December Birth Flower Gift Ideas

December Birth Flower Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again when you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift for your family and friends. And if you know someone with a December birthday, we’ve got some great December birth flower gift ideas for your friend or loved one’s special day.


December Birth Flower Gift Ideas



Glass Narcissus December Birth Month Flower

Glass Narcissus December Birth Month Flower

This Glass Narcissus December Birth Month Flower (Buy Online) is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care. This flower can be enjoyed for years, and it will never die or wilt. Plus, this flower was made by skilled artisans in Mexico who put their hearts into every piece they create. So not only are you getting an amazing present but you’re also supporting hard-working people around the world too!



Exhart Solar White Narcissus Flower Garden Light

The Solar White Narcissus Flower Garden Light (Buy Online) is a beautiful and unique gift for any gardener. It’s made from durable UV-resistant resin, turns on automatically at night, and is great for indoor or outdoor use. This light features a beautiful sculptural rendition of the December birth flower – white narcissus!



Ganz Spring Decor Bird Flower of The Month 5 inches Figurine (December Narcissus)

This Narcissus Figurine (Buy Online) captures the beauty of this delicate, fragrant flower with its graceful curves and elegant petals. It’s perfect for any December birthday. The figurine is made from durable polystone so it will last forever in your home or as a gift to someone special. Plus, it has a cute little bird on top of it that makes it even more adorable and unique.


Crochet Narcissus For Home Decor, Desk Decorations, Birthday Gift

This is a Handmade Crocheted Flower (Buy Online) that stands 8 inches tall. It’s the perfect gift for anyone born in December and it can be used as home decor, desk decorations, or even given as a gift to little kids! The petals are crocheted with care, and they are very easy to maintain – just dust it off every now and then with a dry cloth.



December Birth Month Flower Narcissus 3D Art

December Birth Month Flower Narcissus 3D Art

This Handmade Piece of Art (Buy Online) makes an excellent birthday gift. It’s made with love and care in Maryland by artists who take pride in their work. The process is painstaking but worth it because each one-of-a-kind frame makes a delightful birthday gift.

Handmade from paper, these 3D flowers come alive through color and cleverly quilled flourishes that add depth and texture to the delicate petals of each bloom. Each flower has been meticulously cut out from paper using intricate patterns before being handcrafted into its final form, and no two pieces are exactly alike which gives them their own unique charm!



Narcissus Pendant Necklace

This Narcissus Pendant Necklace (Buy Online) is an elegant and thoughtful present. It’s made to look like three daffodils in full bloom, and it’s crafted from sterling silver with 18 k white gold plating. The chain length is 18 inches and it comes in a gift box that includes a polishing cloth. Whether you know someone who loves flowers or just loves natural beauty, this necklace will be sure to put a smile on their face.



Daffodil, Narcissus Mount Hood Bulbs

Daffodil, Narcissus Mount Hood Bulbs (Buy Online) are the perfect way to brighten up someone’s day. They are easy to grow and will be in bloom in early spring. Plus, they grow well in full sun with minimal care, and they tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.



Floral Farmhouse Pillow Covers ( Letter N, Narcissus)

These Floral Farmhouse Pillow Covers (Buy Online) make great gifts for any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays…or just because! If you have a friend who loves flowers or gardening then this is the perfect present for them. They come in three sizes and can be personalized with your favorite letter of the alphabet. They also have a hidden zipper that makes them easy to clean and they’re machine washable too.



December Birth Month Flower Glass

December Birth Month Flower Glass

This December Birth Month Flower Glass Tumbler (Buy Online) is a beautiful way to celebrate any special day. The glass is covered in real narcissus flowers that were pressed and turned into a digital print. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves flowers, nature, or just wants something unique and different. This flower tumbler will make your loved one feel extra special on their birthday – it’ll be like they’re sipping from an enchanted garden every time they take a drink.



NARCISSUS Birth Flower Necklace 18k Gold Engraved Custom Floral Pendant

The NARCISSUS Birth Flower Necklace (Buy Online) is the perfect December birth flower gift. It’s plated with 18k gold and comes with an engraving of your choice. This necklace is also affordable which makes it a perfect birthday gift for young kids!



December Birth Flower – Narcissus and Holly Warm Neck Gaiter Face Cover

The Narcissus and Holly Warm Neck Gaiter Face Cover (Buy Online) is the perfect present. It’s made from polyester microfiber with fleece lining, so it will keep your loved one warm all winter long. Plus, it can be worn as a mask, hood, headscarf, or headband!

Give the gift of warmth and comfort this holiday season with this beautiful face cover! You’ll love how soft it feels on your skin and how well it keeps you warm during these cold months. Plus, it’s great for those days when you want to wear something festive but don’t want to get too dressed up – just pull on your new face cover and go about your day in style!



Composition Notebook : December Birth flower : Narcissus: A Dot Grid Blank Journal

Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to write? We’ve got you covered with this beautiful journal (Buy Online). It’s the perfect size to carry around in a bag or purse. Plus, there are 128 blank pages inside, which means it has plenty of room to fill up with thoughts and ideas.



Lucaeat Narcissus Flower On Living Coral Background Painting Pill Box

The Narcissus Pill Box (Buy Online) is the perfect gift for anyone who needs to carry around pills. This pillbox has a sturdy metal construction with 3 compartments that can be used for daily medications, vitamins, or any other pills. This small pillbox is great for a pocket, purse, or travel bag. And best of all, the unique Narcissus flower printed on the lid makes it an excellent December birthday gift.



White Petals Daffodils Close Up Abstract Painting Modern Artwork

This Framed Canvas Print (Buy Online) is the perfect way to brighten up any space. It’s also a great gift idea for people who love flowers and plants. The high-definition print comes with a hook so you can hang it on a wall or display it on a desk. Give them something they’ll love and cherish forever with this beautiful framed print of their birth flower – White Petal Daffodil.