Hibiscus Varieties – Hibiscus Tree Varieties

Hibiscus Varieties – Hibiscus Tree Varieties

There are many varieties of Hibiscus available on the market today. With so many choices, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. On this page, you’ll find some of the most popular Hibiscus varieties that will add a splash of color to your garden or make a beautiful addition to your home décor! So read on to learn more about these fabulous plants.


Hibiscus Varieties



Head Over Heels® Blush Hibiscus

Head Over Heels® Blush Hibiscus (View Price)

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, the Head Over Heels® Blush Hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos ‘RutHib1’) is ready to make you a believer. With stunning blooms and a hardy nature, this show-stopping hibiscus will make you blush and fall head over heels.

What is the Head Over Heels® Blush Hibiscus’s superpower that makes all passersby fall in love? Its blooms, of course! This hibiscus is unlike any you’ve seen before! With petals that flare out into a radiant skirt and a blush of pink that rivals the most spectacular tie-dye, these flowers reinvent the meaning of “showy.”

Head Over Heels® Blush Hibiscus blooms are perfectly ruffled like a flamenco dancer’s skirt and have deep red eyes that are will draw you in and make your knees weak. Oh! And did we mention these blooms are massive and abundant?

Like other romances that burn the hottest, these blooms only last one day, but don’t worry, this shrub blooms profusely summer into fall. So, you can rest easy knowing that more stunning blossoms will be waiting for you when you wake.

You will have to share these lovely blooms with butterflies, though. Pollinators can’t resist the striking red eyes of these hibiscuses.

The Head Over Heels® Blush Hibiscus’s flowers won’t be the only thing you fall in love with when it comes to this astounding shrub. Its striking foliage will make your heart flutter as well. With reddish to burgundy foliage, you’ll love these leaves as much as you love its blooms. Who needs wine with such rich and inviting leaves?



Head Over Heels® Passion Hibiscus

Head Over Heels® Passion Hibiscus (View Price)

Does your garden need an infusion of passion? How about a burst of massive pink blooms and burgundy foliage? If so, you need a Head Over Heels® Passion Hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos ‘RutHib2’). This remarkable shrub will fill you with excitement from its first blooms to its last blossoms.

The Head Over Heels® Passion Hibiscus will have your tumbling head over heels to get a better look at its vibrant pink blooms with blood-red eyes and delicately textured petals. These blossoms are anything but plain.

Like a true drama queen, these blooms appear in summer and one by one open then by night they fade away. Luckily, the Head Over Heels® Passion Hibiscus has plenty of blooming power! This remarkable plant will fill your summer with bloom after radiant bloom!

Even butterflies will come to catch a glimpse of these fantastic blooms! And because there are so many flowers, there are plenty to share.

This stunning Hardy Hibiscus doesn’t just have striking blooms to offer. Its foliage is just as dazzling as its blossoms. The Head Over Heels® Passion Hibiscus impresses with burgundy and red leaves that highlight its bright green flower buds. When winter rolls around, the Head Over Heels® Passion will drop its leaves, but they’ll be back to excite in late spring.

Where do you plant a perennial shrub this show-stopping? This variety does remarkably well in a sunny location in the ground, or paired with the Head Over Heels® Blush as an exquisite boundary planting or screen.

Provide your Head Over Heels® Passion with sun-soaked days and it will grow, grow, grow. This hibiscus does amazingly in some of the warmest weather and medium-moisture soil that drains well.



Fantasia Hibiscus

Fantasia Hibiscus (Click To View Price)

The Hibiscus ‘Fantasia’ is one of the most ruffled Hibiscus in its family. The lavender gray flowers are a great contrast with its maple-shaped leaves. It looks great in any setting or grouping.

It is best to plant this Hibiscus in a full sun area and it will tolerate most soil types. ‘Fantasia’ looks wonderful with grasses or as a background plant.



Fireball Hibiscus

Fireball Hibiscus (Click To View Price)

The Hibiscus ‘Fireball’, is the second most popular Fleming Hibiscus on the market today, growing to a height of 3-4′. ‘Fireball’ has bright burgundy flowers that explode over purplish ‘cut-leaved’ foliage. It has the best flower in the Fleming Hibiscus species because of its overlapping nature, texture, red color and outer shape components.

It is best to plant this Hibiscus in a full sun area and it will tolerate most soil types. ‘Fireball’ looks wonderful with grasses, as a background plant or with Hibiscus ‘Old Yella’ and Hibiscus ‘Torchy’ or as an alternative plant to Hibiscus ‘Lord Baltimore’.



First Editions® Bali™ Hibiscus

First Editions® Bali™ Hibiscus  (Click To View Price)

First Editions® Bali„ Hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus ‘Minfren’) versatile shrubs develop many hundreds of tropical-looking white flowers over the long season. Each one is decorated with an unforgettable “splat” of Merlot purple-red center laid under a specialized frill.

Float one or more blooms in a shallow dish of water with a floating candle for the look of a luau. Or harvest laden armloads of the slender stems to fill tall vases placed along the top of your outdoor Tiki bar.

Next week you’ll have more blooms to play with! These larger shrubs are a wonderful selection that produces a veritable volcano of blooms.

Delight local hummingbirds and butterflies with this choice. The semi-double blooms produce few seeds, but they provide a rich source of nectar.

Hardy Hibiscus is also known as Rose of Sharon and Althea. You’ll appreciate how they start blooming just when other flowering shrubs have called it quits.

Tall, upright and slender growth habit makes it a great size for today’s lot sizes. Keep them to any height with simple pruning in early spring.

Grow them in the ground, or use in oversize resin pots on a rented balcony. Attractive dark green foliage makes a perfect contrast to the beautifully relaxed white and red blooms.

These light-hearted charmers make an excellent housewarming present for “newbie” gardeners. These outdoor plants are actually far easier to care for than a few houseplants we could mention!

Fluttery fancy ruffled flowers of First Editions Bali Hibiscus make an opulent statement in any landscape. With dark red veins whiskering the throats, those sophisticated blooms bring the perfect kind of drama to elevate your landscape design up and “over the top”.




Starry Night Hardy Hibiscus

Starry Night Hardy Hibiscus (Click To View Price)

Not all stars are cold…some are actually red-hot! Starry Night Hardy Hibiscus (Hibiscus x ‘Starry Starry Night’ PP #27901) delivers an exceptional performance for your Summer Garden.

Stellar pale-pink blooms develop from the top of the plant…all the way down to the bottom. Not all Hardy Hibiscus plants are able to do that; but that one trait takes a giant leap forward.

The blooms themselves are the size of dinner plates! Overlapping petals swirl open to reveal a rose-pink eye surrounding a tubular stamen.

How many stars are in the Milky Way? Not as many as there are flowers on a Starry Night Hardy Hibiscus!

Over the long season of bloom, you’ll be awestruck by the sheer floriferous nature of this improved native perennial. Beyond the bloom, the butterflies also offer a pretty display as they visit to gather nectar.

But that’s not the only winning attribute of top-rated Starry Night. After all, stars shine brightest against the dark backdrop of the night.

These ethereal pink-blended blooms really “pop” against the dark purple leaves. Starry Night Hardy Hibiscus offers some of the very darkest foliage on the market…it’s almost black!

Maple-shaped leaves look beautiful, even when Starry Night Hardy Hibiscus isn’t in bloom. They’ll add an atmospheric visual impact to your borders, beds and containers.

The dark foliage color stays true in the hot climate of Zone 9. But Starry Night is tough enough to handle the frigid winter temperatures of Zone 4.



Mars Madness Hardy Hibiscus

Mars Madness Hardy Hibiscus (Click To View Price)

Add an instant “pop” of tropical appeal with the Mars Madness Hardy Hibiscus (Hibiscus x ‘Mars Madness’ PP #27838). It’s easy to create a backyard paradise with these modern cultivars.

Long, billowing mounds of lavish flower power make a gigantic statement, no matter where you place them. The magenta-red petals have hints of pink and a darker center with yellow tubular stamens.

The flowers start in midsummer, and last through fall. Butterflies, hummingbirds and essential pollinators adore the saucer-shaped blooms for their nectar!

No one can miss the vivid, six-inch blooms! They add both vibrant color and a wonderful texture with veins that are deeply impressed into the petal.

You’ll love them for the gorgeous drama they bring. This is an improved modern cultivar of native Rose Mallow…and is a durable, sustainable choice for your landscape.

They’ll become an incredible accent, even before the blooms get started. New foliage emerges coppery-purple, then ages to olive green with a copper overlay.

Grow them in part shade or full sun. Although well-drained soil is best; they’ll put up with occasionally damp soils and periodically dry soils, too.



Luna Red Hibiscus

Luna Red Hibiscus (Click To View Price)

Hibiscus Luna Red, Hibiscus moscheutos ‘Luna Red’, is a wonderfully compact, bushy plant with gigantic 8″ bright burgundy red flowers! It features dinner plate-sized, five-petaled, Hollyhock-like flowers!

The Luna series produces big, bushy, well-branched plants without pinching. The shorter stature of Hibiscus ‘Luna Red’ makes it an excellent choice for smaller gardens or large patio containers. Deer resistant!

‘Luna Red’ grows well in any fertile, well-drained soil with ample moisture. Do not allow to dry to the wilting point. Be patient; Hibiscus can be slow to emerge in spring. For best performance, plant in full sun in moist soil before the heat of the summer.

This Hibiscus is suitable for very large containers, but pots must be protected over winter. These plants will die back to ground level during the winter months. Be careful to not over-water until plants show signs of growth!



Hibiscus Plum Crazy

Hibiscus Plum Crazy (Click To View Price)

Hibiscus Plum Crazy (Rose Mellow), is an absolutely beautiful shrub with flowers and foliage that are both purple! Hibiscus moscheutos ‘Plum Crazy’, has breathtaking 10″ plum flowers with purple streaking centers. These large plum flowers nicely complement this shrubs dark purple maple-cut leaves.

Blooming like crazy from mid to late summer, its flowers are adored by butterflies.

‘Plum Crazy’ needs well drained, humus enriched soil; but will tolerate wet soils. It has a bushy form but the outstanding flowers bloom in masses all in purple color.

Use as a hedge, accent plant or in plant in mass. It is recommended that these be cut to about 6 inches from the ground in late winter. While they are magnets for butterflies and pollinators, deer and rabbits tend to leave them alone.



Lady Baltimore Hibiscus

Lady Baltimore Hibiscus (Click To View Price)

Few perennials can rival the spectacular vision of flowers the size of dinner plates in your yard. Lady Baltimore is one such plant, with mid-to-late summer flowers that demand your attention with their ruffled, overlapping petals of roaring pink, deep scarlet centers and protruding stamen. Shimmering in the summer sun, the neon pink, 6-10 inch blooms present a remarkable display with a tropical feel that is sure to turn the head of every visitor to your home.

Your Lady Baltimore Hibiscus is a deciduous shrub that will grow to about 5 feet in height with a 3 foot spread. It has an upright nature and strong stems to hold its massive flowers aloft. Lady Baltimore is adaptable to a variety of soils and will even do well in moist conditions.





First Editions® French Cabaret™ Blush Hibiscus

First Editions® French Cabaret™ Blush Hibiscus (Click To View Price)


You might think that you know the beautiful hibiscus. You might even consider yourself an aficionado of the tropical flowers and lush foliage. But when you’ve met the newest star in the hibiscus world, you’ll feel like you don’t know anything.

First Editions® French Cabaret„¢ Blush Hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus ‘Mindoub1’ PP 27,840) is the first in a series of thickly ruffled double-flowered hibiscus from French breeder Corinne Liquiere at Minier Nursery in France. Trust us – if its pedigree doesn’t impress you, then its flowers will.

French Cabaret Blush blooms profusely from July to October with double flowers in large pom-poms that look for all the world like the petticoats of French can-can dancers. The dark pink flower buds open like huge double carnations in a delicate blush pink with shades of white mixed in like masterful paint strokes. As if that weren’t enough, the flowers are sterile, which means they produce no seed. What does that mean to you? It means that French Cabaret Blush puts all of its effort into producing tons of amazing flowers for you all season long without spending energy on producing seeds.

Easy to grow in any average soil – even very dry or very alkaline – these hibiscus will change the way you see this wonderful group of shrubs.



Lord Baltimore Hibiscus

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus (Click To View Price)

It’s difficult to accurately describe the true majesty of a Lord Baltimore Hibiscus. Each huge blossom features a bold shade of crimson, with the flowers reaching up to 10 inches across! The blooms consist of 5 silken petals with a textured appearance and uneven edges for a slightly ruffled affect.

A long stamen with yellow highlights protrudes from the center of each bloom, an added accent to further draw the eye. Imagine a profuse bloom of these magnificent flowers in your yard from July until frost!

Each Lord Baltimore flower lasts for about a day, with new blooms immediately opening up to replace the last. However, even when the blooms are sparse, the foliage maintains interest. The green leaves are reminiscent of maple leaves, deeply lobed and with a glossy sheen. Growth starts out slow in the spring, but then really takes off for quick results.

Your Lord Baltimore Hibiscus is a herbaceous perennial that is very fast-growing with an upright nature. Lord Baltimore tolerates light shade and wet soils, so may do well in some of the low areas of your yard. You could also plant a few for a decorative border, or use just one for a bright accent amid less, brilliant plantings.

Patio containers also provide a lovely setting for your Lord Baltimore, and make it easy to bring them inside for winter. Butterflies, hummingbirds and bees will love your Lord Baltimore Hibiscus, but deer will tend to pass it by in favor of tastier treats.





Lady Stanley Pink Althea Hibiscus Tree Form

Lady Stanley Pink Althea Hibiscus Tree Form (Click To View Price)




Lavender Chiffon Hibiscus

Lavender Chiffon Hibiscus (Click To View Price)




Pink Hibiscus

Pink Hibiscus (Click To View Price)




Lady Stanley Hibiscus Shrub

Lady Stanley Hibiscus Shrub (Click To View Price)





First Editions® Summer Ruffle™ Hibiscus

First Editions® Summer Ruffle™ Hibiscus (View Price)

Give your garden a touch of the tropics this year with the wonderfully ruffled blooms of hardy First Editions® Summer Ruffle„¢ Hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus ‘Aarticus’ PP 29,104). From the foliage to the flowers, this shrub is an eye-catcher.

The blooms on Summer Ruffle are somewhere between dark pink and pale lavender with a cherry eye in the middle. They are double-layered with the center layer having a unique ‘twisted’ appearance that gives them the ruffled look of their name. The blooms keep coming from summer through fall. They are a completely different look for hardy hibiscus and are sure to stand out in the garden.

Even when they aren’t in bloom they are destined to stand out, though. Summer Ruffle’s foliage is a refreshing spring green trimmed in a cool creamy-white edge that gives the whole bush a ‘summer’ feel. They are the perfect size for summer containers and smaller garden beds and borders. Even if all you have is a balcony, you can grow this easy-care beauty.

They love the sun, don’t need a whole lot of water and handle heat and humidity well. The variegated foliage is a real visual treat and looks great with gold or dark-green leaved plants as companions. They will make Summer Ruffle shine.



Hardy Hibiscus Cherry Choco Latte

Hardy Hibiscus Cherry Choco Latte (View Price)





Hibiscus Bush – Red President

(Click To View Price)


Proven Winner Blue Chiffon Hibiscus

(Click To View Price)


Proven Winner Pillar Hibiscus

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Hibiscus Tree Varieties

Hibiscus trees come in many shapes and sizes, and boast beautiful blooms in a rainbow of colors. There are many varieties of hibiscus to choose from, so if you’re looking for something eye-catching to add to your garden, a hibiscus tree might be the perfect choice.

The best part is that these trees are relatively easy to care for, making them a great option for beginner gardeners. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of hibiscus trees available online.


Braided Hibiscus Tree – Mixed

(Click To View Price)




Braided Double Peach Hibiscus Tree

(Click To View Price)




Braided Hibiscus Tree – Pink Painted Lady

(Click To View Price)