Hydrangea Varieties

Hydrangea Varieties

There are a wide assortment of Hydrangeas Varieties that you can grow in full sun or in a shade garden. There are even hundreds of different types of hydrangeas that are available in a wide range or colors, shapes, and sizes.

On this page you’ll find a complete list of the most popular hydrangea varieties on the market.


Hydrangea Varieties


Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea

Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) is gorgeous shrub effortlessly carry your landscape design across the seasons. Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea, (Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Alice’) is a modern cultivar of a native plant.

Alice was carefully selected for its incredible blooms, and wonderful fall color that lasts late into the season. Over time, it develops into a rounded, broad outline.

One of the largest Oakleaf Hydrangeas available, Alice develops enormous, pointed panicles composed of many dozens of true flowers. How many butterflies will fit on a bloom that is 14 inches long?

Plant Alice Oakleaf and you’ll get a chance to find out! This wonderfully rustic shrub is a beloved nectar resource for local pollinators all over your neighborhood.

This deciduous bloom factory starts the display with white flowers on an elongated structure. The huge flower panicles will rival any other flowering shrubs in your yard as they stand erect on their sturdy stems.

The blossoms begin white, but slowly transition to warm pink tones as the summer progresses. Over the season, you actually get two flower colors on the same plant, and in the same year!


Magical Candle Hydrangea

Magical Candle Hydrangea (Buy Online) are loved for their showy flowers that look fresh and cool from midsummer through fall.

One of the best for picture-perfect blooms is the aptly named Magical® Candle Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Bokraflame’ Magical® Candle PP# 22,111). This panicle Hydrangea is covered from July to September with immense lacy panicles that are a stunning porcelain-white.

They look almost backlit with yellow fire, or as if they are glowing from within. This spectacular garden effect adds an ethereal charm to any landscape.

Magnificent flowers are born on extra thick erect stems that are just begging to be cut for flower arrangements. Those stems easily stand under the weight of the blooms.

Use them while still Celadon green, at the pure white stage, or allow the blooms to start maturing to pink as the nights cool. Consider adding several Magical Candles so you always have fresh materials for bouquets.


Grape Explosion Hydrangea

Grape Explosion Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a well-behaved shrub really delivers. Use them as a beautiful flowering hedge, or keep them in large garden containers along your patio.

Get gorgeous lacecap blooms from summer through all with Grape Explosion Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Grape Explosion’). Go ahead and add a ton of visual interest without fuss, muss or heavy maintenance.

This excellent selection features a circlet of sterile purple-colored florets arranged around a center of star-shaped, light lavender florets. The flowers are borne all down the rounded, very uniform sides of this macrophylla.

Flower buds develop from both last year’s wood, and on new growth from the current season. This means you’ll enjoy plenty of flower power throughout the summer and fall.

As the lower temperatures of autumn come on and stay consistently cool, the fall foliage can deepen into an incredible brandywine. Mature flower heads lighten in color at this time, and make an exceptional contrast to the dark fall color.

Grape Explosion is hard to come by, and we are very excited to be able to grow and sell this darling cultivar. Use it in formal settings, or work it into casual contemporary designs.


Wee Bit Grumpy® Hydrangea

Wee Bit Grumpy® Hydrangea will put a smile on your dreary garden’s face with the Wee Bit Grumpy® Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Stragrum’)!

With deeply saturated hues depending on the pH of your soil Wee Bit Grumpy® Hydrangea has the most robust purples, blues and vibrant red blooms in tightly packed blooms (red tones in neutral or alkaline soils and purples in more acidic soils)!

Wee Bit Grumpy® Hydrangea loves basking in full sun, but will not complain about some shade too! Glossy green foliage that is toothed and compact, creates a wonderful backdrop for these impressive flowers!

Thicker, leathery leaves are more drought and droop tolerant, with the added bonus of sturdy stems to hold the pouting blooms aloft. Blooms appear on both new and old wood!

The lovely foliage takes on a maroon tinge in fall as the blooms persist long into the fall and winter. The dried blooms in fall also create beautiful dried floral arrangements!



Lavalamp™ Flare™ Hydrangea

Lavalamp™ Flare™ Hydrangea (Buy Online) flowers open up to groovy pure white and then gracefully age into the brightest red-pink of any Hydrangea paniculata on the market! The cooler the weather the more vibrant the color. The flowers resemble a lava lamp or cone shape. The flower color on this shrub is not affected by the soil pH as some Hydrangeas and the beautiful deep green foliage is the perfect backdrop for this flower show!

Lavalamp™ Flare™ Hydrangea is very hardy and easy to grow. The blooms are produced on new wood, which means you will see flowers even after the harshest winters. Lavalamp™ Flare™ Hydrangea has stunning fall colors unlike any of the other Hydrangeas. The blooms make stunning cut (fresh or dried) flowers.


Sikes Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea

Sikes Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) offers the same appeal as its full-sized counterpart in a tidy compact form.

This plant is well known for giving its best flowers to you in the early summer. You can expect creamy white blooms to cover the plant in the well into mid summer.

You can use this plant to bridge the gap between your gorgeous early spring bloomers and the bright mid to late-summer natives.

Plus, you can keep the pollinators interested in your garden while the next batch of flowers is getting ready. That means you’ll have their fluttering brilliance from spring all the way until fall without interruption.


Snow Queen Oakleaf Hydrangea

Snow Queen Oakleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) deserves a crown because it’s garden royalty for sure. Snow Queen Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snow Queen’) will hold court for all who see it, and for good reason too!

This deciduous shrub’s majesty starts with its foliage. The dark green leaves are boldly lobed and quite large for a bush. They create a stunning backdrop for the showy blooms that blossom in the early summer.

These white flowers hold themselves with all the grace and proper posture of a queen. In fact, these pannicles are known to be some of the most upright in the species. As these blossoms age, they’ll turn a gentle light shade of pink.

They don’t call this plant “queen” for nothing. The Royal Horticultural Society bestowed the prestigious Award of Garden Merit to it and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society gave it the Gold Medal Award as well!


Hydrangea Shamrock

Hydrangea Shamrock is a Proven Winners selection, and it’ss a nice new variety of hydrangea that is delicate and more refined than other mophead hydrangias. Shamrock will begin to bloom in July with pink or blue flowers, depending on soil PH, and as the season goes along the flowers will deepen into a rich red or violet. Shamrock blooms for a long time and the plant is more compact than other varieties. Place this plant in moist, well drained soils.


Hydrangea Kyushu

Hydrangea Kyushu , is a panicle type hydrangea. It bears many lacy white panicle shaped flowers from mid summer to autumn and has lush, bright green foliage. ‘Kyushu’ is a large growing, vase-shaped, deciduous shrub or small tree that reaches a height of 15 feet to 25 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Its form is upright and texture is coarse. Mid-July flowers are white and turn pinkish to almost purple with age. ‘Kyushu’ holds its blooms later than other Hydrangeas. It prefers rich, loamy soil that is moist, but well-drained. Does well in full sun or part shade. Kyushu is most at home along the edge of a sunny wooded border or where the landscape is loose and informal.


Magical Flame Hydrangea

Magical Flame Hydrangea (Buy Online) are bushes that bloom one color and transition to another as the summer progresses. Magical Flame Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Bokratorch’) will do just that!

This deciduous ornamental shrub covers itself with delightful dark green foliage in the early spring. It’s a lovely precursor to the flower power that follows soon after.

As the days grow warmer and warmer and summer weather arrives, Magical Flame will blossom creamy white panicles. They’ll stand out beautifully against the darker leaves underneath!

These flower clusters age first into light pink briefly before settling into their final pink-red color. Magical indeed!

You’ll never have to worry about boring of the color of your hydrangea! It’ll change itself up as summer goes on to keep things interesting!

Cut a few cone-shaped flowers to add texture to your indoor bouquets. You’ll get to choose the color you want. Bring it inside for a light and creamy accent to your dining room or wait until later in the season for a dark pink pop to put on the kitchen counter.

Leaving the blooms for the garden, though, ensures you’ll be visited by lots of fluttering butterflies! Magical Flame Hydrangea is a butterfly magnet!

This woody hydrangea will bloom for you well into fall and create fantastic fall interest. Plus, it doesn’t mind urban settings so you won’t have to worry about pollution bothering its health!

Never settle for a single shade hydrangea again! Keep ’em guessing by planting a Magical Flame Hydrangea in your garden today!


Lemon Daddy Hydrangea

Lemon Daddy Hydrangea (Buy Online) got the name Lemon Daddy Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Lemon Daddy’) for a reason. The brilliant yellow foliage is the real star of the show this time!

This deciduous shrub starts its yearly act with the main attraction. No warm-up needed. As the days get longer and the air warmer, Lemon Daddy unfurled its bright yellow, densely packed, foliage for all to see.

Forget the usual dark green. These leaves mean business. Planted next to just about any other bush, the stark contrast compliments perfectly!

We can’t forget about the flowers though, because they are a sight to be seen as well. Clearly, Lemon Daddy isn’t here to underwhelm. Like Big Daddy Hydrangea, this shrub is graced with big mopheads of pink or blue blossoms in the summer.

Yes, we said pink OR blue. This is one of those hydrangeas that will bloom a pretty pink when in alkaline soil and light blue in acidic soil. Simply pick which you like better, or trade-off every other year to keep your neighbors guessing!


Hydrangea Color Fantasy

Hydrangea Color Fantasy isn’t for the faint of heart. Each summer, without fail, a profusion of blooms cascade across the plant in a flurry of fuchsia.

Of course, each headliner needs a solid backup to be truly phenomenal and the dark green foliage doesn’t disappoint. It provides the perfect contrast for the brilliant flowers, not to mention a great backdrop for other perennials nearby.

It’s lower growing habit means it’ll give your garden a solid punch of flower power without feeling like it’s overruling the rest of the garden. No one likes a spotlight hog!

Each blossom shines like a jewel in the landscape and draws the eyes like one too! Your neighbors will “ooh” and “ahh” at Color Fantasy’s mesmerizing flower color.


Little Lime® Hydrangea Tree Form

Little Lime® Hydrangea Tree Form (Buy Online) has huge, eight-inch, full blooms that will decorate your landscape for 16 weeks in summer. Watch as they start lime green, and slowly burnish all the way through soft pink with a touch of burgundy for fall.

You’ll be able to study the massive flowers of this panicle Hydrangea without bending over!

The well-branched canopy stays compact and rounded. Strong stems hold the conical, green summer flowers straight upright, without flipping or flopping.

The bright bloom color coordinates beautifully with many other landscape plants, and are perfectly offset by the dark green foliage.

The beauty of this dwarf tree selection of Limelight Hydrangea is not only its smaller size, but also the fact that it reblooms to provide you with new flowers from summer into fall. Little Lime blooms on new wood, so you’ll enjoy having blooms, blooms and more blooms!

Little Lime Hydrangea has been carefully field-tested by the Proven Winners® for reliability and high performance year after year. Nature Hills has taken the ball, and run with it.


Invincibelle Mini Mauvette Hydrangea

Invincibelle Mini Mauvette Hydrangea is a petite shrub that produces the same huge, round flowers as does the beloved white-flowered Annabelle. It brings flower power from summer to first frost, no matter what your soil pH might be.

But…Mini Mauvette kicks it up a notch with gorgeous, deep mauve coloration. You’ll adore the lively shade that blends rich purple with spicy, girly pink.

This shrub is a robust rebloomer, so you will have armfuls of blooms for your garden and vases. It will happily pump out flowers for you reliably year after year, even up to chilly zone 3!

Those show-stopping flowers are borne on extra-thick stems that don’t flop. And great news! Deadheading isn’t necessary.

But we bet you’ll be out there anyway, trimming blooms to include in special bouquets for yourself and to gift loved ones. Consider drying some of the bountiful blooms to use as winter decorations. The color remains rich, lovely and very memorable.

Mini Mauvette is a little garden gem that flowers on new wood. Experienced plantsmen call this a “one and done”, since it only requires a single springtime pruning.

Don’t worry! Mini Mauvette is very forgiving of newbie mistakes. It reliably blooms armloads of lush, full, brilliant purple-pink flowers every year. These plants are field-tested for years by the Proven Winners® team.

Best of all? It’s naturally dwarf habit means it will fit into just about any garden no matter what the size. Grow in pots or in the ground for a delightfully colorful addition to your yard this season.


Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha

Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha (Buy Online) is a prolific producer of enormous, flat-topped blooms composed of many double florets. Just one floret will nearly fill your hand!

These delicate double blooms look just like a painted porcelain Waterlily! Use them as spectacular cut flowers, or enjoy them in your garden setting.

Like other Mountain Hydrangeas, the color of the florets are determined by your soil pH. You can have bright, pastel-pink or rich, sky-blue or any color on the spectrum between the two, depending on your soil. Change the pH to change the flower color.

Thick, bold foliage is dark-green and features finely serrated edges. It’s steady strength makes a marvelous contrast to the delicacy of the blooms.

Even after the blooms stop coming, you’ll be delighted with these compact shrubs. Gain a brilliant fall color display when the leaves turn burgundy red-purple in autumn.

Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Hydrangea is also surprisingly versatile in many garden applications. You’ll get charming season-long color, great form, and outstanding fall color.


Moonrock™ Hydrangea

Moonrock™ Hydrangea (Buy Online) has large panicles made up of many small florets. However, unlike other Hydrangeas, these panicles burst forth each growing season as a creamy-white bloom, each tinged with light green and has a tall, light green center. If you were to observe the flower at its peak bloom, it would look a lot like the dappled surface of the moon!

Rising above each stem, the showy blooms last all summer. In autumn, they dry to create lovely winter interest in the fall and winter, the sturdy stems make these wonderful cut flowers and dried floral decor both fresh or dried!

As if the blossoms weren’t beautiful enough on their own, they float atop beds of luscious deep green leaves. If you can tear your eyes away from the stunning floral spectacle, you’ll see that the leaves are deeply veined, which gives them a nice textured look. The perfect compliment to the cream and lime-colored petals.

While you and your neighbors are marveling at Moonrock™, your local pollinators will be appreciating it as well! Butterflies will flutter about your summer garden waiting for their turn to check out this glorious plant.


Phantom Hydrangea Tree Form

Phantom Hydrangea was loved by all and the Phantom Panicle Hydrangea Tree (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Phantom’) is no different. The charm of this tree not only comes from its unique form but also its beautiful color changing panicles. You’ll definitely want to add one or more of these to your garden!

Just as the original Phantom Panicle Hydrangea, the tree form has immense blossoms made up of classic hydrangea florets. When this deciduous specimen first blooms in the summer, the petals are a soft shade of green and will soon fade to an ethereal white before blushing pink later in the season. The effect is stunning on top of the lush green foliage that peeks out from underneath. One thing is for sure, you’ll never be bored with this tree!

Not only are the Phantom Panicle Hydrangea Tree’s blooms beautiful, but they are absolutely gigantic. These pinnacles often reach over two feet long! It’s no wonder this tree was given the prestigious Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.


First Editions® Berry White® Hydrangea-Tree Form

First Editions® Berry White® Hydrangea-Tree Form offers clusters of white flowers that melt into deep pink blossoms as summer progresses. The best part about it is the way the blooms are elevated to your eye level!

Our expert growers have the gift, for sure. This amazing plant is sure to inspire you and your neighbors to spend a little more time outdoors.

The Berry White Hydrangea offers a fabulous color show. Its cone-shaped clusters of flowers appear bright greenish-white when they first bloom in summer.

They then go through a spectacular wardrobe change as the summer heats up. These blossoms deepen to dark pink, giving your garden a fashionable chamber-flair. Their mouth-watering hues will make you crave vanilla ice cream and strawberry sorbet.

And each plant changes colors differently depending on climate and soil, so you’ll be in for additional surprise and excitement with this one!


Endless Summer® Summer Crush® Bigleaf Hydrangea

Endless Summer® Summer Crush® Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) makes an immediate impact wherever it’s placed. Summer Crush is a color breakthrough in reblooming bigleaf Hydrangeas.

Give it morning sun and afternoon shade and watch as a profusion of big raspberry red or neon purple blooms just pop starting in late spring. The big blooms are borne on sturdy stems.

It’s perhaps the most wilt-resistant Endless Summer yet. This compact growing hydrangea is deciduous with dark green glossy leaves. You won’t have to make some gigantic commitment to use this, either. It stays nice, tidy and small. So yes, you do have room for this cute variety.

It easily fits smaller spaces in the garden and is the perfect size for patio containers. This plant is hot, hot, hot and we will sell out.


Let’s Dance® Blue Jangles® Reblooming Hydrangea

Let’s Dance® Blue Jangles® Reblooming Hydrangea  is a true compact hydrangea – it only grows 24 tall and 36 wide. But don’t let its small size fool you. It give armfuls of full-sized classic mophead, snowball-type flowers all season long!

The flowers are easily swayed by your soil, too, which gives you options. Heavy acid soils give you the heavenly blue flowers you see in Nantucket postcards. Soil more alkaline? Then you’ll have vivid show-stopping pink blooms. Is your soil something in between? Then you’ll be treated to lush purple flowers. You can’t go wrong no matter which soil type you have.

This reliable rebloomer is hardy all the way to zone 5 and is true to its rebloomer’ name. It blooms on old wood and new wood so you get more flowers extending over a longer season, blooming multiple times.


First Editions® Berry White® Panicle Hydrangea

First Editions® Berry White® Panicle Hydrangea (Buy Online) may not sing, it does offer a fabulous show. We just know this gorgeous hydrangea will make you fall for it, too. This amazing plant is sure to inspire you and your neighbors to spend a little more time outdoors.

The Berry White Hydrangea offers large clusters of lovely flowers. The large, cone-shaped flower panicles start out white at the top, then they go through a spectacular wardrobe change as the summer heats up.

As the bloom matures, the flower color starts to deepen into a delicious, dark pink. The coloring occurs as the blooms mature, from the bottom and progresses to the top. This is a hydrangea to sigh over, you’ll be so pleased with the fashionable flair it lends your garden this summer. The color starts out white and deepens into a fabulous deep, dark red at the top of the panicle.

Strong upright stems and large gorgeous white and pink blooms make them perfect to use in cut floral arrangements. This superstar is a step forward in paniculata breeding, and color shades can vary according to location between refreshing vanilla ice cream and strawberry sorbet.


Abracadabra® Orb Hydrangea

Abracadabra® Orb Hydrangea will certainly add an unusual and charming look to your landscape.

Its unique mop-head flowers will provide an excellent summer color to your mixed border too. The flowers first emerge green and peach then mature to hot pink.

These hot pink blossoms standout out on the showy black satin stems; stems are very interesting even without blooms!


Let’s Dance® Rhythmic Blue Reblooming Hydrangea

Let’s Dance® Rhythmic Blue Reblooming Hydrangea (Buy Online) has flowers that are truly amazing! They easily shift from deep pink to vibrant blue, depending on how you treat the soil.

You can also get a remarkable range of pink/blue/lavender colors, if you want. Just play around with the soil pH and watch the magic happen!

This is a super hardy macrophylla with flowers that cover the shrub from top to bottom! The florets are a distinctive geometric shape and are closely packed forming big, rich, colorful mop heads that are held high on sturdy stems.

Rhythmic Blue is a reliable performer. It has good wilt-resistance and a tidy habit. It does well in a variety of light and soil conditions, but likes moist soil and protection from the hottest afternoon sun.

This deciduous shrub will rebloom to provide you months of beautiful, colorful flowers to enjoy. They bloom on new and old wood and are perfect for cut and dried flowers!

Let’s Dance Rhythmic Blue works in the smallest garden. Try it in a container too! No matter the location, it never fails to stand out and shine!


Bella Anna Hydrangea

Bella Anna Hydrangea provides color from early spring to first frost. With such a long season of show, this flowering shrub is an excellent investment for long term growth.

Expect dark green leaves to introduce themselves as spring dawns with bright magenta mop-head blooms in contrast by mid spring. These large clusters are supported by strong stems of old and new wood for densely mounded flowering shrubs that enliven the shadiest spots in your garden.

A prolific bloomer, Bella Anna Hydrangeas beautify your interior as well as your exterior as they become welcome additions to dried and cut flower arrangements. As fall arrives, the leaves turn to gold for a beautiful autumnal effect.

Bella Anna originates from a Hydrangea native to America, and this makes it a fine choice for attracting bees, butterflies, and birds to your natural setting. A vigorous grower that loves the shade, Bella Anna will transform dark garden recesses to vibrant focal points in your garden.


Mega Pearl Hydrangea

Mega Pearl Hydrangea  is a beauty among hydrangeas. This large shrub (which performs great in both sun and shade) is covered on new wood by huge elongated flower panicles. Unlike the tight balls of flowers you might be familiar with on garden hydrangeas, these are open, airy cones of florets that start white, and then turn a light pink towards the end of the season.

Mega Pearl’s individual flowers are larger than other hydrangeas and really stand out against the deep green leaves. The flowers are great to use as fresh cuts for flower arrangements, but are truly excellent when they are dried for arranging later in the winter.

Since Mega Pearl does so well in sun or shade and average garden soil, you certainly have a place in your garden for this beauty. Extremely vigorous, she shows off in perennial beds, borders and containers (especially containers!).

Tolerate of both wind and salt, Mega Pearl makes an ideal (and classic) choice for a seaside summer cottage – or the house you wish was by the sea.


First Editions® Light-O-Day® Hydrangea

First Editions® Light-O-Day® Hydrangea (Buy Online) really takes things to the next level. You’ll love the looks of this modern cultivar…and all the compliments that you’ll hear!

First Editions® Light-O-Day® Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailday’) delivers a deeply interesting presentation. This is a wonderfully modern cultivar that blooms first on old wood from last year; then again on new wood from this year.

Beautiful blooms will inspire you with their dainty white outer circlet of sterile flowers. Look closely for the lustrous center blooms that turn blue or pink depending on your soil pH.

You’ll have plenty of these outstanding flowers to appreciate through the season from summer through fall. Trim several for cut flower arrangements, and dry them for use over the wintertime.

Pure white variegation on the foliage adds an exceptional depth to the overall effect. Elegant Light-O-Day Hydrangea is terrific in formal settings, and also fits beautifully into contemporary landscapes.


Bombshell Hydrangea

Bombshell Hydrangea has a compact habit and is a prolific bloomer. It makes for quite the “Bombshell” as a garden focal point through!

Abundant white blooms cover the dark green foliage from summer until frost. Bombshell Hydrangea is incredibly well balanced and has more flowers per plant than any other paniculata, a significant improvement!

This plant is notorious for being extremely winter hardy. In fact, it outshines other hydrangeas in this department and others as it thrives in urban conditions. It only asks for a mostly sunny spot in your garden to bask.Â


Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea

Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea is a gorgeous plant to add as a low-growing hedge, in borders, or as a foundation planting in your yard.

Any Hydrangea would be a spectacular addition to your yard, but Invincibelle Spirit is especially so. The exceptional floral mops of deep pink color appear in summer and continue their majestic show right up until frost.

As the flowers mature, the dark pink blooms transform your shrub to a plant resplendent in bright, hot pink hues. Even when autumn passes, your Invincibelle Spirit’s ornamental appeal persists as the floral mops fade and dry, creating decorative accents for the winter landscape.

Your Invincibelle Spirit is not only beautiful but very hardy as well. It blooms on new wood, meaning that the flowers are very reliable even with harsh winters.

It’s adaptable to a variety of soil conditions but thrives in well-drained moist soil (with full sun to partial shade). Unlike some other Hydrangeas, bloom color is not affected by soil pH, and when fully mature, this plant can produce over 100 blooms on each shrub!


First Editions® Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea

First Editions® Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea (Buy Online) are nothing short of spectacular. The show begins in spring with green leaves filling out the stems that later turn a lovely red shade. Mid-summer brings on a fabulous display of full blooms.

Watch as your flowers do a color change during the season for you. The large panicles – comprised of densely-clustered, tiny flowers – begin creamy white in mid-summer and slowly turn pink.

The white flowers pick up pink color as the blooms age, and it is intensified with cooler nights and warm days in sunnier locations. As summer progresses, you’ll be treated to a mixture of floral color on the same plant as white turns to white with pink centers. . .to deeper strawberry red. Fantastic!

Cut some of the stunning Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea blooms to enjoy indoors, or leave on your plant for winter. The flowers will cling to the stems (drying to a pale, silvery-tan), and persist as a decorative feature through the winter months.


Glowing Embers Hydrangea

Glowing Embers Hydrangea  produces vibrant blooms that transform from summer white to baby pink then deep, beaming red to subdue in purple for fall, Glowing Embers Hydrangeas thrive in full sun, though they fare well in partial shade as well.

Often intermingled with evergreens for foundation planting, these compact but vigorous growers are excellent for bordering broad lawns, creating clustered focal points under tall trees, and at the center of dramatic pollinator gardens. Birds, butterflies, and bees will perceive the vibrancy of these midsummer to fall large mophead blooms as beacons of welcome.


All Summer Beauty Hydrangea

All Summer Beauty Hydrangea (Buy Online) is sure to turn heads with the outstanding ornamental flowers of All Summer Beauty Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘All Summer Beauty’) This deciduous shrub has outstanding ornamental flowers.

All Summer Beauty Hydrangea is an improved big-leaf, mophead variety. It features giant, 6-inch clusters of gorgeous flowers amid the bright green, serrated foliage.

This prolific Hydrangea starts the flower power on old wood from last year. The blooms keep coming because it also blooms on new wood from this year.

All Summer Beauty can be coaxed to produce either pink or blue blooms, depending on your soil pH. This versatility extends to the ability to grow them in the ground, or in outdoor containers.


Penny Mac Hydrangea

Penny Mac Hydrangea is a deciduous, ornamental shrub with outstanding blooms. Plant one beside your front door for a welcome that guests won’t soon forget, or use several as a eye-popping hedge along your driveway. This is an amazing shrub with a lot of options for showcasing its remarkable features.

Your Penny Mac is a big leaf variety of Hydrangea. You’ll be astounded by the large, mophead clusters of delicate florets that adorn your Penny Mac Hydrangea from summer through fall. Each bundle of exquisite blossoms reaches a majestic 7-inches in diameter, and will re-bloom repeatedly, blanketing the 8-inch long, dark green foliage in brilliant color.

As with other Hydrangeas, blooms will tend to be more blue in acid soils and pink in alkaline soils. However, whatever the color, your Penny Mac Hydrangea is sure to dress your landscape in exquisite color summer to fall, as well as draw butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard. As the weeks pass, you’ll see that the blooms tend to age with a reddish tint for some additional fall color. Penny Mac’s foliage transitions to shades of burgundy and purple for a lovely autumn display


Snowhill Smooth Hydrangea

Snowhill Smooth Hydrangea is sometimes called “Hills-of-Snow Hydrangea” – is a lovely old plant that brings a shot of winter crispness to warm summer days.

One of the classic garden plants of the south, this native shrub has graced garden parties, cotillions and firefly-lit picnics for generations. Let it do the same for your yard.

Snowhill will covers itself with large creamy-white snowball blooms all summer long. The blooms are perfect cut flowers for centerpieces and are some of the best flowers to dry and save for winter decorating. (Just look up ‘dried hydrangea decorations for Christmas trees’ to see what a hot trend it is right now).

These shrubs are easy to care for. All they need is a quick prune to 6″ tall in late winter/early spring for them to flower at their best. (They flower on new wood so give them a fresh start every spring.) They prefer shade in the hottest parts of the day, so plant accordingly.


Cityline® Berlin Bigleaf Hydrangea

Cityline® Berlin Bigleaf Hydrangea is the largest (and fastest-growing), plant in the Cityline series. One would be right at home front-and-center of your patio garden, shrub border or even growing in your best container.

Your Berlin Hydrangea was bred specifically for stronger stems…and it needs it. The flower heads are large and heavy, with a rich, pink hue that’s amazing to behold. The round, snowball-like balls of blossoms appear July through August, perfectly accented by the glossy, dark-green foliage.

As the hot-pink blossoms age, the color transitions to a lovely green…so it’s like getting two flower colors on one plant!


Unique PeeGee Hydrangea

Unique PeeGee Hydrangea has extremely large flower panicles that present a great floral display in late summer. The flowers bloom white, maturing to pink in fall. This upright rounded Hydrangea with dark green foliage is an excellent accent plant.

It produces self-clinging, aerial roots that easily attach to just about anything: pergola, wall, fence or tree, and may need 10 years to reach its full height, but patience pays off with this spectacular deciduous specimen.


Limelight Hydrangea Tree

Limelight Hydrangea Tree (Buy Online) makes a wonderful ornamental accent or informal screen on a balcony.

Limelight panicle Hydrangea is a vigorous, dependable shrub that grows fast. Our plant experts have carefully crafted a tree-form version.

Even if you live on over a hundred acres, you’ll want to use this astonishing tree-form Hydrangea. Decorate your entryway or outdoor seating areas with prolific blooms you can count on for months every year.

Designers rely on the showy, foot-long, pale-green flowers from mid to late summer. These rare lime-colored blooms are an extraordinary standout in the garden!

You’ll love being able to study the huge, celadon-green, cone-shaped blooms up close. They are evenly distributed throughout the whole canopy for a lush, uniform look.

As the season progresses, your tree will start displaying color-changing blossoms. From green, to bright white to pleasing pink, and even mauve and burgundy in the fall.


Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

Ruby Slippers Hydrangea (Buy Online) is the perfect dwarf, Munchkin of a shrub that will help transform your landscape into something magical! With loads of color, Ruby Slippers (Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Ruby Slippers’) is an Oakleaf Hydrangea. Small and compact, deciduous boasting impressive summer flowers and fall color.

Introduced in 2010 by the U. S. National Arboretum, Ruby Slippers has been providing gardens with wow-factor ever since!

The dark green, deeply-lobed leaves are reminiscent of Oak leaves and create a nicely-rounded, vibrant shrub all summer long. Those same leaves transform into a spicy, mahogany red in the fall for a last burst of color.

In the summer, long 9-inch spikes of clustered white blossoms will reach high above the foliage, slowly maturing from pale pink, to hot pink, and eventually resemble the dark “ruby slippers” for which your shrub is named.

Ruby Slippers has a compact, dense nature that makes it useful for smaller spaces, but the elongated nature of the flower spikes ensures that it’s eye-catching in almost any garden location. Prolific flower buds are wonderful at attracting pollinators and butterflies alike.

Standing bolt upright from the shrub, the tall, conical-shaped, showy flowers begin in late spring and last through winter if you do not prune them off. The exfoliating bark has remarkable texture and color for winter interest. These robust blooms and sturdy stems remain strong, even after storms and heavy rains.


Everlasting Ocean Hydrangea

Everlasting Ocean Hydrangea flower colors begin softly, not in garish pinks or blues, but with fringed, creamy pink or pale lilac florets. Slowly the petals begin to get celery-green highlights while the pink and lilac deepen to rose and lavender. Eventually the green color moves from the base of each petal and the highlights begin to change the entire bloom bright lime green with vivid pink edges. Talk about an ocean of change! The flowers look completely different.

Ocean is a re-bloomer that is very compact, which makes it great for containers, borders and cutting gardens. Everlasting is a Dutch series of hydrangeas developed specifically for the cut flower market, so you know that the blooms must be spectacular to meet such high expectations. The stem are strong and straight and are bred not to flop or twist. The flowers are super long-lasting and very big, considering the height of the plant.


First Editions® Tickled Pink® Panicle Hydrangea

First Editions® Tickled Pink® Panicle Hydrangea has an abundance of large panicle-style blooms that cover the plant in big puffs. Each petal re-curves into itself which gives the entire bloom a ruffled, frilly appearance. They start out bridal white and as they age they begin to blush a pretty rose-pink.

These plants are perfect for the border, bed or foundation planting – shady or sunny. They stay smaller in stature so they’ll fit into just about any garden. They even excel in large patio containers. (They look great on a balcony!)


Nikko Blue Hydrangea

Nikko Blue Hydrangea (Buy Online) flower mops can grow up to 6 inches long, and once your Nikko Blue gets started, it will bloom all summer! These flowers stay true blue in most soil types, but like all classic hydrangeas, the flowers will lean toward lavender or even pink if the soil is less acidic.

It only takes a few of these beauties to fill up a bed. They quickly grow to 6 feet high and just as wide every year. They make great statement plants in your front yard under trees. They also thrive as foundation plants or backing up a classic cottage border.



Little Lamb Hydrangea

Little Lamb Hydrangea) has the smallest and most graceful flower petals of any hydrangea on the market.

Even though the petals appear delicate, Little Lamb is from hardy stock. Originating in Belgium, this compact shrub can handle just about any garden situation.

The flowers are lambs-wool white and get a sweet little pink-cheek blush on them as they age. Unlike many hydrangeas, though, soil ph doesn’t affect the color. No need to fuss over the acidity of the bed or worry that your blooms will turn blue or hot pink if you haven’t got it just right.

The white flowers are held high above the green foliage for a really long bloom season, from summer through fall. There are so many of the little “lambs” on the shrub that you will be cutting armloads of flowers to bring inside or give away all season long. The flowers dry beautifully, too, so you can save some for winter decorating.


Miss Saori Hydrangea

Miss Saori Hydrangea was first introduced at the world renowned Chelsea Flower in 2014 where she promptly went on the win the coveted Chelsea Flower Show ‘Plant of the Year’! Bred by one of the most highly respected hydrangea breeders in the world, this shrub is totally unique

The flowers are fully double white blooms with picotee frosting of soft rose along the edges. The whole effect is a frothy, delicate confection of a flower. Miss Saori is catch-your-breath beautiful in the garden and in the vase. It is from a new breed of hydrangeas that remain the same color no matter your soil type – so no more worrying about alkalinity and whether you are getting pink or blue flowers this year. You will always see Miss Saori at her stunning best.

The beautiful foliage compliments the blooms – burgundy in spring, deep green in summer and plum in autumn. You will love this shrub all season long.


Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea

Everlasting Revolution Hydrangea (Buy Online) hails from the Netherlands. Everlasting Revolution is a standout in this already stellar line of shrubs.

Tough-as-nails but easy-to-grow, Revolution is a compact Hydrangea that is equally at home in the garden as it is in the patio pot. Plus Revolution is one of the smallest Hydrangea we sell!

Whether you leave them to change shades on the shrub or cut them to fill your vases indoors, Revolution will look adorable and romantic everywhere it goes, holding that amazing color wonderfully!

Revolution begins the show in the warm May weather and doesn’t let up the impressive display until winter. The long-lasting flowers kick off late spring or early summer as giant mopheads, ranging from pink or all the way through the color spectrum to a baby blue hue, depending on your soil pH.

Each large pom-pom bloom bears striking pale-green markings interspersed among the many full petals, highlighting the colors even more! From beginning flower bud to fully mature blooms, you’ll be amazed by the dazzling flower color-changing display!


Everlasting Noblesse Hydrangea

Everlasting Noblesse Hydrangea is the newest addition to the Dutch-born Everlasting Hydrangea line of shrubs and it excels with flower-power. In the peak of bloom it looks like it is all flower!

The large blossoms have hundreds of florets, each one snow-white tinged in celery-green and with a lovely violet ‘eye’ in the center. Cold weather brings on a pinkish sheen. Altogether, these are garden stunners – very noble indeed.

The big mopheads are consistent bloomers that are great for containers, borders and cutting gardens. The stems are straight and strong and hold up the heavy flower heads without flopping or twisting. The flowers are long-lasting and very big, especially when the shrub itself stays smaller and neat.


Everlasting Jade Hydrangea

Everlasting Jade Hydrangea  was bred in the Netherlands for the cut flower trade. That means super-strong straight stems and tough florets that last for days in the vase. This little beauty is a flower powerhouse that will fit into any garden, in sun or shade. The flowers start out apple green, fading to antique white and then the cool weather of autumn turns them celery green with red tips. Everlasting Jade will keep you mesmerized all season!


Everlasting Garnet Hydrangea

Everlasting Garnet Hydrangea is an easy-to-grow but tough-as-nails shrub that will fit into any sized garden. It makes a great low hedge, too! It thrives in sun or shade and delivers perfect florist-sized blooms all season long.

And let’s talk about those blooms! Strong, thick stems, perfect for cutting, hold up heavy floret-packed flowers. Depending on the acidity of your soil, the flowers will start out bright pink or deep blue. They will eventually fade to have green highlights and finally colder weather will make them turn a striking lime green with prominent pink edges. Everlasting Garnet provides months of kaleidoscope colored bouquets.


Everlasting Amethyst Hydrangea

Everlasting Amethyst Hydrangea (Buy Online) holds its huge, hefty blooms straight on sturdy, healthy stems.

Amethyst begins their show in the warm May weather and doesn’t let up the impressive display until winter. The long-lasting flowers kick off late spring or early summer either as pink mopheads with lime green markings, or violet-blue, depending on your soil pH.

The flowers age to a deeper pink, nearly taking on a reddish tone in alkaline soils, or violet-blues and sky blue flowers in acidic conditions. Always, each pom-pom bloom bears striking lime-green markings interspersed among the many full petals.

Eventually to the end of their bloom, the giant lowers turn into a delicious lime color that’s all the rage in the florist world these days and is a new favorite for modern brides.

The lovely green foliage is lightly quilted, with an interesting toothed edge and large leaves. Forming a dense yet modest-sized shrub.


Fire and Ice Panicle Hydrangea Tree Form

Fire and Ice Panicle Hydrangea never fail to impress with their big blooms and luscious leaves. What could possibly improve on that? How about a smart tree form of the award-winning Fire and Ice Hydrangea!

Not only is the tree form easy to put in your landscape but it fits right in garden containers and patio beds and takes up much less room than the bush form. Grafted onto high-quality stock, this is instant topiary for your garden!

As if the striking tree form wasn’t enough, you haven’t truly enjoyed hydrangeas until you’ve seen Fire and Ice. This beauty heralds early summer with an explosion of creamy white panicles of hundreds of small florets. Then in mid-summer the flowers blush to pink in preparation for the fall show when the flowers turn deep red to match the season.

This is such a great garden plant! You can use a pair to flank a doorway in large pots, or use one as a specimen in a planting bed. Try them with azaleas and coral bells for an unforgettable display!


Silver Dollar Hydrangea

Silver Dollar Hydrangea (Buy Online)has small but mighty beauty blooms with full-sized flowers in a more compact form than you’d expect from a hydrangea.

The big green leaves fill out in the spring and early summer. Then in mid-summer through fall Silver Dollar covers itself in dense trusses of lacy, creamy-white blooms held upright on strong stems. The whole effect is romantic and nostalgic.

Silver Dollar only grows 4’ – 5’ tall and wide making it great for smaller gardens and side yards. It handles light shade as well as sun and fills in quickly each spring. Plant it with azaleas and rhododendrons for flower power all season in dappled shade. It makes a pretty accent plant but really shines in groups of three or more.


Endless Summer® Blushing Bride Bigleaf Hydrangea

Endless Summer® Blushing Bride Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) are the stars of the summer garden and there are so many wildly colored varieties to consider. But you’ll always adore the crisp, classic good looks of the Endless Summer® Blushing Bride® Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Blushing Bride’ PP 17,169). It’s a sophisticated standout that you’ll never grow tired of.

Use these mid-sized, upright rounded shrubs as the backbone of your summer garden. Add them to containers and use as low flowering hedges. They’ll look great all by themselves, and easily hold their own next to other accent plants.

They look so fresh and cool in the heat of summer!

Blushing Bride is a lovely shrub that produces an abundance of soft, rounded, semi-double blooms up to 8 inches across. The beautiful pure white blooms have a lush appeal, and contrast perfectly against the deep, dark, green foliage. Long, strong, sturdy stems hold the blooms aloft so they can shine for your summer.

As the flowers mature, they’ll slowly transition into either a light blush pink or Carolina blue, depending on your soil pH. Like other macrophylla, you can control the color by adding alkaline garden lime for pink and aluminum sulfate for blue blooms in more acidic soil. Either color is spectacular, pastel and subtle.

Endless Summer Blushing Bride Hydrangea could be the perfect plant for cutting gardens. Adorn your life with these beautiful blooms. You’ll have plenty of these pure white, semi-double florets arranged in large rounded mophead flowers to add to fresh arrangements. Let them transition and dry on the shrub to be harvested for dried arrangements in fall and winter.


Endless Summer® Twist-n-Shout® Bigleaf Hydrangea

Endless Summer® Twist-n-Shout® Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online)has light, lacy flowers that seem to dance on top of the deep, quilted, green foliage. Look closer to see bright red stems, a knockout addition to cut flower arrangements.

You’ve no doubt heard about Endless Summer reblooming plants. They are true improvements on the old standards.

Twist-n-Shout was the world’s first reblooming Lacecap variety. It blooms early in the season on old wood from last year. Then, the blooms keep coming on new wood, or growth shoots from the roots this season.

You’ll adore using these pretty, compact shrubs in your landscape. They prefer to be in partial shade, which is a blessing. It can be challenging to find plants that thrive in that type of light condition. Twist-n-Shout adds a very elegant look to spots in afternoon shade.

Lacecap Hydrangeas are much more subtle than their Mophead cousins. Their lovely flower structures are borne in flat-topped clusters. Sterile florets are arranged in a charming little circle around the smaller fertile, pollen bearing florets. The blooms look like precious little Fairy rings.

But don’t let the delicate blooms fool you! These tough plants are cold hardy to Zone 4 and heat tolerant to Zone 9.


Endless Summer® BloomStruck® Bigleaf Hydrangea

Endless Summer® BloomStruck® Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online)are majestic, large and elegant mophead blooms and they shine in a range of jewel tones from rich, clear pink to glorious purple to royal blue. Sometimes, you’ll get the full range on one plant!

It’s quite simple to select the color you prefer. With a simple soil amendment, you can change the color of your Endless Summer BloomStruck Hydrangea to match your style.

If you’ve never tried the world famous Endless Summer line, BloomStruck is a great plant to start with. This variety represents a big improvement over Hydrangeas of old. It was made a home garden favorite, standing head and shoulders above other varieties.


Cherry Explosion Hydrangea

Cherry Explosion Hydrangea (Buy Online) will enhance your landscape with a big pop of color and style from this lovely small shrub. Each lacecap bloom features a circlet of cherry red florets – one of the brightest red flower colors available in Hydrangeas – surrounding a profusion of tiny contrasting star-shaped light pink flowers!

The flowers look like hot little firecrackers! This cute plant bring so much pizzazz anywhere you plant it.

This super hardy macrophylla is covered with flowers from top to bottom. And Cherry Explosion was the first of its kind to be introduced here in the United States with brilliant red color. This has been an absolute “game changer” gene for Hydrangeas.

If you love Hydrangeas, you’ll love including Cherry Explosion in your collection. It plays well just about anywhere you put it, as long as it receives a bit of shade in the afternoon. Try it on the east side of your house, in containers, or even in a bit of partial shade.

Anywhere you plant it, it will add a tremendous amount of color and interest. From its lush foliage, to the prolific blooms all season long, you’ll love and appreciate this little workhorse of a plant.

One of the reasons there are so many blooms is that the flower buds are held on both last year’s wood, and also develop on new shoots from the roots. This outstanding feature is a hallmark of the variety, and it really means MORE FLOWERS for you to enjoy. (Some people say this variety should have been called “Forever Bloom”!)

Even as the nights get cooler, Cherry Explosion will shine for you. The deep forest green leaves turn a rich burgundy, and the flowers fade to a complementary mauve – a beautiful accent color.


Samantha Hydrangea

Samantha Hydrangea has the wonderful surprise of pure silver-white undersides to its dark-green leaves. This is a first in the Hydrangea world.

Not only do the leaves make a statement in the garden, but try them in the vase! As a cutting flower, Hydrangeas are unequaled. One Samantha flower will fill a vase for you. But make sure that you leave room for a few cuts of the foliage. The silver underside of the leaves will make people stop in their tracks and ask you what kind of flowers these are.

Easy to grow and blooms from July to September. You will see Samantha in botanical gardens, but you won’t often find it for sale in the nursery trade, which makes Nature Hills all the more happy to be able to bring it to you! Don’t wait until we’re sold out this year to add this stunner to your garden. Order yours today!


Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea

Tiny Tuff Stuff Hydrangea (Buy Online) small size is perfect for urban lots and even containers for your porch or balcony!

This extremely bud-hardy Mountain Hydrangea produces abundant lace-cap, flat-topped flowers comprised of delicate doubled sepals. Depending on your soil pH the flower color may range from blues in acidic soil, to pink in alkaline, or even white! Tiny Tuff Stuff™ leans towards the blue hue however, all colors this Hydrangea can possibly become are soft, pastel and delicate!

Tiny Tuff Stuff™ blooms on both old and new wood, providing you with an abundance of dainty flowers that cover the plant every summer, all summer long into fall!

The deep-green leaves on Tiny Tuff Stuff™ are more delicate and graceful than average Hydrangeas, keeping in tune with the elegant nature of this particular type of Hydrangea. Finely-textured and lightly toothed edges create a lovely backdrop for those lacy blooms. Harmonizing with other perennials and shrubs during the short time this tough little shrub isn’t blooming.

Taking on a mounded growth habit naturally, these are low maintenance plants, require little or no pruning to stay compact and tidy year-round! With all of the great looks and full-sized flowers of other hardy lace-caps, Tiny Tuff Stuff™ is sure to please!


First Editions® Diamond Rouge™ Hydrangea

First Editions® Diamond Rouge™ Hydrangea  is without a doubt, the reddest paniculata hydrangea available to the home gardener today. This plant is spectacular in bloom from June to October. In late June the flowers on Diamond Rouge emerge pristine white. They change to pink as they age and then turn a delicious shade of raspberry red.

Finally they turn a deep wine red from August to the first frost. This fantastic red flower color lasts well into fall and hydrangea flowers are some of the best for drying for winter color.Soil does not affect bloom color.



Grateful Red Hydrangea

Grateful Red Hydrangea (Buy Online) is an introduction from Wisconsin’s McKay Nursery. It has all of the characteristics of your favorite garden hydrangeas – big leaves and even bigger blooms coming all summer long. It will even bloom well in partial shade.

With alkaline soils the flowers are a deep pink verging on red that is unlike any other hydrangea on the market. As autumn approaches the flowers turn a velvety lavender color that is eye-catching with the purple tint of the leaves. In acidic soils the flower will be of a darker purple color.


Incrediball® Hydrangea

Incrediball® Hydrangea (Buy Online) name suits this plant well. It develops the most incredible, rounded flowers that are typically a foot across. Incrediball was selected from the classic Annabelle Hydrangea variety. It has the same nice strong stems that easily hold up those huge, mophead flowers.

Incrediball Hydrangea is an easy to care for deciduous shrub, prized for its enormous, long-lasting blooms that are produced on the tip of each stem, every year. This Hydrangea would look magnificent along a walkway or by an entrance or patio where you won’t miss a moment of its summer majesty.

Just as the name implies, an Incrediball bloom is an incredible ball of flowers! It’s hard to describe what it’s like to have flowers the size of basketballs in the yard, but that’s what you’ll have with the Incrediball Hydrangea.

Dark green, textured leaves make a superior backdrop for the dramatic white flowers that grace its branches throughout the summer months. Don’t worry, the stems are especially strong, more than up to the challenge of holding those gigantic flower heads erect above the foliage.

In early summer, creamy, light-green flowers develop comprised of a multitude of tiny florets. Watch in amazement as they expand to grow to gigantic proportions and transform to a bright, pristine white. Later, as summer draws to a close, your enormous flowers will turn back to a jade-green. The flower color is not affected by the soil pH.


Cityline® Vienna Bigleaf Hydrangea

Cityline® Vienna Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a dwarf, flowering shrub. You’ll certainly want this plant as a center, focal-piece in your perennial garden or shrub border. These would also be lovely in containers for your front porch.

Your Vienna Hydrangea is sure to “Wow” you with its giant blooms. Each round ball of blossoms consists of a multitude of tiny, individual flowers, each starred with a cream-colored center. The flowers gradually mature to solid pink or blue, depending upon the soil condition (acid for blue and pink for alkaline).

The long-lasting blooms continue all summer long, and will even be wonderful cut flowers for your kitchen table, or dried (for even long-term use). One of the best things about your Vienna is that even though it produces huge, long-lasting flowers, it does so with little space requirements. Naturally dwarf, you can easily fit one or two into even the smallest landscape.

Like other Cityline varieties, it was bred for stronger stems to support the heavy flower heads, and Vienna doesn’t disappoint.e


Cityline® Venice Bigleaf Hydrangea

Cityline® Venice Bigleaf Hydrangea has a natural dwarf habit. This lovely Bigleaf Hydrangea from Germany is compact and dense, with far more flowering stems than most others.

It is small enough for containers or any tight spot. Cityline® Venice is an attention-getter with giant fuchsia blooms and fresh, attractive green foliage.

Its place is front and center in the shrub border, patio garden, or your best container. Cityline® Venice stays small, compact and has a neat, tight habit so pruning is never required.


Gatsby Gal® Oakleaf Hydrangea

Gatsby Gal® Oakleaf Hydrangea is a dream of a hydrangea. The compact oakleaf shrub has massive blooms, growing a full foot or more long. The pure white panicles make an impressive display from mid-summer to autumn. Planted in groups, it can look like a foot-thick snow bank has landed on top of the shrub.

This shrub was named the “Must-Grow New Shrub for 2014” by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, and it definitely fits the bill.

Gatsby Gal® Oakleaf Hydrangea is a great back of the border shrub or a splendid foundation plant. The graceful white blooms look good with almost any type of landscape, making this a very versatile addition to your garden. This is already a tidy pant, but it takes pruning well if you need it even tighter.


Zinfin Doll® Hydrangea

Zinfin Doll® Hydrangea (Buy Online)is a true beauty, giving the garden a rush of big, gorgeous, upward facing snow-white blooms. The blooms blush a bright pink from the base up then they transition to an eye-catching dark pink-red in early fall.

We guarantee that you will be in love with this lusciously colored hydrangea, too. It will work wonders in your garden. It is a showpiece on its own, but it also makes a fantastic border or hedge. It adds dimension, scale and texture to your landscape.

It is also no slouch in the vase. It pumps out bloom after bloom and will keep you (and your neighbors!) in cut flowers all late summer and fall. The stems are a beautiful red that complement the ever-changing flowers. People will compliment, you can be sure.

Zinfin Doll® asks very little of you. It doesn’t need coddling, thrives in just about any soil and laughs at the coldest of winters.


Tuff Stuff Reblooming Mountain Hydrangea

Tuff Stuff Reblooming Mountain Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a stunning new version of the classic lancecap Mountain Hydrangea. Since it blooms on old AND new wood, it is an almost non-stop bloomer from early summer all the way into fall.

Almost an “everbloomer”, you really need to see Tuff Stuff™ to understand its sheer flower power. The blooms are semi-double to fully double in the classic lacecap pattern – tiny dark red or deep purple flowers are in a cluster surrounded by larger florets that are magenta pink or lavender blue (depending on the soil ph). The flowerheads are much bigger than you might expect from a shrub this size, and it has a dense branching pattern. This gives you more blooms than you’d ever think possible!

The large heart-shaped leaves are bright green all spring and summer but turn magenta and burgundy in the fall – while the flowers are still on the plant! Talk about a great color show!


Tuff Stuff Red Mountain Hydrangea

Tuff Stuff Red Mountain Hydrangea (Buy Online) has deep pink and chartreuse green blooms cover the bush in early summer and re-bloom through fall. (More acidic soils will make the blooms purple/blue.) The bloom clusters form mounds and are held high on the strong stems. The full sized flowers are born on compact plants that make this a very versatile shrub for you landscape. Besides being a great specimen plant it also is perfect for borders, hedges and mixed gardens.



Cityline® Rio Bigleaf Hydrangea

Cityline® Rio Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a small, ornamental shrub with magnificent flowers. Use them in stylish pots or as part of a garden border planting.

Rio Hydrangea, is a small plant that knows how to draw attention and become an exceptional visual standout in your landscape. This great new Hydrangea series from Germany has tight, compact growth and large flowers that bloom in early summer.


Invincibelle® Spirit II Hydrangea

Invincibelle® Spirit II Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a fabulous, long-blooming selection that is an improvement on an already spectacular choice. This improved variety is sure to “wow” you and your guests with its display and please you with its reliable, easy care nature. Order yours today!


Incrediball® Blush Hydrangea

Incrediball® Blush Hydrangeas  pale pink blooms transform to a deep pink in late summer and finally to chartreuse green in the fall. The dried blooms last for months on the shrub and longer if cut and dried for inside arrangements all winter.

Incrediball Blush is beautiful, but it is also one tough cookie. The flowers are held on long, strong stems that stand up to rain like a champ. So, unlike other hydrangeas that look wilted and limp after a good summer rain, Incrediball Blush can take a licking and keep on ticking. These shrubs are resilient, too. They will faithfully bloom for you every year, even after a harsh winter.


Gatsby Pink® Oakleaf Hydrangea

Gatsby Pink® Oakleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) is an unforgettable hydrangea that is a stunner all summer long. The large, nodding florets are a rich pink and bloom on extra tall wands summer into fall. The oak-shaped leaves are lush and pretty all season, too. When the air begins to turn crisp in the fall, they take on an eye-catching burgundy shade that adds depth and drama to your garden.

Gatsby Pink® is a Proven Winners® ColorChoice®. This means that it was chosen for its performance as well as its beauty. It must be rigorously tested in trial gardens all over the world and prove itself to be healthy and vigorous as well as colorful.


Edgy® Hearts Hydrangea

Edgy® Hearts Hydrangea  is an ornamental perennial with fabulous flowers. Plant one as an accent near a front window or door so you won’t miss a moment of its spectacular summer display. These also work well as a short, ornamental hedge along a shed or patio. Edgy® Hearts can even be grown as a container plant for your front porch.

Hydrangeas are renowned for their huge clusters of spectacular flowers, and Edgy® Hearts is no different in that respect. However, Edgy® Hearts has a unique feature that other Hydrangeas don’t.

Each ethereal, floral blossom is shaped like a heart, its edges delicately trimmed in white. Clustered together in spectacular, 10-inch bouquets, the display is one you won’t want to miss! In acid soils the interior of each bloom will be a lovely blue shade.

If you have alkaline soils, a delightful pink will color your blossoms. Either way, as the huge bouquets of hearts mature, the color will transition to a light green, an additional splash of vibrant color for your landscape.


Quick Fire® Hydrangea

Quick Fire® Hydrangea (Buy Online) features magnificent blossoms up to a month earlier than other paniculata varieties.

No need to wait patiently for your Hydrangeas to bloom with this variety. Quick Fire Hydrangea blooms really early, just in time for those fun, summertime celebrations.

The lacecap flowers open snowy white, then develop a pink tinge, before finally deepening to a knockout deep rose-pink hue. You’ll make a big statement with these incredible plants.


Nantucket Blue Hydrangea

Nantucket Blue Hydrangea is a great new Hydrangea and is a repeat blooming selection of the renowned Hydrangea that adorns houses on the island of Nantucket.

Unlike most hydrangeas, this unique beauty blooms repeatedly on new growth throughout the growing season; and may bloom from early summer well into early fall.

Dense leathery green foliage provides contrast for an abundant summertime display of blue (or pink) flower clusters that last until frost.

It is best to sweeten the soil with lime to turn the blooms to pink, or acidify the soil to intensify the blue. Blooms on both old and new wood, near and far from the coast.

‘Blue Nantucket’ grows best in afternoon shade or in dapple sunlight beneath large trees. Planting on the east or north side of a home also works well.


Invincibelle Limetta® Hydrangea

Invincibelle Limetta® Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a dwarf version of the world-famous Annabelle Hydrangea. Pretty lime green flowers emerge in early summer, and age to jade green.

You’ll have blooms, blooms and more blooms for months from early summer through fall. Very strong stems won’t flop over, even under the weight of the large blooms.

These sophisticated plants are high impact, but don’t require any extra care. Limetta has been carefully field-tested for high performance and will bloom for you every year.


Fire Light® Hydrangea

Fire Light® Hydrangea (Buy Online) makes an impressive display, boasting 12 to 16 inch blooms held upright on strong red stems that will not droop. Its thick sturdy stems hold up the beautiful upright panicles flowers so they are prominently displayed in the garden.

Fire Light® Hydrangea is the new cold-hardy standard to measure all hardy Hydrangeas. This woody Hydrangea selection has the most incredible white flowers that age into rich, dark pink. The showy flower display on the plants in the landscape lasts for months.


First Editions® Strawberry Sundae® Panicle Hydrangea

First Editions® Strawberry Sundae® Panicle Hydrangea (Buy Online) has cone-shaped flowers emerge creamy white in mid-summer, then change to pink as the cool nights roll around in fall. The color finally deepens into a luscious strawberry red.

You’ll have armloads of blooms to bring indoors for stylish dried flower arrangements. If you choose to leave the blooms on the shrub, you’ll enjoy the fantastic flower color that lasts well into fall.

With a rounded growth habit, Strawberry Sundae stays small for modern gardens. But those full-sized blooms are large enough to make a big impact! They start blooming at a time when other flowers have come and gone.


Little Quick Fire® Hydrangea

Little Quick Fire® Hydrangea (Buy Online) starts producing flowers about one month before other Hydrangeas in your neighborhood.

Add this charming small shrub to extend your Hydrangea bloom period this year. You’ll get a big visual impact, without giving up a lot of gardening space.

Little Quick Fire Panicle Hydrangea from Proven Winners® produces impressive, full-size 8-inch long panicles of cone-shaped blooms. They’ll add drama with a lovely color change from sparkling white to pink.


Annabelle Hydrangea

Annabelle Hydrangea (Buy Online) makes a showy display of pristine, white, enormous mophead flowers.

Plant them near a high traffic area. You won’t want to miss a moment of this plant’s spectacular blooms.

Annabelle Hydrangea was discovered in 1910 and remains one of the most popular landscape plants grown, with good reason. It can be grown over a wide range of hardiness zones, is easy and carefree, and produces the most incredible flower heads of sterile florets that can be a foot across.


Little Lime® Hydrangea

Little Lime® Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a little dwarf-sized long flowering hydrangea that keeps on giving!

For such a small plant it is packed with a vigorous growth habit, hardiness, drought tolerance, and thrives in all climates, hot or cold.

Developed so you can fit it in any spot in your garden, this easy to grow, widely adaptable and popular Little Lime® is not difficult to fit into your landscape plans. It matures to 3′-5′ with an equal spread.


Pinky Winky® Hydrangea

Pinky Winky® Hydrangea (Buy Online) has astonishingly large blossoms that grow up to 14″ in length. Each floret has nearly double the petals of other hydrangeas, giving the plant a fuller bodied look.

The thick stems support the large blossoms. The flower heads continue to grow throughout the season and as the older flowers turn dark pink the new flowers continue to emerge white. The effect is stunning.

This is truly a remarkable plant for the summer and autumn landscape. Used either in the back or middle of a container and is usually a taller item that adds height and drama to the container.

Pinky Winky® prefers good, loamy soil, but is adaptable to many soils, and moderate moisture is required. It can be easily maintained as a smaller plant or trained into a small tree.

This hydrangea blooms on new wood so it can be pruned in the fall or early spring. Pinky Winky® is a deciduous shrub with a moderate to fast growth habit which grows 6-8 feet in height and width and prefers full sun.



Phantom Hydrangea

Phantom Hydrangea is a beautiful tall variety that grows massive, 15-inch flower panicles that are well supported by sturdy, strong stems. You’ll be amazed, but your gigantic flowers won’t droop down to the ground.

Phantom features gigantic blooms that are wide at the base and narrow a bit as they extend upward. It only takes a few to create magnificent cut flower arrangements, so you’ll have plenty to enjoy in your garden landscape.

This is an impressive multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with an upright form. The woody stems are strong, and the branching is uniform on this pretty shrub. With those impressive blooms held aloft, Phantom is sure to become one of your favorite flowering shrubs.

In early summer, the delicate blossoms appear with a light-green hue. The blooms slowly transition to pristine white for summertime display. They age to a lovely light-pink shade for autumn. Leave them standing for winter interest.

The huge blooms appear at regular intervals from top to bottom and side to side. You’ll love the flowering symmetry! No wonder the Royal Horticultural Society awarded Phantom their prestigious Award of Garden Merit.

You can count on the performance, even up into the near Arctic Zone 3. Phantom is the most cold-hardy of all the white Hydrangea and will easily bounce back after tough winters.

Phantom blooms year after year with little maintenance. Simply trim back about 1/3 of the overall size of the shrub each year in early spring before the plant starts to grow. You can easily maintain your plants between 5-10 feet tall in a rounded form.


Let’s Dance Moonlight Hydrangea

Let’s Dance Moonlight Hydrangea ‘Robert’, is a new series that represents the next generation of reblooming hydrangea! You’ll dance in delight yourself once these beauties bloom in your garden!

These floriferous varieties bloom on both new wood and old, which creates an incredible display of color. Let’s Dance Moonlight Hydrangea is a strong rebloomer with large, rich rose-pink (or blue depending upon pH) mophead flowers that are held on sturdy stems.

Moonlight Hydrangea has a wonderful compact habit. You’ll never find yourself bored with this plant. In autumn, the healthy foliage takes on rich bronze red tones for additional interest late in the season.


Abracadabra® Star Hydrangea

Abracadabra® Star Hydrangea has soft, pink and white, bi-color flowers pop out of black wand-shaped stems, just like a magician’s trick. As the flowers age they turn a deep hot-pink.

Abracadabra® Star’s black and pink combo puts on quite a show in your mixed border. It also shines as a standout specimen plant, whether in a container on your patio or in your garden with other shade lovers around its feet.

Hydrangeas are one of a select few landscape shrubs that also provide you with a bounty of cut flowers all summer long IN THE SHADE! Collect an armful for lovely bouquets of fresh or dried floral arrangements.


Let’s Dance® Starlight Hydrangea

Let’s Dance® Starlight Hydrangea is a beautiful landscape plant that adds bright color to any garden.Starlight is truly versatile, whether planted in masses around the garden, in a perennial shrub border, used as a specimen or even as a hedge. It works equally well in containers and as a splendid cut flower. The lace heads are romantic in bouquets and only a couple fill a vase to overflowing!

One of the best things about the Let’s Dance® line of Hydrangeas is that they bloom on both old and new wood – no pruning needed to get them to bloom! Soil pH affects the flower color – so you can change the flowers from royal blue to hot pink – you’re choice! For blue flowers, the soil must be more acidic and for pink flowers your soil must tend toward alkaline.


Limelight Hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea (Buy Online) has been a total game-changer since it came on the scene. People across the country just can’t get enough of the enormous, football-shaped flowers.

The biggest reason is the flower color. Starting in mid-summer, flowers first develop showing off a truly unique celadon green, which slowly changes to bright white. As the long-lasting flowers start to age in fall, they’ll turn a pleasing pink, deepen further into mauve and burgundy and finish a beautiful buff. Leave them on the shrub for winter interest!

At each stage throughout the bloom time, the color remains sophisticated. No wonder florists love to use the pretty blooms in wedding and other arrangements.

The blooms are exquisite as a cut flower that can be dried very successfully. Create spectacular cut flower arrangements for yourself at any point of their color change.

Mix the colors together or select a single shade for a monochromatic modern look. Those first green and white blooms look so fresh, clean and romantic.

You’ll definitely appreciate how evenly distributed the blooms are throughout the whole shrub. It’s a wonderfully uniform and tidy look, especially with their nice green leaves as a neutral backdrop. There will be plenty of cone-shaped Hydrangea blooms to enjoy all season, and through the winter months, too.

You might think it would be hard to grow something that looks so elegant. Nope!

Limelight Hydrangea has been field tested for years until it was named a Proven Winner® plant. It’s proven itself to be a hardy, super reliable performer year after year. And honestly, it’s just a snap to grow.

Very few shrubs display pale-green flowers, which are real garden standouts. Limelight Hydrangea is a vigorous, dependable shrub and a prolific bloomer that you can count on year after year.


Bobo® Hydrangea

Bobo® Hydrangea (Buy Online) will deliver a huge performance for you, year after year. This Proven Winners® selection will turn heads in your neighborhood.

If you love Hydrangea, but just don’t have the room for a large variety like Phantom’, Bobo is for you. Its diminutive nature makes it the perfect choice to neatly tuck into those small spaces in your yard. You can even keep one in a large container on your porch or patio.

Now, keep in mind that Bobo’s small size does NOT mean small blooms!

Huge, white flowers from mid-summer through fall. Over the season, the pristine blooms cover the shrub so profusely, it can be hard to see the delicious, deep-green foliage. You’ll watch in amazement as they continue to grow and lengthen as they bloom.

Don’t worry, these mammoth panicles are easily held upright on strong stems. Lovely green foliage is a great foil for the flowers, when you can see it,between the lacy, large blooms! The blossoms mature into a delightful pink blush for autumn color.

Bobo flowers in a nicely symmetrical way all the way across the shrub. It will look like a ball of flowers when in full bloom. . . something you really have to see to believe.


Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea

Invincibelle® Ruby Hydrangea (Buy Online) is the first ever red flowered hydrangea – not some shade of pink, but an almost true burgundy red.

The red blooms start out a deep burgundy in the summer and slowly fade to a bright red and silvery pink – a truly eye-catching color combo. The flowers just keep coming all summer and into fall, too. The massive blooms are held high on strong stems that are great for cutting. It only takes one of these huge flower blooms to fill a bowl on your table.

Invincibelle® Ruby has large deep green leaves that really give the flowers center stage. This is a garden showpiece for sure.

Invincibelle® Ruby looks great in mixed borders, foundation plantings and even in large containers. It’s a ‘must have’ in mass planting and for naturalizing a garden. Any real cutting garden is empty without one, too. (The dried flowers look great if left on the shrub all winter, but they are fantastic if dried and brought inside for the dreary winter months.)


Ryan Gainey Hydrangea

Ryan Gainey Hydrangea is a gorgeous native Hydrangea that has strong stems, dark foliage and exceptional winter hardiness.

The white blooms are held high on the strong stems. They bloom profusely, but even more so if you plant them where they get a little direct morning sun. They don’t like too much shade. The stems are dark and very strong. The weight of the big flowers (up to 8″ across!) won’t make them flop over, even in the rain. The blooms come on new growth, too, so even when ‘Ryan Gainey’ dies completely to the ground in a harsh winter the blooms won’t be affected for the year.

‘Ryan Gainey’ doesn’t mind poor soils or dry conditions, as long as they aren’t too dry. Regular watering is key. They will show you they’re thirsty by a dramatic droop that perks up equally dramatically when they are happy.


Climbing Hydrangea

Climbing Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a perennial vine that produces beautiful white lace cap flowers in late spring and early summer. And it blooms in shade! How nice to finally be able to brighten up those dimly lit areas in your landscape.

Climbing Hydrangea vine is an extremely versatile vine with year-round interest. Glossy green summer foliage turns brilliant yellow as a nice fall color feature. The exfoliating, reddish-brown bark of mature plants is attractive in winter.

Get ready to see butterflies visiting the wide, flat pretty lace cap flower clusters to gather nectar. All parts of this pretty plant are fragrant, too. And it thrives in shady conditions, can you believe it?


Big Daddy Hydrangea

Big Daddy Hydrangea (Buy Online) makes an impressive visual impact. You’ll love the way it reblooms, first on the old wood from last year, then on the new growth from this year.

If you demand an oversized performance from your landscaping plants, use several Big Daddy Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Big Daddy’) to help anchor your flower beds. Give it a planting spot with morning sun and afternoon shade and then watch out.

Even the rich, dark-green foliage stands out. Every polished leaf is large and beautiful. When all is said and done, Big Daddy is a highly ornamental variety that shines all season long.


Tilt-A-Swirl® Hydrangea

Tilt-A-Swirl® Hydrangea (Buy Online) gives your garden palette quite the ride! The swirling, dizzying colors will make your head spin!

Sturdy stems hold the mophead blooms aloft so you and your beneficial pollinators can see the topsy-turvy blooms! A continuous bloomer, the colors “swirl” without stopping!

Starting chartreuse, changing to bright pink, then deepen to rosy-red, each tiny floret grows in a tight cluster. Each center splashed in bright, apple-green! Tilt-A-Swirl® exhibits this whirl of shades throughout the summer and fall for a spectacular joyride.


Endless Summer® The Original Bigleaf Hydrangea

Endless Summer® The Original Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) is an outstanding ornamental shrub. This is the game-changing Hydrangea that really raised the bar for reblooming Hydrangeas.

It produces flower buds on both old wood left standing from the year before, and on new wood grown from the base this year. Simply put, this shrub just blooms it’s head off for you, all summer long. It’s a flower factory!

And what blooms! Eight inch, round, mop-head type flowers look so full and heavy you’ll wonder at the plant’s ability to support them. Don’t worry, the stems are strong!

This deciduous shrub has a rounded growth habit. Long, dark green leaves are the perfect backdrop for its showy flowers. The blooms are clear pink in alkaline soils with higher pH and turn a rich, sapphire blue if planted in acidic soils with lower pH level.

Just as the name implies, the repeating blooming nature of the The Original Endless Summer Hydrangea will provide an “endless summer” of blooms for your garden from spring to fall. It’s certainly a Hydrangea that you won’t want to miss.


Wedding Gown Hydrangea

Wedding Gown Hydrangea is named after this ubiquitous dress, these beauties will make your garden gorgeous for months at a time, year after year!

Each fully double, pristine white flower head of this big lace cap hydrangea is like a perfect mini bride’s bouquet. The small double flowers in the center are surrounded by an outer ring of larger double flowers that give the entire shrub a lacey hand-embroidered effect. The flowers come on strong on the spring and will continue well into the fall if they are removed regularly. You know, of course, what this means? It means armfuls of blooms for your flower vases all season long!


Everlasting Harmony Hydrangea

Everlasting Harmony Hydrangea will make your garden sing! This hardy perennial will provide years of gorgeous cut flowers for your home and thick, green foliage for your beds and borders.

The Everlasting series of hydrangeas was originally bred for the florist trade in the Netherlands, a country known for centuries for their floral breakthroughs. Everlasting Harmony is a great addition to this long and stellar line of shrubs. Easy-to-grow but tough-as-nails, Harmony is equally at home in the garden or the container. It will fit into any sized garden, whether massed in a large bed, or singly tucked into a shaded corner. It thrives in sun or shade and delivers perfect, healthy blooms all season long.

The flowers are a long-lasting soft pink and cream, the color of strawberry milk. As they age they turn into either a deeper shade of pink or a soft powder blue, depending on your soil. Then, when the weather turns cold, they fade to a pale apple-green. They stay beautifully full and healthy for a long bloom period, whether on the plant or in the vase.

Enjoy the soft, feminine color of Harmony all season long. Order yours today for blooms this summer.


LA Dreamin Hydrangea

LA Dreamin® Hydrangea (Buy Online) produces a saturated mix of all the lovely colors…from red and pink through lavender and into cool-toned blue! This bigleaf mophead Hydrangea simply isn’t bothered by soil pH.

Can you imagine the showy bouquets you’ll create each summer? From a single shrub, you’ll fill a vase with a beautifully soft color wash across the spectrum.

LA Dreamin’ starts blooming in early summer on wood from last year. Enjoy guessing which shade each flower bud might open into!

Clear red, lovely pink, pretty lavender and pale blue? You’ll be thanking the Academy for this blockbuster selection.

The amazing performance continues on new growth from this season. Each colorful bloom is supported on nice, strong stems.

LA Dreamin’ has star power that lasts all season long starting from early summer on through fall! And although the flower power is huge, thankfully this compact plant will fit into any garden.

Dark green, textured foliage casts a marvelous contrast for the large blooms. Healthy, shiny, bright green foliage is the perfect backdrop for the colorful flower show.

This new form of mophead completely redefines the garden. Since it blooms on old and new wood it is a reliably strong bloomer every year, no matter how hard the winter was.

LA Dreamin’ Hydrangea is easy to grow whether you’ve been gardening for years, or are just getting started. Simply follow our #ProPlantTips and you’ll watch tons of flowers bloom over and over again.


Next Generation Pistachio Hydrangea

Next Generation Pistachio Hydrangea is a one-of-a-kind hydrangea features stunning, 5-inch wide flower heads that begin their show in spring and continue right up into fall. Each dazzling, double floret is lime green with a dramatic splash of hot pink and a purple eye.

This plant’s florets snuggle together to form an impressive mophead that you have to see to believe! Large leaves of deep green complete the floral picture for a stand -out in your yard like no other.


Cityline® Mars Bigleaf Hydrangea

Cityline® Mars Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) is an ornamental plant with spectacular blooms. It would make an outstanding boarder plant, and would also be quite stunning as a container or patio plant as well.

Your Cityline® Mars Hydraqngea is a small plant that produces glorious six inch blooms atop strong stems. The blooms are bi-colored, with either a rose-white accent or blue-white (depending upon the pH of your soil). You can adjust the color of your flower by making additions to the soil pH as necessary.

As it ages, the bloom will transform to a lovely, soft green. It’s a compact plant so it’s easy to plant several in close quarters.


Cityline® Paris Bigleaf Hydrangea

Cityline® Paris Bigleaf Hydrangea (Buy Online) is in a class of its own! Cityline® Paris is a wonderful new Hydrangea that displays brilliantly saturated, enormous pom-poms in a deep, pure red. These enormous blooms mature to green and hot pink – just as beguiling as its city namesake.

Bursting onto the scene with deep green leaves in early spring. In early summer, the blooms are long-lasting and fill your garden beds and vases with blooms from mid-late summer.

And what blooms they are! Deep reds to scarlet-pinks, the flowers change over time to a lighter pink, always with a few bright green petals interspersed to add to the color show. Acidic soils may see these lovely mopheads turn to shades of purple.

The stems are strong – strong enough to hold up the huge mophead flowers in the rain and in storms – and are tailor-made for floral arrangements too! Plant a few extra just so you can bring armloads of beautiful red flowers indoors all season long. One flower is large enough to fill a vase!

One of the smallest of the Bigleaf Hydrangeas, Cityline® Paris is perfectly sized to fit anywhere in your landscape. Only reaching 1-2 foot tall, Cityline® Paris has a spread of 3-4 feet. Making Cityline® Paris short of enough to not block the view to your larger flowering shrubs.


Invincibelle Wee White® Hydrangea

Invincibelle Wee White® Hydrangea (Buy Online) has small white flowers that put on a huge show…and don’t take up a lot of room.

If you are gardening in a small space, or simply want to edge your Annabelle with a more petite offering, here comes Hydrangea Invincibelle Wee White® (Hydrangea arborescens ‘NCHA5’ PP# 30,296). Imagine a showy Annabelle—now in a dwarf form.

Where could you use a small flower factory like this? With a little afternoon shade, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Although the size stays tightly compact, it forms large white flowers that start coming in early summer. Invincibelle Wee White continues to explode with new flowers continuously throughout the summer!



PeeGee Hydrangea

PeeGee Hydrangea (Buy Online) is a fantastic American garden tradition. Sent to America from Japan in 1861, this continues to be one of the best-loved varieties.

Grown either as a large shrub or small tree, providing high impact on any landscape style!

Valued for its vigor and bloom dependability, PeeGee has gorgeous flowers that appear in mid-summer and remain until the first hard frost. Completely covering the plant in snowy-white blooms, which are comprised of lovely clusters of smaller flowers.

The large conical white flower heads turn a blushed, light pink as they age. Beginning as a brilliantly white flower, the blooms age to pink, and finally a rusty brown in autumn.

With lovely gray-hued, dark green leaves, that are deeply veined and pointed, each carry delicate saw-toothed edges. The PeeGee Hydrangea’s form is naturally rounded and tidy, providing an impressive presence in any landscape.


Fire Light® Hydrangea Tree Form

Fire Light® Hydrangea Tree Form has 12 to 16 inch blooms, and are held on sturdy red stems that won’t droop.

Our team has carefully created a modern tree form over several years. All the work has been done for you to enjoy those beautiful flowers at eye level aloft a tall trunk.

Super hardy Fire Light® Hydrangea is a woody selection that produces blooms on each branch tip.

These extravagant blooms start off pristine white and age into rich, dark pomegranate pink once the nights start cooling down.