Best Heirloom Tomatoes for Containers

Best Heirloom Tomatoes for Containers

Are you looking for the best heirloom tomatoes for containers? If so, you’ve come to the right place since we have a wide selection of heirloom tomatoes that you can grow in containers, pots, hanging baskets, and self-watering planters. Best of all, these tomatoes come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and flavors, so you can try something new and move past boring store-bought tomato varieties.


Best Heirloom Tomatoes for Containers



 Dwarf  Red Early Heirloom Tomato

Dwarf Early Red Heirloom Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) are perfect for container gardening because they will produce large amounts of tomatoes without taking up much room at all. You can easily plant these seeds in a small self-watering planter and enjoy fresh homegrown produce all summer long. These plants grow very compact and do not take up much space so you can use any small area to start growing these amazing heirloom tomatoes even if you live in an apartment or condominium.



Dwarf Red Robin Tomato

Red Robin (Buy Seeds Online) is an heirloom variety that produces delicious cherry-sized red tomatoes early (in 55 days). Red Robin’s fruit is sweet with just enough tartness to perfectly support its outstanding flavor. Plus, it will grow well indoors as well as outdoors in your raised bed garden, planter boxes, window box, patio pot, or hydroponic system where it will grow up to about 12 inches tall and about 20 inches wide at maturity.



 Tiny Tim Tomato

Tiny Tim Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) plants produce dwarf cherry-sized fruit that has a great taste, even when compared to larger varieties. These heirloom cherry tomatoes have been crossbred for their compact size and large yields per plant. Plus, you’ll love how easy these miniature varieties are to maintain, as well as how quickly their fruits ripen especially if you live in a cold climate.



Indigo Rose Heirloom Tomato

Indigo Rose Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) have been bred for their taste as well as their beauty. They’re full-flavored with just enough acidity to make them perfect for eating fresh or canning whole tomatoes for sauce and salsa recipes. If you want to grow tasty tomatoes that look gorgeous on your patio or balcony, Indigo Rose is an excellent choice. You’ll be amazed at how compact and easy these plants are to maintain – even if you live in a small apartment without access to a garden plot.



Currant Tomato

The Currant Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is an ideal choice if you have limited gardening space. This variety produces tiny fruit with a rich flavor that makes them perfect for salads or as a garnish on top of your favorite dish. They are so sweet and flavorful that some people even eat these little guys right off their plant by the handful. If you’re looking for an heirloom variety packed with flavor then this is it. Plus they produce all summer long which means more fresh food from fewer plants – what could be better?



Yellow Pear Tomato

Yellow Pear Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) are one of the best heirloom varieties for container gardening because they produce an extremely high yield with no disease issues. These tasty yellow cherry tomatoes can be eaten raw or added to salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. This variety is also great for canning and preserving.



Black Cherry Tomato

Black Cherry Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) plants produce a large harvest of dark red fruits on vigorous vines. These tomatoes have a unique deep maroon color and delicious flesh with a sweet yet rich and complex flavor. They’re also great for making homemade ketchup or sauces. Plus, they do well in small spaces like patios or balconies too.



Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato

The Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) plant grows fast and produces large harvests of sweet gold/orange cherry tomato fruits that are perfect for snacking or slicing up on salads. It’s the best heirloom tomato for containers because it doesn’t need a lot of space and only takes 60 days to produce fruit.



Green Zebra Tomato

The Green Zebra Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is an heirloom variety that produces green-yellow globe-shaped tomatoes with a rich flavor unlike any other tomato out there. It’s perfect for small spaces like containers and they’re so tasty, you’ll want to plant multiple green zebra tomato plants in your garden this year.



Flora Gold Micro Dwarf Tomato

The Flora Gold Micro Dwarf Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is an amazing little yellow cherry tomato that will produce all summer long. These plants can easily fit into 6″ pots. Plus, with very few seeds per fruit, this variety has an excellent flavor and texture as well. We recommend this variety for anyone who wants to try growing their own tomatoes without having a large garden area available.



Early Black Tomato

The Early Black Cherry Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is an heirloom variety that will give you large clusters of perfectly round cherry tomatoes that are deep red with a blackish hue. These true cherry tomatoes have the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity for delicious eating right off the vine. Plus, they ripen early so you can plant them in colder climates and still get a harvest before the first frost.



Sweet Aperitif Heirloom Cherry Tomato

The Sweet Aperitif Cherry Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is a small, sweet tomato with a deep red color and an extremely high sugar content. The plant grows well in containers or on patios and balconies that receive full sun during the day but do not get too hot. This plant will give you plenty of cherry tomatoes for salads, salsas, sauces, or any other recipe that calls for a tomato that’s packed with natural sugars.



Rainbow Cherry Tomato Mix

This Heirloom Cherry Tomato Mix (Buy Seeds Online) is the perfect choice for container gardeners who love to grow their own tomatoes. This colorful mix of cherry tomato varieties are easy to grow, disease-resistant, and has a long harvest season. Plus, these small heirlooms are great for salads or snacking fresh off the vine. Each packet of seeds will grow into beautiful plants with an array of colors that will brighten any garden or patio.



Roma Tomato

The Roma Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) was bred to grow perfectly in small spaces. Its fruit has thick walls and meaty flesh that hold up well when ripe and can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling. Heirloom Roma tomatoes are also a great choice if you’re looking to start growing your own food or just want a delicious heirloom variety that’s very flavorful and perfect for making sauces.



Patio Choice Yellow Tomato

Dwarf Yellow Cherry Patio Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) are one of the best tomato plants for containers. They produce an abundance of sweet, juicy fruit on compact, bushy plants that grow to only 12-18″ tall. The dwarf cherry tomato plant will fit nicely into any small space or patio planter box while producing a large harvest of cherry tomatoes that you can harvest all summer long.



Cherry Fountain

Cherry Fountain Tomato Plants (Buy Seeds Online) grow like weeds. They’re perfect for containers and small spaces like patios and balconies. These little beauties produce all season long with very little effort, even if you live in a super hot and humid area that tends to kill off most tomato varieties.



Red Velvet Cherry Tomato

The Red Velvet Cherry Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is one of our favorite varieties for containers. This variety produces a deep red fruit that is exceptionally sweet and delicious with just enough acidity so it doesn’t taste bland or boring like store-bought tomatoes.



Beefsteak Homestead Heirloom Tomato

Homestead Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) are one of our favorite varieties for container gardening because they produce large yields and they can tolerate hot humid climates. This variety produces lots of medium-sized red fruits that have a creamy texture and very mild flavor – perfect for eating fresh off the vine or slicing up on sandwiches or salads. Overall, we recommend this variety especially for beginners who want a tomato that will produce Beefsteak sized fruits when grown in a container.



Black Truffle Heirloom Tomato

Black Truffle Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) are a great choice for home gardeners who want the best tasting tomatoes. This variety has an outstanding flavor and stores well. It’s also one of the best heirloom tomato varieties for containers because it produces an abundance of medium to large heirloom fruits in small spaces.



Black Sea Man Heirloom Tomato

The Black Sea Man (Buy Seeds Online) tomato offers a unique combination of rich flavor and vibrant colors that you won’t find in any other variety. With its distinctive pink and green flesh, this tomato is unlike anything else on the market. Deliciously sweet with a hint of tanginess, these tomatoes are perfect for salads or sandwiches – but they’re also great for canning or making homemade salsa.



Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato

The Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is my favorite tomato variety for growing in containers or small gardens. This heirloom has an amazing sweet/smokey flavor that consistently outperforms other varieties I’ve grown in my own garden. It produces large crops even when conditions aren’t ideal (such as during droughts), and it stands up well against pests like hornworms and blights.