Best LED Grow Light for a 4×4 Tent

Best LED Grow Light for a 4×4 Tent

There are a number of key things to consider when you’re looking to find the best LED grow light for a 4×4 tent. Choosing a LED light with the proper power output is crucial, but there are many other important factors that can affect a LED lights overall performance.

Continue reading this article for in-depth reviews of the best LED grow lights for a 4×4 tent. Alternatively, if you just want to know our top pick, we recommend the Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light (Buy Online).


Best LED Grow Light for a 4×4 Tent

Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light, with Samsung Chips

CF Grow CREE CXB3590 High Intensity Full Spectrum Cob Led Grow Light

HIGROW Double Chips LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

Roleadro 800W COB LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

CF Grow Waterproof 300W Led Grow Light Full Spectrum




CF Grow CREE CXB3590 High Intensity Full Spectrum Cob Led Grow Light

The CF Grow CREE High Intensity Full Spectrum Grow Light (Buy Online) is one of the best LED lights for a 4×4 grow tent on the market. This 600 Watt light has 6 full spectrum individual COB LED’s. Each one of the 6 COB LED chips can output 120-Watts at peak power.


The CF Grow CREE High Intensity Full Spectrum Grow Light uses high-quality glass lenses that will refract light at a 90-degree angle. That will help spread out the light evenly, so you won’t have “hot spots” forming right under the fixture.


The full spectrum COB LED chips in this fixture are also more efficient than the regular 3-watt and 5-watt diodes you find in most LED grow lights. That means they will produce more light and less heat, and they will last over 100,000 hours since they are less prone to failure.


The CF Grow CREE High Intensity Full Spectrum Grow Light also comes with a dimmer that will let you adjust the light levels. This feature is great if you want to lower the light intensity for seedlings that don’t need as much light shortly after germinating. Then when the plants begin to mature you can turn the dimmer up to full power.


Another great thing about this light is that the fans are nearly silent. Even when it is turned up to full power all you will hear is a slight hum when the fans are running. They also barely put out any heat at all, so you won’t have any trouble keeping your tent cool while the lights are on even in the summer.


The full spectrum nature of the COB LED’s will also provide a more natural source of light for your plants in all of their growth stages. That makes this light one of the best LED’s for vegetative growth, and it also outputs a lot of light in the red and yellow part of the spectrum that will help promote the growth of dense flowers.


Overall the CF Grow CREE High Intensity Full Spectrum Grow Light is a great replacement for an HPS since it outputs a similar spectrum. The fact that it uses CREE bulbs is also a plus since they are a well-known leader in the LED industry. That means you can expect to get many years of service out of this grow light since it is built to last and it’s extremely reliable.



  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 14.6 x 3.9 inches

  • Item Weight: 33.5 pounds

  • Rated Power: 600-Watts

  • Actual Power: 500 to 530-Watts

  • Input Voltage: 120VAC – 240VAC

  • Wavelength: Full Spectrum 380nm – 780nm

  • Light Color: 3500K

  • LED Type: CREE COB

  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours


  • The COB LED’s are more efficient than standard 3-Watt and 5-Watt diodes

  • Plants respond better to the full spectrum light in all growth stages

  • The large glass lenses spread light evenly and reduce “hot spots”

  • The fans are extremely quiet, and the fixture barely warms up when it’s running


  • Price



HIGROW LED Lights Review – HIGROW 600W LED Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

The HIGROW Double Chip LED Grow Light (Buy Online) is one of the most popular and affordable grow lights for a 4×4 tent. This fixture comes in either a 600-Watt or 1000-Watt model. The 600-Watt version has a maximum coverage area of 12.25 square feet, while the 1000-Watt model has a maximum coverage area of 16 square feet.

HIGROW 600W Double Chips LED Grow Light - Diode Layout

The HIGROW LED Grow Light uses an array of 10-Watt double-chip Bridgelux/Epileds that are brighter and more powerful than standard 3-Watt and 5-Watt LED diodes. Each one of the LED bulbs also has a 90 or 120-degree lens that will help spread the light evenly.

HIGROW 600W Double Chips LED Grow Light - Spectrum

The LED bulbs in this fixture cover the full spectrum from 400-760nm. It has red, blue, white, orange, and yellow LED’s that will help promote plant health in all growth stages. There are also a few Infrared and Ultraviolet LED’s in this fixture, which helps contribute to a natural sun-like spectrum.

HIGROW 600W Double Chips LED Grow Light - Demo

The full spectrum LED’s will allow your plant to thrive from a young seedling all the way up to harvest. The balanced spectrum will lead to healthy dark green plants that are full of phytochemicals and aromatic terpenes. The Ultraviolet LED’s will also help prevent molds and fungus from infecting your plants, which can be a big help in the tight humid confines of a 4×4 grow tent.

HIGROW 600W Double Chips LED Grow Light - Dimensions

This fixture also has two independent settings for vegetative growth or flowering. Each mode will switch on and off different LED’s in the array to custom tailor the light spectrum for each growth stage.

HIGROW 600W Double Chips LED Grow Light - Grow tent

The HIGROW Double Chip LED Grow Light also has a new heat management system. The heat sink on this fixture has been upgraded, and it now uses a thicker aluminum frame to allow for more efficient heat transfer. In addition, the fans move twice as much air as before, and they are still extremely quiet.

This HIGROW Grow Light barely pulls any power when you compare it to a standard High-Pressure Sodium light fixture. In most cases, you can expect to spend 1/3 as much money on electricity. They are also cheaper up front since even the 1000-Watt model will only cost a little more than a hundred dollars.

All in all, I think you will be impressed with the harvests you’ll see if you decide to buy this fixture. It also won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and it will even give more expensive lights a run for their money.


  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 8.6 x 2.6 inches

  • Item Weight: 6.2 pounds

  • Rated Power: 600 to 1000-Watts

  • Input Voltage: 120-240VAC

  • Wavelength: Full Spectrum 400nm – 760nm

  • LED Type: 10-Watt Double-Chip

  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours

  • 30-Day Guarantee


  • The 10-Watt double-chip LED’s are more powerful and reliable than 5-Watt diodes

  • The light runs very cool thanks to the thick aluminum heat sink

  • The light from all the LED’s spreads evenly, so you won’t see any color mixing problems

  • It is very easy to install since all you will have to do is plug it in and hang it


  • The light doesn’t output a natural white light spectrum



Roleadro 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light LED

The Roleadro 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light (Buy Online) is one of the most powerful COB LED lights on the market. This fixture has two large LED arrays that each output light with an extremely high PAR value. In addition, it is also more compact than most high-power LED light fixtures.

The Roleadro 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light uses two 45mil Epileds LED’s that have a spectrum similar to the CREE CXB 3070. The LED’s are set into a 90-degree reflector that has been specially designed to cover wide areas without sacrificing brightness.

The LED bulbs in this fixture output light that centers on the blue and red parts of the spectrum. The blue LED’s output light between 420nm and 500nm and their peak output is centered at 450nm. While the red LED’s have a spectrum that ranges between 540nm and 780nm, and their peak is centered at 630nm.

This grow light offers a perfect balance of red and blue light for most plants to reach their full potential. The extended red band will also promote denser flowers and a higher yield since it covers a wider spectrum. In addition, the wider bandwidth of the red LED’s more closely mimics the sun, and it gives the light a more natural color.

The Roleadro 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light also has a timer built-in to the cord, so you won’t have to purchase one separately to control your light cycle. The timer has a digital display and an on/off indicator. It has 6 settings that will allow you to run the light 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, or 18 hours, which makes it perfect for both vegetative growth and flowering.

This fixture also has excellent thermal properties thanks to the large aluminum heat sink. And each of the COB LED’s has its own fan located right behind it, which helps keep the internal temperature as cool as possible. The combination of both the fan and the sunflower radiator system keeps the temperature of the chips below 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit even during extended operations.

These lights can also be daisy-chained together if you need to run more than one off a single outlet. You can connect up to three of these lights in series, which will provide the equivalent light output of a 2400-watt HID fixture, but in actuality, it will only consume 600-watts of power. Just be sure not to use the cord with the timer if you set them up in this configuration since the timer isn’t rated to handle that amperage.

In our opinion the Roleadro 800W COB Full Spectrum Grow Light offers the best value of any COB LED on the market. If the fixtures with CREE LED’s are outside of your budget, then this fixture offers a similar spectrum at a price that won’t bust your budget. And you can get a few of these and connect them together if you plan on upgrading to a larger tent or grow room later.


  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches

  • Item Weight: 5.9 pounds

  • Rated Power: 800-Watts

  • Actual Power: 200-Watts

  • Input Voltage: 85-260VAC

  • Wavelength: Blue: 420nm – 500nm , Red: 540nm – 780nm

  • LED Type: Epileds COB LED

  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours

  • 30-Day Guarantee and 2-Year Warranty


  • The large diodes have an excellent PAR value

  • The fixture is very compact and easy to raise and lower

  • The price can’t be beaten for the overall output power

  • The manufacturer provides excellent service, and parts are readily available


  • Shorter lifespan than CREE LED fixtures



Are LED Grow Lights Effective?

Since LED grow lights are relatively new most people are skeptical if they can produce the same results as a high-pressure sodium or a metal halide. While this might have been an issue in the past, modern LED lights are able to emit enough light with a high PAR value to grow almost any type of plant to their full potential.

LED grow lights also emit less heat than HID lamps, so you won’t have to deal with as many heat problems in your tent or grow room. This can save a considerable amount of money in cooling costs, and it can help reduce the risk of heat stress that can cause your plants to suffer.

The most efficient LED grow lights currently on the market are the models that use COB (Chip on Board) LED’s. These high-density LED arrays output more light using a densely packed array of chips, and they use less electricity than the standard old fashioned LED diodes.

That’s why if you want to replace an HID fixture or get similar lighting performance you definitely want to go with a COB LED fixture. The COB LED’s will emit the most light for a given power input, and they will last longer since they have a chip design that is less prone to failure.



How Many LED Watts for a 4×4 Grow Tent?

You will need at least a 600-Watt to 800-Watt LED light fixture for a standard 4×4 grow tent (Buy Online). A 600-Watt COB LED fixture will be more than enough for most 4×4 tents, but if you decide to get a fixture that uses regular 3 to 5-Watt diodes then you might want to go with an 800-Watt model.

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