Best Tomato Varieties for Aquaponics

Best Tomato Varieties for Aquaponics

Tomatoes are one of the most popular plants to grow in an aquaponics system. They grow quickly and provide lots of fruit with minimal maintenance. However, there are many varieties to choose from, each with its own benefits. On this page, you’ll find a list of the best tomato varieties for aquaponics systems:



Best Cherry Tomato Varieties for Aquaponics



Chadwick Cherry Tomato

Chadwick Cherry Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) are the best cherry tomato for aquaponics and hydroponics. This compact variety grows well indoors or out, produces large yields of juicy 1″ fruit on indeterminate vines that will keep producing all summer long without taking up too much space. And since they’re disease-resistant, you won’t have to worry about fungus problems like blight or gray leaf spot either.



Tiny Tim Tomato

The Tiny Tim Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is the perfect solution for indoor growers who want a compact plant that produces lots of tasty cherry tomatoes. This dwarf variety grows to be only 12″ tall and sets plenty of small 1″ cherry tomatoes every week throughout the summer months, even when grown inside. The flavor is great, it’s easy to grow, and doesn’t require staking like most larger varieties do. If you’re looking for a good tomato for your aquaponic garden or just want some fresh homegrown cherry tomatoes this summer then give the Tiny Tim Tomato a try.



Super Sweet 100′ Hybrid Cherry Tomato

The Super Sweet 100′ Hybrid Cherry Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) produces high-quality fruit on a compact plant perfect for growing vertically or on stakes and trellises. In addition, it’s very easy to grow in an aquaponics or hydroponics system because it has been bred specifically for cultivation in commercial greenhouse production systems.



 Cherry Gold Nugget Tomato

Cherry Gold Nugget (Buy Seeds Online) is an early-season tomato that ripens in about 60 days from transplanting. And they’re delicious too. Their flavor is well-balanced and sweet – not acidic like many cherry varieties. Plus, they’re so small when ripe (about 1″ or 2″), and their bright yellow color makes them pop in any dish you add them to.



Black Cherry Tomato

Black Cherry Tomato Seeds (Buy Seeds Online) provide high yields of tasty cherry tomatoes with deep purple skin and rich flavors that make them perfect for eating fresh or canning. These heirloom tomatoes are ideal for growing in small spaces like containers, raised beds, greenhouses, hoop houses, indoors under lights, making them one of the best cherry tomato varieties for aquaponics.



‘Sweetie’ Heirloom Red Cherry Tomato

Sweetie Heirloom Red Cherry Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) set lots of fruit on vigorous vines that will produce all summer long. These cherry tomatoes are sweet and delicious so they’re perfect for eating fresh or adding to salads. And this variety was bred specifically for use in home gardens and backyard farms but also performs well in commercial hydroponic systems as well.



Sweet Pea Currant Tomato

The Sweet Pea Currant Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) produces small 1/4″ fruits with a rich and complex flavor on an indeterminate plant with a low spreading habit that lends itself well to container gardening or growing in hydroponic systems, pots, or hanging baskets.



Snow White Heirloom Tomato

Snow White Cherry Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) are a great cherry tomato for aquaponics because they produce a lot of fruit on compact plants that don’t need staking or caging. The fruits are sweet, juicy, firm, and have an outstanding flavor profile with hints of citrus flavor. They also ripen from green to light ivory-cream color which is attractive for display purposes.



Yellow Pear Tomato

Yellow Pear Tomatoes (Buy Seeds Online) are perfect for small-space gardens because they’re compact plants that produce hundreds of flavorful fruits per plant. In addition to their beautiful yellow color, these pear-shaped cherry tomatoes have an excellent taste—they’re sweet with just a hint of tanginess.

You’ll enjoy them on sandwiches or served alongside dinner as an appetizer or salad topping. They also make great salsa when mixed with other varieties like Roma and Sweet 100s in equal proportions.



Best Paste Tomato Varieties for Aquaponics



‘SuperSauce’ Hybrid Large Red Sauce & Paste Tomato

The Super Sauce Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is perfect for growing in aquaponic systems and hydroponic systems like Ebb & Flow or Drip Systems. It works well in these types of growing environments because it produces a very high yield when it has access to a constant supply of moisture. Plus, the flavor is really great and it has a dense meaty texture with no seeds which makes it one of the best paste tomatoes on the market.



Gladiator’ Red Slicing Paste Tomato

The Gladiator Hybrid Red Slicing Paste Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is easy to grow in hydroponic systems because it thrives in greenhouse conditions. The plant produces high yields of oval tomatoes with dense flesh and rich flavor. Plus, this variety is resistant to blossom end rot disease so you won’t have any problems with your plants’ fruits falling off before they ripen in your aquaponic system.



San Marzano Tomato

The San Marzano Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) has a long history of being grown in Italy and is considered by many to be the “king” of heirloom tomatoes. Its meaty texture makes it perfect for sauces, sandwiches, or sliced up on a salad.

Plus, San Marzano Tomato Seeds are not genetically modified, so you can rest assured that they will produce plants just like their ancestors did centuries ago.

If you’re looking for high yields and disease resistance then San Marzano tomatoes might be the right choice for your aquaponics garden.



Best Tomato Varieties for Aquaponics



Umamin Tomato

The Umamin Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) has been specially bred for its unique umami flavor and resistance to common diseases. The great taste and disease resistance make this variety an excellent choice for home gardeners as well as commercial growers. Plus, it’s easy to grow; your plants will be up and producing fruit before you know it. Just plant them like any other tomato—in full sun and harvest the fruits when they reach maturity, usually at about 8 oz.



Burpee SteakHouse’ Beefsteak Tomato

The SteakHouse’ Beefsteak Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is specially bred to be big while still having an excellent flavor. This tomato has everything that farmers look for in a tomato – it tastes great, stays firm even when fully ripe, stores well after harvest without refrigeration or waxing, & even resists cracking. Best of all, it produces beautiful fruit that can weigh up to 3 pounds each.



Orange Wellington Tomato

The Orange Wellington Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is the perfect choice for growing in an aquaponic system because it produces high yields of delicious fruit, with excellent disease resistance, and they exhibit a bright orange color when fully ripe. Plus, this variety was developed specifically to thrive in aquaponic systems with its heavy production of large fruits that are resistant to cracking when they mature.



Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato

The Cherokee Purple Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is an heirloom variety with a unique purple-rose color and sweet, smokey flavor that makes it one of the best-tasting tomatoes on the market. It’s also fairly easy to grow in a hydroponic system, aquaponics system, or home garden. If you’re looking for an heirloom tomato that produces large crops of 8-16 oz fruit, has great disease resistance and delicious taste then this might just be the perfect plant for your aquaponics garden.



Black Prince Tomato

Black Prince (Buy Seeds Online) is an heirloom tomato that grows up to 5 ft tall and has fruit that weighs 5 to 7 oz each. The fruits are sweet, dark red with black skin, and resistant to most tomato diseases



Cherokee Green Beefstake Tomato

The Cherokee Green Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is a medium-sized heirloom variety that matures from bright green with white stripes to solid green fruit with some orange striping. It has a bolder flavor than other varieties of cherry or small tomatoes, making it ideal for eating out of hand or cooking down into sauces or salsas.



Big Boy’ Red Tomato

A hybrid variety like Big Boy (Buy Seeds Online) combines both old-world flavor with modern production techniques which makes this tomato a great choice for a commercial aquaponics system. Plus, with its high yield and excellent disease resistance, you can enjoy abundant harvests while saving time and money by using fewer plants in each bed.



Early Girl Tomato

The Early Girl Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is the best tomato for aquaponics systems because it produces a lot of fruit early and continues producing over an extended period of time. It’s also meaty with excellent flavor and aroma, which makes it ideal for fresh eating or cooking.



Marglobe Heirloom Tomato

The Marglobe Heirloom Tomato (Buy Seeds Online) is the perfect choice for your aquaponic garden. It has all of the qualities you expect to find in an heirloom tomato like the great taste and a meaty texture, and it also performs exceptionally well in water culture systems.