Snake Plant Pot Ideas

Snake Plant Pot Ideas

If you’re looking for some new snake plant pot ideas, then this post is for you. We’ve collected a variety of great pots from our favorite brands and retailers to help inspire you. The first few are more traditional while others are unique, so we hope that there is something here that piques your interest.

Read on to see all of our fabulous picks and don’t forget to share this page with your friends who might be looking for fresh ideas too.


Best Pot for a Snake Plant

PEACH & PEBBLE Plant Stand with Planter
Automatic Self-Watering Nursery Pot with Stand
Greenaholics Medium Plant Pot – 5.5 Inch with Bamboo Stand
FEIAA Plant Pots Indoor Planter 6 inch Ceramic Flower Pot
Greenaholics Ceramic Plant Pot
Kvohlum Ceramic Plant Pot with Saucer/Tray




Snake Plant Pot Ideas



PEACH & PEBBLE Plant Stand with Planter – Flower Pot Included, Large Modern Plant Pot with Wood Stand

With the PEACH & PEBBLE Snake Plant Stand with Planter (Buy Online), you can add an exotic touch to any room in your home while keeping it functional and clutter-free. Crafted from porcelain ceramic with sturdy hardwood legs and finished with stunning matte white glaze, this piece will be sure to impress anyone who sees it. It’s a great way to bring some green into any setting – whether at work or at home. Plus, it comes backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so that you can shop worry-free.



D’vine Geometric Design Ceramic Planters

D’vine Design Ceramic Snake Plant Pots (Buy Online) are designed with two major things in mind; style AND function. These pots are made from 100% terracotta clay which means they’re sturdy enough to hold up against accidental bumps or knocks while still looking beautiful on your coffee table or bookshelf.



POTEY Wood Texture Planter

The POTEY Wood Texture Planter (Buy Online) will give your home an elegant look that fits any style or decorating taste. This planter is crafted from glazed ceramic that has been specially treated with a wood grain finish. With their clean lines and neutral colors, these wooden ceramic planters can be used anywhere in your home – on your desk at work, by your bedside table, or even as part of a windowsill garden display.



Greenaholics Ceramic Plant Pot

The Greenaholics Ceramic Plant Pot Set (Buy Online) includes two pots – one medium-sized at 6 inches in diameter and another smaller version coming in at 5 inches. The small size of these pots makes them perfect as an accent piece on a shelf, desk, or nightstand while the larger size can hold bigger plants. If you want something fun but practical then this set of two vintage-style planters might be just what you need. These little pots are super cute and would look awesome anywhere inside your home. Plus, you can choose from 5 different colors that will add some retro flair to any room.



EPGardening 6 Inch Planter Ceramic Succulent Flower Pot

The EPGardening Ceramic Snake Plant Flower Pot (Buy Online) is a decorative terracotta planter that makes it easy to keep your snake plant alive for years. It has drainage holes in the bottom so that your snake plant won’t drown, and a bamboo tray that catches extra water from watering so that it doesn’t sit around and cause root rot or attract gnats.



Getstar Plant Pots, Ceramic Garden Pot

The Getstar Ceramic Garden Pot (Buy Online) is the perfect pot for keeping your snake plant happy and healthy. This ceramic pot has a special raised relief pattern that makes it easier to hold when watering your snake plant. And because this pot is made from ceramic, it’s eco-friendly and very durable. Plus, there is a built-in drainage hole on the bottom of this ceramic pot which allows stagnant water out so it won’t harm your snake plant.



DeeCoo Ceramic Plant Pots Indoor, DeeCoo Flower Pot Set

The DeeCoo Flower Pot Set (Buy Online) is perfect for any home or office space. These pots are made from high-end ceramic baked in high temperatures to ensure their colors won’t fade with time. They look beautiful on their own but can be paired with other decor pieces in your home as well. This set comes with two different sizes of flower pots so you can choose which one works best for your needs. Whether it’s an indoor succulent or cactus garden, or a houseplant like a snake plant or spider plant – these ceramic pots will keep them healthy and looking their best.



Greenaholics Marble Plant Pots

Greenaholics Marble Plant Pots (Buy Online) look luxurious but they don’t cost an arm and a leg like other more expensive products out there. They come in a set of two so you can easily decorate your table or windowsill with them without having to worry about mixing and matching different colors or style pots. Each set comes with two 5 inch pots, one white patterned one black patterned, both with gold speckles on them.



Kvohlum Ceramic Plant Pot with Saucer/Tray

Kvohlum Ceramic Plant Pot with Saucer/Tray (Buy Online) is the perfect container for a snake plant. This planter is made from quality clay and hand-glazed in gold and grey colors. The drainage hole on the bottom makes sure that water doesn’t collect inside while still allowing good air circulation around roots so you don’t need to worry about overwatering your plant anymore.



POTEY Cement Planter Flower Pot – 4.8″ Vintage Indoor

The POTEY Cement Planter (Buy Online) is made from cement mixed with natural pigments, which gives each planter its unique coloring and pattern. This trendy pot comes in different colors so that you can easily match it to your decor or mood. Plus, this planter has drainage holes at the bottom so that water won’t collect inside when watering your plant (which means fewer chances of mold.).



POTEY Cement Planters Pots for Plants Indoor – 5 Inch Concrete Succulent Flowerpot

POTEY Cement Planters (Buy Online) are from a line of cement planters designed specifically for houseplants like snake plants. These planters have plenty of room for your plant’s roots to spread out so it can thrive with no risk of getting rootbound or dying from lack of space. And thanks to their high-quality materials, these concrete planter pots will last you a lifetime without fading or cracking like some other products on the market



Next Gardener Store Succulent Pots, Small Flower Pots Indoor, 5 Inch Ceramic Planter Plant Pot

Next Gardener Store (Buy Online) has a wide range of great-looking ceramic pots with different shapes and colors available for sale online at very affordable prices. These ceramic flower pots come in various sizes ranging from 1 inch to 7 inches in diameter so they can fit any plant perfectly. They are also available in different designs like polka dots or diamond grids which make them look unique and stylish.



LEEFENGQI Self-Watering Nursery Pots with Stand for Flowers Snake Plants

The LEEFENGQI Self-Watering Nursery Pot (Buy Online) is an innovative product that makes caring for plants easy & fun. This self-watering plant pot makes watering your houseplants effortless by using gravity to water the plant via a cotton rope with holes in it. The pot will automatically stop dispensing water once the soil has reached its optimal moisture level…no more over or under watering plants. Plus these stylish nursery pots come with stands that look great on desks or countertops, and they make caring for plants an enjoyable activity rather than a chore



POTEY Ceramic Plant Pot Flower Planters – 5.9” with Drainage Hole Saucer

POTEY Glazed Ceramic Planters (Buy Online) are made just for houseplants like snake plants (Sansevieria trifasciata). It has a beautiful design that will add some life to your home or office decor as well as provide an excellent environment for your well fertilized snake plant to grow strong and healthy. Plus, the finish on this ceramic pot is very durable and they are very resistant to damage. And these pots make indoor gardening fun because you can mix and match different colors together or choose one color scheme throughout your home/office space.



FEIAA Plant Pots Indoor Planter 6 inch Ceramic Flower Pot

The FEIAA Indoor Planter (Buy Online) is a modern indoor planter that looks great on any table or desk. It comes with a saucer tray to catch water overflow and it has drainage holes in the bottom of this pot so you never have to worry about overwatering your snake plants again. Its unique design allows it to fit perfectly into any space, whether it’s on an office desk or coffee table at home. Plus, this trendy planter is made from high-quality ceramic material which means it will last for years without breaking down like plastic pots.



Ceramicfor Succulent Planter Pot

Ceramicfor (Buy Online) has created this collection of three different sized pots for hardy plants like snake plants. This best-selling pot is perfect for small spaces like apartments or offices because it has plenty of room for growth without taking up too much space. The saucer attached to each pot also prevents water from running off onto your furniture or floors. Plus. these decorative blue pots are made out of high quality ceramic material and they’re lightweight yet durable enough to last for many years to come.



Greenaholics Medium Plant Pot – 5.5 Inch with Bamboo Stand

With the Greenaholics Ceramic Pot and Bamboo Stand Combo (Buy Online), you’ll have everything you need to keep your snake plant healthy and happy. This kit comes with a round porcelain planter that’s 7 inches tall (5.5 inches diameter) paired with a natural wood bamboo stand that will look great in any room in your house or apartment. And this ceramic pot is made from high-quality white porcelain so it looks good anywhere while offering superior longevity compared to plastic pots.



Kenzoplants Ribbed Ceramic Plant Pots

Kenzoplants Ceramic Planters (Buy Online) are made from high quality materials with an innovative ribbed design. This snake plant pot also has excellent drainage in case you overwater your snake plant one day (which happens more often than we’d like). These pots also come with their own saucer so you don’t have to worry about damaging your home or furniture when watering your snake plant – just place it on top of its saucer and let gravity do its job.



Fivoli Home Porcelain Ceramic Flower Pot

Fivoli Home (Buy Online) has designed a line of ceramic planters that are perfect for your snake plant. These modern pots come in two different colors (Blush and Light Gray). The best part about these planters is that they’re made from porcelain, which means they won’t crack or break over time. They also have an interesting texture on the outside, so whether you want to decorate your home office with one or put several together as a centerpiece on your coffee table, these pots will really make a statement.



Greenaholics White Plant Pot – 5.7 Inch Diamond Ceramic Planter for Small Snake Plant

The Greenaholics White Plant Pot (Buy Online) is one of the best pots for a snake plant because it has an elegant hexagonal shape that will fit into any modern home décor. Plus, it’s made from ceramic which is both durable and lightweight at the same time.



CHICVITA Jute Rope Plant Basket – Woven Storage Basket for 8in to 11in Plant Pot

Chicvita Jute Rope Plant Basket (Buy Online) is the perfect way to spruce up an old pot. This beautifully woven jute basket adds a touch of style while protecting your favorite snake plant pots from bumps and scratches. It’s also ideal for storing magazines, toys, blankets – anything.