The 10 Best Plants for Your Dorm Room

The 10 Best Plants for Your Dorm Room

Decorating your dorm room can be a challenge. You want it to feel like home, but you also don’t want to spend a lot of money. One way to add some life to your dorm room (and improve your air quality at the same time) is to add some plants. But not just any plants—plants that are well-suited for life in a small space with little natural light. Here are five of the best plants for your dorm room:


Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)

Best Vase for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a popular plant for both its good luck properties and its low-maintenance needs. It grows well in low-light conditions and only needs to be watered every week or two. Just be sure to use distilled or filtered water, as the fluoride in tap water can damage the leaves.


Hoya (Hoya spp.)

Hoya Carnosa

Hoyas, also known as wax plants, are another good option for low-light conditions. These vines are easy to care for and can even bloom indoors. Water your hoya when the soil is dry to the touch and keep an eye out for mealybugs, which can damage the leaves.



Low Light Succulents

Succulents are perfect for busy college students because they don’t need much attention. Most succulents only need to be watered every week or two, and they can tolerate a wide range of light levels. Just be careful not to overwater them—succulents are susceptible to rot if their roots sit in too much water.


Snake Plant (Sansevieria)


Best Fertilizer for a Snake Plant

Snake plants are practically indestructible, making them ideal for forgetful college students. They’re tolerant of low light levels and can go weeks without being watered. Snake plants release oxygen at night, making them a good choice for bedrooms.


ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are known for their ability to thrive in almost any condition. They’re one of the most drought-tolerant plants around and can even survive in rooms with no natural light at all. ZZ plants do require more water than some of the other options on this list, but they’re still relatively low-maintenance. Water your ZZ plant when the top inch of soil is dry.


Pothos (Epipremnum spp.)

Pothos in Hand

One of the most popular houseplants around, pothos is incredibly easy to care for and is known for its ability to tolerate low light conditions. Pothos is also a great choice if you’re worried about overwatering, as it is relatively drought-tolerant. Simply allow the top inch or so of soil to dry out between waterings.


Philodendron (Philodendron spp.)

Heart-leaf Philodendron

Like pothos, philodendrons are very tolerant of low light conditions and are relatively easy to care for. These tropical plants are perfect for brightening up a gloomy corner of your dorm room, and they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any space. Philodendrons are also known for being very forgiving, so even if you neglect them a little bit, they will still continue to grow.


Bromeliad (Bromeliaceae)

Bromeliad Flower

Bromeliads are another great option for injecting some color into your dorm room. These exotic-looking plants come in a wide variety of colors, from deep purple to vibrant pink. Bromeliads are also relatively easy to care for, although they do require more humidity than some other options on this list. One way to increase the humidity around your bromeliad is to place it on a tray filled with pebbles and water. The water will evaporate and increase the humidity around the plant.


Aloe Vera (Aloe vera)

Aloe V

Aloe vera is best known for its healing properties—the gel inside the leaves can be used to soothe burns—but it make a great houseplant too! Aloe vera thrives in bright, sunny conditions, so if your dorm room is on the darker side you might want to consider another plant on this list. Aloe vera is also very drought-tolerant, so make sure to let the soil dry out completely between waterings.


Money Tree (Pachira aquatica)


The money tree is considered by many to be a symbol of good luck, making it a perfect plant for a college student! These unusual-looking plants have long been popular in Asia but have only recently gained popularity in the Western world. Money trees prefer bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light levels if necessary. They should be watered when the top inch or so of soil feels dry to the touch.



If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your dorm room without spending a lot of money, consider adding some plants! Not only do they add visual interest and purify the air, but many also require minimal care – perfect for busy college students. Pothos, philodendrons, bromeliads, aloe vera, and money trees are all great choices that thrive in typical dorm room conditions. So get out there and start planting!