Best Herbicide for Blackberry Control

Best Herbicide for Blackberry Control

Blackberry bushes are a thorn in the side of many homeowners and landowners. They grow quickly and spread over large areas, swallowing up gardens and other plant life. There are many herbicides available to control blackberries, but not all work as well or as safely as others. In this post, we will explore the best herbicide for blackberry control and how to safely apply herbicides to a large bramble of blackberries.


Best Herbicide for Blackberry Control

Crossbow Herbicide
Dow AgroScience PastureGard HL Herbicide
Remedy Ultra Specialty Herbicide Weed Killer & Brush Control
Bonide Herbicide Brush Killer Weed Control
Field King Backpack Sprayer
Chapin 97600 15-Gallon, 12-Volt EZ Tow Dripless Fertilizer, Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer
LANON Long PVC Coated Chemical Resistant Gloves
3M Chemical Splash/Impact Goggle



Best Herbicide for Blackberry Control



Crossbow Herbicide (2.5 Gallon)

Crossbow - Best Herbicide for Blackberry Control

Crossbow (Buy Online) is the best herbicide for blackberry control because it’s fast-acting, broad-spectrum, waterproof, and safe to use around grasses. And you’ll use less of this concentrated product than other herbicides to get better results.

You can use Crossbow Herbicide instead of other brush killers if you want a fast-acting herbicide that controls woody plants and brush such as blackberries and poison oak, annuals, and perennials while leaving your lawn unharmed.

Crossbow is also rainfast two hours after application so it won’t get washed away and lose effectiveness over time. Plus you can apply it with any type of sprayer from hand-held models up to large tractor mounted rigs without harming delicate turfgrass like many other herbicides.

If you’re looking for an effective herbicide to kill blackberry bushes in your yard, then we highly recommend Crossbow Herbicide (Buy Now)



Dow AgroScience PastureGard HL Herbicide

PastureGard HL Herbicide from Dow AgroSciences (Buy Online) offers excellent control of woody species like blackberries without leaving behind any soil residuals that could harm trees or desirable plants growing nearby.

Blackberry plants are a tough weed to control. It has deep, extensive root systems and grows in dense, nearly impenetrable thickets. The blackberry plant can grow up to six feet tall with stems as wide as three inches in diameter. And one mature blackberry plant can produce thousands of seeds annually, so the problem of controlling this invasive species continues to grow each year without proper management and herbicide application.

Without careful planning and an effective herbicide like PastureGard HL Herbicide, managing these woody brush species can be costly for landowners who want their land cleared without harming soil microorganisms or surrounding plant life.

PastureGard HL Herbicide solves this problem since this high potency concentrated herbicide was developed by Dow AgroSciences specifically for use on pastureland where trees or other desirable vegetation are present near woody weed species such as blackberries—making it ideal for both rangeland and forest applications alike.



Remedy Ultra Specialty Herbicide Weed Killer & Brush Control

Rmemdy Ultra -  Best Herbicide for Blackberry Control

Remedy Ultra Specialty Herbicide (Buy Online) is one of the most effective ways we know how to kill blackberry plants quickly and completely – even those pesky runners that spread so easily. This product will work on more than 35 different species of brush, as well as many important broadleaf weeds like dandelion, clover, and chickweed. And when it is applied according to the directions on the label this herbicide controls these weeds without affecting soil microorganisms or pollinators like bees or butterflies.



Bonide 332 Herbicide Weed Control

Bonide Herbicide Weed Control (Buy Online) kills poison ivy and other woody weeds quickly and easily so that you don’t have to suffer from their painful thorns any longer. This herbicide will kill almost all types of brush including blackberry canes as well as over 240 other broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, chickweed, thistle, clover, kudzu…etc

Bonide Herbicide Weed Control can also be used for tree stump removal. Simply apply the undiluted product directly to the entire freshly cut stump, and wait a few weeks before removing it from your property. That makes Bionide a great alternative solution if you are looking to save time and money not having to remove old stumps manually or having to pay for professional stump removal.



Round Up Pro Concentrate

Roundup Pro Concentrate (Buy Online) is a great choice when you want an effective weed killer with no residual soil activity. This product controls over 200 broadleaf weeds, annuals, and perennials in lawns, and wooded areas. In addition Round Up Pro has been tested safe for non-target plants including trees, shrubs and garden plants up to two weeks after application.



Ortho MAX Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer

Ortho MAX Brush Killer (Buy Online) is the best herbicide for blackberry control that also kills poison ivy, kudzu, wild blackberries, and 60+ types of tough brush in just 24 hours. This product works great on woody plants too – killing trees, stumps and vines fast while preventing regrowth for up to 6 months with one application. Best of all it is 100% rainproof in 2 hours so you don’t have to wait for a string of dry days before taking care of a blackberry problem.



BioAdvanced Brush Killer

BioAdvanced Brush Killer (Buy Online) is specially formulated to penetrate deep into the roots of poison ivy, poison oak, kudzu, and other brush-like plants in order to completely eradicate them from your yard or garden. The active ingredient in this product is Triclopyr which has been used for decades as an effective weed killer by farmers across America. When applied correctly using the included step-by-step instructions you should start seeing dramatic results within 1 to 4 weeks



Best Herbicide Surfactant for Blackberry Control



Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides

Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides (Buy Online) is the solution that will help you get rid of your weeds once and for all. This surfactant will increase herbicide effectiveness by reducing the surface tension of water so it uniformly covers more area on your target plants without leaving any gaps in between.

One of the biggest problems with herbicide application is non-uniform coverage and penetration.

The problem is that even though most herbicides are formulated to be sprayed directly on plant foliage, they don’t always penetrate deeply enough into the leaves to kill off all of the plants’ photosynthetic tissues.

Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides solves this problem by making it easier for herbicides to spread across leaf surfaces and then penetrate them more deeply. This increases both their effectiveness and makes it more likely that the herbicide you sprayed will actually kill tough weeds like blackberries.



Best Herbicide Sprayer for Blackberry Control



Field King Backpack Sprayer

The Field King Backpack Sprayer (Buy Online) is designed specifically for treating large weed problems. It’s easy to use – just fill up the tank with herbicide concentrate (we recommend Crossbow Herbicide), attach your hose to this backpack sprayer, and start spraying.

The Field King Backpack Sprayer is designed specifically for tough jobs like killing blackberries. With this backpack sprayer, you’ll easily cover more ground than other models because it features a larger tank capacity than most others sprayers on the market today while still being lightweight at only 12.8 lbs.

Also unlike other herbicide sprayers that have been known to leak all over clothes and backpacks, this pump sprayer will not leak thanks to its exclusive internal No Leak Pump technology.



Chapin 1280 Premier Pro 2-Gallon Tri-Poxy Steel Sprayer

The Chapin Premier Pro 2-Gallon Tri-Poxy Steel Sprayer (Buy Online) is the best herbicide sprayer for blackberry control because it’s easy to use, affordable, and durable. It also has a wide funnel mouth opening so you can fill up the tank easily without spilling any of your chemicals. This steel tank also will withstand years of use in all kinds of weather conditions. Plus, this sprayer can be used with a variety of nozzles, so you can easily fine-tune your spray pattern.



Chapin 97600 15-Gallon, 12-Volt EZ Tow Dripless Fertilizer, Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer

The Chapin 15-Gallon EZ Tow Herbicide Sprayer (Buy Online) is the best herbicide for killing blackberries on a large property. It has an adjustable hitch so it can fit any size or type of ATV, truck, or lawnmower, while its trailer makes it easy to transport from place to place without having to lift heavy equipment into your truck bed every time you want to use it.

This herbicide sprayer comes equipped with everything you need right out of the box including a 7-foot boom extension wand, 15-foot reinforced hose, and 12-volt diaphragm pump system which will make short work of large patches of blackberries around your yard.



Best Gloves for Herbicide Application


LANON Long PVC Coated Chemical Resistant Gloves

LANON Long PVC Coated Gloves (Buy Online) offer great protection against most herbicides. These gloves are also perfect for any other jobs that require heavy-duty hand protection like cleaning or working on machinery on a farm. We highly recommend them if you need tough, durable chemical-resistant gloves that will last a long time.

The LANON industrial grade chemical resistant gloves are made with long cuffs and reinforced palms that protect your arms from chemicals and abrasions while still giving you great gripping ability. They’re also long enough to cover your whole arm from overspray or accidental contact with plants that have already been treated with herbicide.



LANON Short PVC Coated Chemical Resistant Gloves

LANON Short PVC Coated Chemical Resistant Gloves (Buy Online) have been specially designed with safety in mind, offering you the best possible level of protection from harmful chemicals while still being comfortable enough for everyday use.

These gloves are made from premium PVC and polyester plasticizer materials which make them highly resistant to harsh chemicals like acids, alkali solvents, and more. They’re also strong enough to protect against debris so you don’t have to worry about getting cut by sharp objects or glass shards on job sites.



Herbicide Eye Protection – Herbicide Goggles



3M Chemical Splash/Impact Goggle

The 3M Chemical Splash/Impact Goggles (Buy Online) are made to protect against both chemical splash and impact from flying debris. They have an adjustable strap for a secure fit over most personal eyewear and an anti-fog coating so you can see clearly while working with potentially hazardous materials.

These goggles meet ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 safety standards so you know that your eyes are protected at all times, even if something happens unexpectedly while you are spraying herbicides on a large thicket of blackberries.



DEWALT DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle

The DEWALT DClear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles (Buy Online) are made of soft, dual-injected rubber which conforms to the face so it won’t allow any liquids to leak in. They even come with Xtra clear anti-fogging lens coating that provides extra protection against fogging if you happen to be working somewhere where it gets very humid or hot outside



Herbicide Spray Suit



DuPont Tyvek 400 TY125S Disposable Protective Coverall with Elastic Cuffs

Tyvek 400 Disposable Protective Coveralls (Buy Online) are a lightweight coverall that offers extra protection from harmful chemicals in the air around you. These coveralls are made of synthetic fibers designed to repel water and prevent liquid absorption. The suit also features elastic cuffs at the wrists and ankles as well as an elastic waistband so it will fit comfortably on any size person without restricting movement.



Herbicide Respirator Mask



Parcil PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator

Parcil PD-100 Full Face Organic Vapor Respirator Mask (Buy Online) is an excellent choice if you want something more durable than your average face mask. It has been specially designed to filter out harmful gases and particles in the air, so it’s perfect for those who work around hazardous materials such as herbicides or pesticides on a regular basis. Made from high-quality material, this respirator mask features dual filters which can trap 99% of particulates in the air before they get into your lungs and bloodstream.




If you want to get rid of invasive weeds and Blackberry bushes, there are a few things we recommend. First off, it is important to know the size of your weed problem before applying any herbicides.

Smaller infestations can be handled with weed wackers, hedge trimmers, or methods such as putting down weed barriers over the affected area in order to smother out the weeds underneath.

For larger areas that require more than spot treatment, you can use Crossbow Herbicide for the best results. It’s biodegradable so it won’t linger around if used properly (and at recommended rates), but will still eradicate all those pesky invaders from your yard without harming other plants.