Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

It’s time to buy gifts for the indoor plant lovers in your life. If you’ve been searching for a gift and haven’t found anything yet, we have some ideas that we think will work well. Check out these gifts for indoor plant lovers:


Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers





Click and Grow

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3

The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden (Buy Online) makes growing herbs and vegetables at home simple. This self-watering indoor garden kit comes with everything you need for a beautiful kitchen countertop herb garden including LED grow lights that automatically turn on when needed. All you have to do is drop in plant pods of your choice into the planter reservoir and plug it in. No soil required. Plus there are over 50 pre-seeded plant pod varieties available including cilantro, basil, lavender, wild strawberries, and even chili peppers. And if you don’t like one variety just swap out the pod for another – making this not only an easy gardening starter kit but also a fun gift idea for anyone who enjoys cooking with fresh herbs.



BandD Floating Plant Pot – Levitating Plant Pot

The BandD Levitating Planter (Buy Online) is a new and innovative floating plant pot that will change the way you view indoor gardening forever. This magnetic planter allows your plants to be suspended in mid-air like magic. And This revolutionary product is perfect for anyone looking to bring a mix of nature and advanced technology into their home or office.



AeroGarden Farm 24XL, w/Salad Bar Seed Kit, Black

AeroGarden Farm Plus

The AeroGarden Farm 24XL (Buy Online) is an indoor garden that grows plants in water instead of soil. This means there’s no weeding and no watering required. You don’t even need to know how long your growing season is because you can start seeds whenever you want thanks to the built-in light timer.

The AeroGarden Farm 24XL is easy-to-use, energy-efficient, and produces large yields in a small space all year long. With no soil required, this hydroponic system allows you to grow plants naturally in water without messes or pests. And because it connects directly with Wi-Fi, controlling it couldn’t be easier with the free AeroGarden App.



Soil Moisture Meter

A Soil Moisture Meter (Buy Online) makes it easy to care for indoor plants by alerting you when the plant needs water or nutrients. This tool will help to save money, time, and energy by helping gardeners make sure their plants are properly hydrated at all times.



House Plant Humidifier

This Whimsical Plant Humidifier (Buy Online) is an adorable plant-shaped ultrasonic cool mist humidifier that will keep your favorite houseplants happy and healthy. This little guy is compact, portable, easy to use – just fill it with water and plug it in. It also features 3 different modes (continuous operation, intermittent operation & automatic shut off) so you can choose what works best for keeping your plants at their happiest. You’ll love how cute this thing is AND how much happier it makes all of the greenery around the house.

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LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

This LED Grow Light (Buy Online) is a full spectrum grow light that provides plants with everything they need in order to thrive indoors. With the adjustable height stand, you can easily adjust each lamp from 15 inches up to 58 inches depending on the size of your houseplant or where you would like it placed around your home. And each lamp has 420 LEDs that provide an incredible amount of light output for vigorous plant growth.



Automatic Watering System

This Automatic Watering System (Buy Online) is an easy-to-use smart device that waters your indoor plants at the right time and in the right amount. It’s simple, convenient, and saves you time. With this setup, you won’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering because it’s all automated. This Automatic Watering System has helped thousands of indoor gardeners keep their plants healthy and happy while they are away from home, on vacation, or simply busy with life’s other demands.

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Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Daisy Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

A Birth Month Flower Grow Kit (Buy Online) is a unique gift idea that will make any plant lover happy. It’s great for both indoor plant lovers because it comes with everything you need to grow and care for your flower. Plus, each kit includes a beautiful vase to display your flowers after they bloom.



Live Cactus Necklace

This Cactus Necklace (Buy Online) allows you to wear a real plant around your neck. This live cactus necklace gives you the opportunity to grow your own little plant at work or anywhere else, and it’s one of the best gifts for indoor plant lovers who hate the thought of not being with their plants.



Brass Plant Mister – Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

A Brass Plant Mister (Buy Online) will help you take better care of your indoor plants while making your home look beautiful at the same time. This brass plated design looks stunning with both modern and traditional décor so there won’t be a clash with anyone’s style.



Cocktail Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit

This Cocktail Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit (Buy Online) is a great gift idea that allows the recipient to grow their own herbs indoors and outdoors. The cocktail garden kit contains all of the best fresh herb seeds for indoor planting, including cucamelon (which tastes like watermelon), blue borage (a pretty flower with edible flowers), lime basil (the best tasting variety of basil), hyssop leaves, lemon balm leaves, and mint leaves. This DIY gardening kit makes an excellent holiday gift or housewarming present.



Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping Happy House Plants

The Leaf Supply Guide (Buy Online) has everything you need to know about keeping happy houseplants. It’s filled with over 100 indoor plants, as well as inspiring plant decor advice and much more. Whether you’re looking for a gift or want some ideas on what kinds of plants would look great in your own home, this book has all of the information you need for your plants to thrive.



House Plant Mug

This Houseplant Lover Mug (Buy Online) makes a great gift because it says what everyone thinks when they see how many plants you have in your home – “Yes I really do need all these plants :)”. On top of that, it’s both dishwasher and microwave safe so you can use it every day without worrying about damaging the design or having to handwash it with soap and water.



Be-Leaf Mug – Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

The Be-Leaf Mug (Buy Online) features large handles for easy gripping and a wrap-around print that makes drinking out of this mug even more enjoyable. And these heavy-duty mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe so they’re easy to clean after each use. And it’s a great gift idea for that special someone or on your favorite holidays like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.



Plant Pins

This Enamel Pin Set (Buy Online) is perfect for anyone who has a green thumb or loves gardening in general. Each one of these adorable pins features a different plant – succulents, cacti, ferns, even flowers. They’re just so darn cute:)



Indoor Plant Coasters

These Indoor Plant Coasters (Buy Online) will help protect your wood furniture from water rings and other damage caused by wet glasses or mugs. They are perfect for any plant lover who wants to keep their plants happy and healthy while also protecting their furniture from spills. And the best part about them is that they are reusable so you won’t need to buy replacements anytime soon.



Farmhouse Wood Tabletop Planters Collection

These Farmhouse Wood Tabletop Planters (Buy Online) look gorgeous on any table or countertop in your house or apartment. And best of all, these wood stands keep top-heavy plants stable while looking stylish at the same time.



Oyster Mushroom Log Kit

With this Oyster Mushroom Log Kit (Buy Online) you’ll be enjoying fresh homegrown oyster mushrooms in no time. These kits come with detailed instructions that make it simple for anyone – even kids – to successfully cultivate their own crop of tasty golden oyster mushrooms right from the comfort of their homes (or dorm rooms).



Micro-Greens Growing Kit

The Micro Greens Starter Kit (Buy Online) includes radish seeds, a sprouting tray, soil, and a sprayer – everything you need for the perfect indoor gardening experience. Just add water and watch them grow into fresh greens that are ready to eat in just 7 days. These non-GMO seeds will produce an abundance of healthy microgreens that will last for weeks as long as they’re watered regularly. And you can use them as a gourmet garnish on salads and sandwiches or decorate plates with these cute little green gems.



Bonsai Starter Kit – Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

This Bonsai Starter Kit (Buy Online) is the perfect way to get started growing your own bonsai tree, no matter your skill level. It has everything you need including mini seeds for 4 different types of miniature trees, soil disks, burlap bags, and even bamboo markers so that you can properly label each tree variety. Whether you’re shopping for a beginner or an experienced gardener looking for something new and fun to do with friends or family members, this is the perfect gift idea for an indoor plant lover.



Back to Roots Lavender Gift Set

The Unwind Lavender Gift Set (Buy Online) comes with everything you need to grow your own lavender at home and it’s so easy that even a beginner can do it. This kit includes a mason jar planter, organic seeds, soil pods for drainage, and an instruction booklet with step-by-step directions on how to plant your new lavender garden.



Olive Tree Sapling

These Olive Tree Saplings (Buy Online) make great gifts for people that love trying new plants out. These trees take very little maintenance, making them ideal to give as gifts to friends and family members who want a beautiful plant that really stands out. If you do decide to put these outside make sure you live in a warm region that gets plenty of sun.



Floral Bouquet Ceramic Diffuser

This Floral Bouquet Ceramic Diffuser (Buy Online) is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to have fresh flowers in their home but hates seeing them wilt and die after only a few days. This diffuser will keep your home smelling great with real dried flowers with a subtle scent that lasts for months at a time.



Vintage Tub Planters

These Vintage-Planters (Buy Online) have a unique design that allows water to flow through the tubs which helps keep your plants healthy throughout the year. And best of all, these planters are affordable enough that you’ll be able to buy several as gifts for friends or family members.



Butterfly Garden Seed DIY Kit

This Butterfly Garden Seed Kit (Buy Online) is an easy way to add some greenery and beauty into your life without requiring a lot of maintenance. Each includes a mix of milkweed plants that attract butterflies like monarchs. And these seeds make great gifts for friends or family members who love gardening indoors and outdoors.



Houseplant Jungle Jigsaw

The Houseplant Jungle Jigsaw (Buy Online) is an awesome gift for plant lovers of all ages. This 8″ x 10″ photo collage puzzle features different indoor plants in full color, including succulents, cacti, tropicals, ferns, and more. The detailed artwork by photographer Troy Litten makes this a unique piece of art that can be enjoyed year-round. This jigsaw puzzle also comes with a sturdy storage box so it’s easy to store when not in use.



Aloe You Vera Much Planter

This Aloe Planter (Buy Online) is made from durable stoneware so it can handle being moved around easily without breaking or cracking as some other planters do over time. Plus it has a cute little saying on it that’s sure to get lots of smiles.



Plants Are Friends T-Shirt

This Shirt (Buy Online) has an image of cute little animated houseplants with their arms outstretched having a fun time. The shirts come in many colors and sizes so there’s something for everyone. This is an awesome gift idea for anyone who loves indoor plants or gardening in general.



Avocado Tree Growing Kit

This Avocado Tree Growing Kit (Buy Online) is perfect for anyone who wants to try their hand at gardening but doesn’t have a green thumb. It’s also great as a gift for any plant lover with limited space or anyone looking to start their very own avocado for the first time. This Avocado Tree growing kit makes it easy by providing everything you need in one box including step-by-step instructions on how to care for your new sapling so that you can enjoy having an avocado tree in your own yard.



You Grow Girl Hat

The You Grow Girl Hat (Buy Online) is the perfect plant accessory for any indoor gardener or anyone who loves fashion. And it’s a great gift idea for women who love gardening and houseplants in particular.



Houseplant Personalized Diary

This Personalized Diary (Buy Online) is the best way to show you care about someone’s interest in houseplants. This journal features 160 blank, unlined pages (80 sheets), and the cover is made from sustainable wood.



Houseplant Plant Pillow Cover

These Houseplant Pillow Covers (Buy Online) are the perfect way to add some life and color into your living space. These stylish throw pillow covers come in sets of four so you can have one for each season, holiday, or occasion that comes up throughout the year.



Plant Lady Apron

This Plant Lady Apron (Buy Online) is the perfect gift idea for your favorite green thumb friend or family member who enjoys spending time in her garden growing fresh fruits and vegetables. The stylish design features delicate patterns surrounding lovely herbs on both sides of this 100% cotton canvas apron.



Kid’s Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit

This Kid’s Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit (Buy Online) is the perfect gift for families who want to eat healthier and teach children (and adults) about where food comes from. This cute herb garden looks great on a countertop or windowsill, and it makes a fun project for kids of all ages.



Floral Garden Tool Set

This Floral Garden Tool Set (Buy Online) will help you turn your dream of growing fresh produce into reality. These well-made tools are sturdy enough for any task including weeding, digging, and planting flowers or vegetables. Plus these beautiful designs will even look great on display inside your home.



Plant Note Cards

These Plant Note Card (Buy Online) makes an ideal present for anyone who loves green things growing in a garden. The box includes 10 different designs on thick cardstock with 30 percent recycled content. This collection also includes white and grey envelopes.



Geo Wall Display Set

The Geo Wall Display Set (Buy Online) is an elegant planter set that makes caring for indoor plants easy and fun. These modern geometric wall-mountable planters feature a simple design with clean lines that will add contemporary style to any room in your home or office.



Copper Garden Markers

These beautiful Copper Plated Plant Tags (Buy Online) are perfect for identifying indoor plants, herbs, and succulents. They come with a premium high-quality finish and weatherproof design which make them durable enough to withstand years of use without degrading. They also look great on outdoor pots too.



Succulent Earrings

These Succulent Earrings (Buy Online) make a unique and fun gift idea that anyone would appreciate. Whether you want something funny or trendy; we’ve got the right pair of succulent earrings for you. Choose from a full selection of fake succulents in many colors including blue, pink, red, green yellow & purple.



Vera Bradley Garden Glove and Garden Cushion Set

The Vera Bradley Garden Glove and Garden Cushion Set (Buy Online) is perfect for anyone who loves gardening but wants to protect their knees from pain and injury. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style just because you want a good pair of gardening tools. The cushioned kneeler features a classic Vera print with a vibrant color palette that will brighten up any outdoor space. Plus, this set comes with durable gloves to keep those hands protected from scratches as well as blisters.



Propagation Station

A Propagation Station (Buy Online) makes rooting cuttings easy and mess-free. This propagation station has a sleek design that’s perfect for any room in your home or office – even if you’re short on space. Plus, the glass vases let you keep an eye on your plant as it grows from cutting to full-grown beauty.



Rose Gold Soil Scoop – Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

This Rose Gold Soil Scoop (Buy Online) is the perfect tool for indoor plant care. The scoop makes it easy to add just the right amount of soil and fertilizer every time so that your plants stay healthy and happy. Plus, its stylish rose gold finish looks great in any home.



Wall Succulent Planter

This beautiful Wall Planter (Buy Online) provides the perfect environment for live orchids because of its unique design which allows air to flow freely around the roots. And this multi-purpose wooden ladder frame will help you create an amazing-looking home decor piece with ease. All that’s left is deciding what type of plants you want to put on it.



Copper Colored Watering Can

This Copper Colored Watering Can (Buy Online) is a great way to add a touch of elegance and style to your indoor garden. These watering cans have an innovative design that makes watering easy at any height. And the unique copper finish is attractive enough to leave out on display, but also sturdy enough for everyday use in the garden or indoors to water houseplants.



Bamworld Plant Shelf – Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

The Bamworld Plant Shelf (Buy Online) will give you more space for plants without taking up too much room in your home. This plant stand can hold 9 potted plants, and it has an open design that allows air to circulate through all of its shelves.



Three Tier Rattan Plant Stand

The Three Tier Rattan Plant Stand (Buy Online) is perfect for displaying your favorite plants in any room of your home. Each tier can hold up to 22 pounds which means it’s strong enough to support heavy pots. And with this elegant-looking plant stand, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful green decor anywhere in your home or office.



Indoor Plant Lover Socks

These Funny Gardening-Themed Socks (Buy Online) feature a number of potted houseplants along with some great jokes to make you smile when caring for your indoor greens gets tough. The high-quality cotton blend makes these novelty socks cool and breathable so you can wear them around the house without overheating your feet in hot weather. Plus they’ll fit both men and women comfortably no matter what size shoe you wear.



Macrame Plant Hanger

These Macrame Plant Hangers (Buy Online) have a sturdy construction that will hold up even the heaviest of potted plants without sagging or breaking, and it looks gorgeous as well. Just add some fertilizer and a little bit of water every week, then watch as your trailing houseplant cascades out of its pot.



Indoor Plant Pop Socket – Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

This Indoor Plant Pop Socket (Buy Online) is great because it’s stylish and functional at the same time. It fits on any smartphone or tablet so your friends can prop up their phones when watching movies or reading recipes online.



Urban Born Glass Terrarium

The Urban Born Glass Terrarium (Buy Online) is the perfect gift for an indoor plant lover. It’s made of clear glass so it will fit any decor style perfectly while being big enough for larger plants like succulents or even small houseplants.



House Plant Kitchen Towel

These Kitchen Towels (Buy Online) are a gorgeous gift that will make plant lovers happy while making their lives easier at the same time. This towel has a beautiful image of succulents on one side and a soft micro-sheared velour finish on the other side. It’s perfect for drying dishes, wiping up spills, dusting with its velour side, or wrapping around pots when you water them so you don’t get your hands wet. And it’s made right here in the USA by a fellow plant lover 🙂



Plant Mom Tote – Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

This Botanical Print Tote (Buy Online) is perfect and will be loved by any plant lover. It is made of high-quality materials and has a bright design that will make your mom smile every time she uses it.



Succulent & Cactus Wine Glasses

These Succulent & Cactus Wine Glasses (Buy Online) are perfect for any occasion and make an excellent gift for indoor plant lovers, or anyone who enjoys a fine vintage. The stemless design makes them easy to hold while the custom shape perfectly showcases sparkling wines and allows reds and whites to breathe properly. These unique glasses are also ideal for serving cocktails at casual entertaining events because they’re durable enough for everyday use.



Plant Pattern Tumbler

This Plant Pattern Tumbler (Buy Online) is a must-have for any plant lover. This tumbler is perfect for cold beverages, and it’s also great for hot drinks like tea or cocoa too. And because it has a lid with an attached straw, you can take your drink on the go without worrying about spills in your car.



Monstera Earrings – Gifts for Indoor Plant Lovers

These Monstera Earrings (Buy Online) are unique, stylish, and affordable. They’re a great gift idea that will show how much you care about your friend or family member without breaking the bank. Plus, these silver leaf earrings are hypoallergenic so there’s no risk of an allergic reaction (always a plus.). Give them as a birthday present or a Mother’s Day gift this year. If she loves plants she’ll probably love these cute silver leaf drop earrings.



Leaf Neon Light

This Leaf Neon Light (Buy Online) offers an exciting alternative to boring old lamps, bringing eye-catching style and vibrant color wherever you need it most. And because they’re so easy on your wallet, you can buy one for multiple indoor plant lovers on your Christmas list.