Flowers To Plant in April

Flowers To Plant in April

April is a time of rebirth and renewal. Maybe it’s the first sign of warmth after months of cold, or maybe it’s the first flowers blooming in your garden. Either way, there is something about April that makes you feel like all things are possible again! To help your garden get off to a good start during this month of new beginnings and fresh starts, we have compiled a list of the best flowers to plant in April once your soil warms up.


Flowers To Plant in April




Daylilies (Buy Online) are a beautiful perennial flower that can be planted in April. They’re deer resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them being eaten by animals. Plus they make great cut flowers, and they are hardy perennials that will keep coming back for years to come. Hardiness Zones: 3-9




Astilbe (Buy Online) is one of our favorite perennials to plant in April. It’s easy to grow and thrives in zones 3-9. This beautiful flower has a long blooming period, so you can enjoy it all season long. It’s also tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and you can plant it just about anywhere. If you’re ready to get your spring garden off to a quick start then you’ll definitely want to give astilbes a shot.




Clematis (Buy Online) are known for their sprawling vines that can grow up to 20 feet long. They come in a variety of colors and have beautiful blooms. It’s easy to see why they are one of the most popular plants around. You can plant these beautiful flowers in your garden this spring, and they’re perfect for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds! These plants are easy to grow, and with minimal care, they’ll be blooming all summer long. Plant them now before it gets too hot outside! USDA Hardiness Zones 4-9.




Sunflowers (Buy Online) are an easy-to-grow, beautiful flower that can be planted in April. They’re easy to grow, and they come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes! You can even find sunflower plants that will grow up to 10 feet tall. Plus, they look great all year round, and children love watching them grow.




Nasturtiums (Buy Online) are beautiful flowers that can be planted in April and bloom all summer long. They also happen to be deer resistant, which is perfect if you have wild animals in your area that like to visit your property. These plants will reach 18 inches tall and spread 12 inches wide, so they’re great for climbing or hanging baskets!




Snapdragons (Buy Online) are a beautiful and easy flower to grow. They come in many colors, including white, pink, purple, yellow, and red. Snapdragons also make excellent cut flowers for any occasion. And if you’re looking for a plant that will attract bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies then snapdragons are a perfect choice!




Alyssum (Buy Online) are great flowers to plant in April once the soil in your garden starts to thaw. They’re easy to grow and come in a variety of different colors including white, yellow, and purple. Alyssum is a low-growing plant that works well in borders or along walkways. And to top it all off they even smell great too! Plant some alyssum today and enjoy their beautiful blooms all season long.




Cosmos (Buy Online) make a beautiful addition to any garden. They are an annual flower that can grow up to 20 inches tall and 12 inches wide, making them perfect for planting in your backyard or on the side of your house. These flowers are easy to care for too. They need regular watering but don’t require much else. You can plant them in the springtime and they’ll grow quickly and keep blooming all summer.




Calendula (Buy Online) is an excellent flower to plant in April. They’re easy to grow and produce beautiful blooms that can be used for cut flowers, bouquets, arrangements, or even as an edible garnish. These plants thrive in regular garden soil with a pH range of 5.5-7.0 and will grow 12-24 inches tall depending on the variety you choose. If you’re looking for some new springtime color in your garden, these hardy plants are a perfect choice.




Cleome (Buy Online) is an annual flowering herbaceous plant that blooms in the summer. It can grow up to 36 inches tall and has a long blooming season that continues from June through September. This hardy perennial thrives in full sun, clay, loam, or sandy soil with good drainage. Plant it in your garden borders or beds for a stunning display of unique nectar-filled flowers that will attract butterflies and hummingbirds all summer long!




Marigolds (Buy Online) are one of the most popular flowers grown in gardens. They’re easy to grow and produce beautiful, long-lasting blooms that will brighten up any space. You can plant marigolds in full sun or partial shade and they will thrive with moderate watering.



Bachelor’s Buttons

Bachelor’s Buttons (Buy Online) are a great option for people looking to grow a beautiful mix of blue, pink, lavender, white, and maroon flowers. These plants grow in full sun and are relatively drought tolerant. If you’re looking for a fast-growing flower that attracts beneficial insects to your garden then bachelor’s buttons are a perfect choice.