees give your landscape serious Italian style. You’ve seen these trees in paintings and in photographs. They show up in travel brochures and architectural renderings. Now you can add them to your own dream landscape!

Like an exclamation point in your landscape, these add a strong, straight vertical element to your Zone 7 – 10 garden. The Italian Cypress tree naturally grows straight as arrows and need no pruning to maintain their shape.

In climates that they love, they will stay green all year. Give them full sun for best results. They handle drought well and don’t need much supplemental watering once established.





Vokel’s Upright Hinoki Cypress

Vokel’s Upright Hinoki Cypress (Buy Online)

The Vokel’s Upright Hinoki Cypress is a great addition to any landscape. Perfect for small spaces, Asian, Zen, and rock gardens, and even containers, this Hinoki Cypress is sure to amp up your landscape plan! With a softer, greener foliage and smaller and more slender nature the Vokel’s Upright brings to mind the Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

This miniature pyramidal evergreen doesn’t require pruning to maintain its shape. Disease and pest resistant, beautiful, and easy to grow, you’re going to love this dwarf tree. Key FeaturesThe Vokel’s Hinoki Cypress is disease resistant, adaptable, and low maintenance! This shrub or dwarf tree is perfect for the smallest gardens and tightest spots in your landscape. Add this little beauty to a rock, Asian, or cottage garden for a unique look. Perfect in planters…and looks stunning too!

This little tree looks as if it was made for containers! This Hinoki Cypress is slow-growing, only reaching 4 feet tall and about 1 foot wide in 10 years. Pro Tip: This Hinoki Cypress makes a great gift for just about anyone. It is the gift that truly keeps on giving as the recipient enjoys it year after year.



Compact Hinoki False Cypress

Compact Hinoki False Cypress (Buy Online)

Garden designers count on interesting plants like Compact Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Compacta’) to ground their design with a beautiful sense of year-round structure and color. This enchanting selection provides a big boost of visual interest.

This long-lived, compact selection can be grown in the ground, or kept in containers on your deck or balcony. Place it somewhere you’ll be able to study the shell-like, cupped sprays of rich green foliage.

Collectors love this special choice. It’s easy to tuck into a corner or use at a point of transition in your garden path.

Allow enough room for them to reach their full height and width listed on our Plant Highlight. You’d hate to have to trim the pretty, ruffled foliage to fit into a space that is too small.

With proper planning, you may never need to prune this dynamic shrub at all. Whether you choose just one as a subtle focal point, or create a feature with several planting in a curved row…Compact Hinoki Cypress will never disappoint.

That fanciful textured growth remains lush all the way to the ground. Include this plant in low-maintenance landscapes as part of a blissfully relaxing outdoor space.

Keep an easy chair nearby. You’ll enjoy plenty of Zen moments studying the intricate way the light strikes the surface.



Sungold False Cypress

Sungold False Cypress (Buy Online)

While some need endless amounts of time in the sun to get that coveted “sun-soaked golden” appearance, Sungold False Cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Sungold’) needs no such accommodations. It’s got that shade locked in naturally!

Gardeners ranging from novice to expert often find themselves with pretty monocolored shrub varieties. That deep green is just such a staple, especially with evergreen shrubs. Try mixing it up by planting a Sungold.

Sungold False Cypress is a rather slow-growing shrub that takes on a broad pyramidal shape. Its branches are an absolutely stunning shade of almost lime green!

Not only is the color something to behold, but the branches also grow distinct-looking thread-like foliage. The texture this gives Sungold is unparalleled.

We know what your thinking. Every shrub this shade of green fades eventually over the summer and that’s one of the things that makes this evergreen so unique. It’ll hold that sun-soaked green color all summer long!



Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress

Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress (Buy Online)

Ruffled Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana’) features cupped sprays of evergreen foliage. Every compact shrub becomes a unique accent over time.

These slow-growing small shrubs develop into a wonderfully dynamic feature, without pruning or trimming. Give yours a name, and baby it as a member of your tribe.

You might be surprised how versatile Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress are for landscape use. With an easy-care nature, adaptability and dark green color, these are a wonderful choice for low-maintenance gardens.

They also fit beautifully in small space gardens. Let them grow as they will as a living piece of sculpture.

Dense foliage fills in all the way to the ground. You’ll never need to worry about adding facer plants if you prefer a streamlined Asian-inspired style.

However, if Cottage Gardens are your thing…know that Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress plays well with others in a mixed border. Rely on their funky presence to contrast with a hodge-podge of flowering plants.

Evergreens are worth their weight in gold! They effortlessly ground your plantings with a strong, steady boost of rich green.

Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress resists pests and diseases with proper care. They’ll decorate a spot in full sun or partial shade.

These memorable evergreens are an exceptional addition to perk up bland landscapes. Consider them a living shot of espresso in your mature foundation plantings.



False Cypress Pinpoint Blue and Gold

False Cypress Pinpoint Blue and Gold (Buy Online)

New Pinpoint® Blue-and-Gold (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana PINPOINT ‘SMNCLGTB’ PP#30708) adds a fresh twist with bicolored feathery foliage that shines in the garden. The new growth is a vivid chartreuse gold that ages to a more classic cypress blue-green. Since both colors are on the plant at the same time, the two-tone effect is hypnotic.

Use Pinpoint® Blue-and-Gold as a stately foundation plant or as a punctuation mark in a mixed border. They add instant vertical interest. Their feathery texture is soft to look at and soft to touch. They pair well with any other plant in your garden, too. These are true evergreens, so you have year-round interest. They look equally great in the heat of the summer or under a cloak of snow.

Their narrow habit and column shape means that they save space and will fit into just about any garden, no matter what size. They also complement any architecture style, so they are useful no matter where you live.

Pinpoint® Blue-and-Gold is a stellar performer in the garden. Add this great plant to your garden today!

  • Duo-colored leaves
  • Winter interest
  • Soft foliage



False Cypress Pinpoint Blue

False Cypress Pinpoint Blue (Buy Online)

False Cypress Pinpoint® Blue (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana PINPOINT ‘SMNCLBF’ PP#30707) is one of those foundational plants that should be in everyone’s garden. It is a beautiful structural plant that adds visual interest and stately “bones” to the landscape. They are low-to-no maintenance and they fit just about anywhere.

New Pinpoint® Blue has feathery blue-green foliage that shines all year in the garden. The soft needles grow in hypnotic whorls all along the stems creating a “whipped-cream” look.

Use Pinpoint® Blue as a stately border plant or as a punctuation mark in a foundation planting. They add instant vertical interest wherever you plant them. They are soft to look at and just as soft to touch. They are great companions to almost any other plant in your garden, too.

A true evergreen, Pinpoint® Blue adds year-round interest to your landscape. They look just as good in the middle of the dog-days of summer as they do under a blanket of snow in mid-winter.

Their narrow, columnar habit means that they are space-savers and will fit into just about any garden, big, small or otherwise. They fit any architecture style, too, so they are very useful in any setting.

Pinpoint® Blue is a fantastic garden performer so don’t miss adding this great plant to your garden today!

  • Blue-green needles
  • Foundation plant
  • Soft foliage



False Cypress Soft Serve Gold

False Cypress Soft Serve Gold (Buy Online)

Delicious Evergreen Color for Your Garden!

False Cypress Soft Serve® Gold adds a delectable touch to your landscape and is as sweet and easy as a summer ice-cream cone. False Cypress, in general, is one of those plants that should be in your garden in some form (and there are many). It is a beautiful plant that adds visual vertical interest and nice shape to the landscape. Soft Serve® Gold (Chamaecyparis pisifera FARROWCGMS’ PP#30665) is extremely low-maintenance and is a great alternative to more fickle Alberta Spruce.

Soft Serve® Gold has feathery yellow-green foliage that stands out all year in the garden. The soft needles grow in graceful whorls all along the stems creating a “soft-serve ice cream” look.

Use Soft Serve® Gold as a fun border plant or to punch up a tired foundation planting. They add instant interest wherever you plant them. They are soft – both to look at and to touch. They complement just about any other plant in your garden, too.

This is an evergreen so it looks great year-round. Summer heat or winter cold, neither faze Soft Serve® Gold.

They have a cute chunky columnar habit that will fit into just about any garden, big, small or other. They are very useful in any setting, from contemporary to cottage to country.

Soft Serve® Gold is a ‘don’t miss’ addition to you garden this year. Order soon!

  • Yellow-green needles
  • Easy care
  • Soft foliage



Koster’s False Cypress

Koster’s False Cypress (Buy Online)

False Cypresses as a general rule of thumb are already full of unique characteristics. Somehow though, they’ve truly outdone themselves this time with Koster’s False Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Kosteri’).

Whoever Koster was, their garden must have been a lovely place to be indeed. This false cypress is a rather petite evergreen tree but its visual impact is unprecedented!

Koster’s has flat sprays of bright green foliage. This gives it a distinctly pyramidal shape jam-packed with character!

Imagine, never having to think about pruning. Koster’s False Cypress stays neat and compact without the help of a shear whatsoever!

While it may not have any flowers, this evergreen shrub looking tree makes up for it with its fantastic fall show. Each year as the days get crisper, the flat, horizontal branches turn a brilliant coppery-bronze! Perhaps it simply doesn’t want to be outdone by the maple and oak trees.

If you were to take a closer look at the leaves, you’d find that they are actually quite scaly, a fascinating texture not often found on foliage.

Now, taking it one step further, if you were to snag the tip of a branch or two and crush it, you’d find yourself surrounded by a lovely earthy aroma. Potpourri anyone?



Japanese Lemon Thread False Cypress

Japanese Lemon Thread False Cypress (Buy Online)

‘Lemon Thread’ is an evergreen that keeps its soft-looking bushy needle-like foliage all year long. It’s not fair to call it an evergreen, though, as its color is truly a striking lemon-lime, emphasis on lemon. The yellow color lights up when you put it next to other evergreens, conifers or even a brick wall. In the dead of winter Lemon Thread bring a shot of much-needed color to your garden.

‘Lemon Thread’ grows well in average, well-drained soil in all but the shadiest conditions. (For the best yellow color, though, plant it in full sun!)

The soft texture is amazing. The needles/leaves look almost like they are dripping off of the plant.

Use Lemon thread as an accent or in groups. Either way, it is going to be a star in your garden!

  • Landscape Designers Favorite
  • Gorgeous Yellow Color All Year
  • Great Texture
  • Four Seasons of Interest



Golden Mop False Cypress

Golden Mop False Cypress (Buy Online)

If you want an easy-care plant that brings a big visual impact, you’ll adore Golden Mop False Cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Golden Mop’). This dwarf evergreen shrub features outstanding yellow landscape color.

This is a slow-growing dwarf shrub with a lot of personality. From fluffy, fine-textured golden foliage – to lemony yellow brand new growth, you’ll be entranced with its good looks.

The long, narrow, bowing stems tend to give Golden Mop False Cypress a delightfully fuzzy appearance, adding to its charm. This plant may appear a bit soft and delicate, as the fine needled foliage gently bounces and sways in the breeze.

A gently weeping habit might fool you into thinking you’ll have to baby it. Not true!

This is a tough shrub that can handle extreme cold. The golden yellow foliage will hold true throughout the seasons so you can enjoy the bright color in your landscape year-round.



Soft Serve® False Cypress

Soft Serve® False Cypress (Buy Online)

For a lovely, soft look all year long, try Soft Serve® False Cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Dow Whiting’ PP#20883). Use it in your landscaped beds or in containers. The leaves are bright green on top and flecked with silver-blue in full sun.

This improved selection of False Cypress showcases its grace and beauty in a compact size. But the lush, conical shape of this Proven Winner® plant is the perfect size for use as a specimen or to create an easy-care hedge.

It features the typical soft fern-like branches of the False Cypress with a rich, bright green foliage and a silver-blue underside that gives it a shimmer in the breeze. The very uniform pyramidal shape and dwarf size of Soft Serve make it a perfect choice for many landscape applications, both formal and informal.

Like a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, this is a pyramid-shaped plant. But Soft Serve has a looser, less formal look with an airier texture. This slow grower has a top height of 10 feet and takes on its wonderful shape with no extra work on your part.



Cream Ball False Cypress

Cream Ball False Cypress (Buy Online)

Sometimes you want a plant to grow very quickly. You want it to shield a view or cover an eyesore fast. You might want it to fill in an empty spot in your border, like, yesterday.

But then, there are those times when you don’t want a fast grower. You want a plant that will look the same next year as the day you planted it. You want to know exactly what you’re getting right now. Maybe you have a rock or Zen garden that has a specific place that needs filled and there isn’t room for a big plant. Maybe you’re one of the millions of people who are enjoying the current “small garden” movement.

If any of the above fits you, then Cream Ball False Cypress is your perfect plant. With its size, you can fit it exactly where you want it and know that it won’t be gangly and out of bounds next year – or the year after – or really ever!

Cream Ball forms a round feathery mass of gray-green with blonde highlights all over. This evergreen is a perfect foil for darker green conifers and maroon-leaved perennials.



Tempelhof Hinoki False Cypress

Tempelhof Hinoki False Cypress (Buy Online)

The Tempelhof Compact Hinoki Cypress, ‘Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Tempelhof’, is a vigorous grower, producing coarse, scalloped foliage. This beautiful, small shrub is excellent for a foundation planting or placed in front of crawl spaces or utility boxes. It will also provide an excellent background for perennials and be used as a border or hedge, lending its ornamental nature everywhere it goes.

The golden-yellow outer foliage contrasts with the darker green inner foliage, giving it a two-tone effect in the landscape. This is an evergreen plant that is resistant to deer and rabbits. It endures light shade well and its foliage will be fuller in full sun. The Hinoki Cypress has a pyramidal form with a loose growing habit.

The scale-like leaves remain green during the winter. It is a low-maintenance shrub that needs very little pruning. Remove any dieback and only the new growth of the current season for best results.

  • Golden Yellow Outer Foliage
  • Thick Foliage in Full Sun
  • Pyramidal Form
  • Tolerates Light Shade



Filicoides Gold False Cypress

Filicoides Gold False Cypress (Buy Online)

Filicoides Gold False Cypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Filicoides Gold’, is a small tree that will reward you with interest all season long with its irregular growth habit and a pyramidal shape.

The foliage has a soft fern-like texture and is deep green in color. This Hinoki False Cypress is a slow-growing Conifer that makes an excellent accent or specimen plant due to its curious growth habit; also looks great in entryways or large containers.

It is very easy to keep and grow because there is no maintenance such as to trimming, pruning, or shaping! It is quite heat and humidity tolerant; avoid wet, poorly-drained soils and shelter from wind.

So if you are in the mood for something just a little out of the ordinary, take a moment to check out the Chamaecyparis ‘Filicoides Gold’!

  • Low Maintenance Plant!
  • Soft, Fern-Like Evergreen
  • Unique Growth Habit
  • Great Specimen Plant



Verdoni False Cypress

Verdoni False Cypress (Buy Online)

False Cypress ‘Verdoni’, is a dependable, compact and upright, conical-shaped evergreen tree. Each Verdoni has a naturally irregular and undulating growing habit with a softly drooping leader; somewhat contorted. This unique growth makes it a point of interest in any garden or landscape!

It has clean, bright, and rich, yellow-green cupped foliage. The new foliage and stems display hints of orange.

The Hinoki False Cypress Verdoni makes a stunning specimen in the rock garden but can be pruned and kept quite small, making it perfect for larger planters or containers. This Cypress requires moist, well-drained soil.

This plant is deer resistant and it is used as an ornamental plant or focal point for residential landscapes.

It has become a popular Cypress since it does not burn in full sun!

  • Bright Green Year-Round
  • Unusual Contorted Growth Habit
  • Orange Tinted New Foliage & Stems
  • Unique Specimen Plant



Gracilis False Cypress

Gracilis False Cypress (Buy Online)

False Cypress varieties are wonderfully graceful additions to your landscape, bringing such unique form and a curious growth habit as well! The Slender Hinoki False Cypress is no different, and just maybe … better!

Also known as Gracilis False Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Gracilis’), the False Cypress develop a strong central leader and a distinctive, refined pyramidal-form. The fronds grow in amazing whorled, flattened sprays of dark-green foliage.

A graceful addition to any home landscape, this small accent tree or large evergreen shrub keeps this finely-textured, deep green foliage all season long. Slender Hinokie adds interest to the landscape with its slightly arching branches.

New growth takes on a reddish hue in spring and fall brings a slight bronzy tinge to the branches of steady evergreen.



Vintage Gold False Cypress

Vintage Gold False Cypress (Buy Online)

False Cypress – Vintage Gold, Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Vintage Gold’, is a marvelous, compact growing evergreen with bright yellow and graceful foliage that holds its color all year. Its fern-like dense foliage grows into a broad mounded form.

This dwarf formed, false cypress is perfect for smaller settings and is a great choice since it adds an extremely fine and delicate texture to the landscape; also used for bonsai.

Your Vintage Gold will be a relatively low maintenance Hinoki False Cypress, and if any pruning is needed, it is recommended to trim back the new growth of the current season, and remove any dieback.

Vintage Gold prefers full sun or very light shade, in well-drained soil; prefers humid environments and some scorching can occur if winter winds are bitter and strong.

  • Fern-like dense foliage
  • Low maintenance
  • Prefers full sun



Fernspray False Cypress

Fernspray False Cypress (Buy Online)

Evergreens are the backbones of the garden. They “hold the fort down” with their steady foliage display no matter the weather or season. Unfortunately, the downside to being such a stalwart in the garden is that it’s easy to overlook the graceful beauty of evergreens. Until now.

Fernspray False Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Filicoides’) refuses to go quietly. This striking evergreen is relatively unheard of in American gardens, but that will soon change. These shrubs grow into a small tree form in a loose, fluffy pyramid shape without any pruning required. The limbs are gently curved and covered in enchanting foliage that looks almost like a fern gone rogue. You can’t help but want to reach out and touch it. (Trust us on this. You’ll see.)

Even though Fernspray makes a great backdrop behind the border, you’ll want it to be growing closer so that you and your garden guests can see the gorgeous foliage up close. Try a pair flanking a doorway or defining the entry path to your own secret garden. It is perfect in an Asian-inspired garden, but it also looks fantastic in a contemporary setting or even a woodland garden.

Pictures really don’t do this evergreen justice. You’ll want to order one to see for yourself. Order two. You’ll want a couple once you see them.

Be the trendsetter in your neighborhood with Fernspray False Cypress. You’ll be glad you did!