Spirea Varieties

Spirea Varieties

There is a wide assortment of Spirea Varieties that you can grow in your garden. Keep reading to see all the different types of Spirea with beautiful foliage covered in pink, white, and purple flowers. 

Spirea Varieties


Goldmound Spirea

Goldmound Spirea – $67.95

The Goldmound Spirea (Spiraea japonica)  is a brightly colored plant that adds a nice touch of contrast to a shrub border planted around the foundation of your house.

This light chartreuse spirea has foliage that maintains its beautiful fall color all season long.  Then in June and July, it will produce an abundance of pink flowers that are truly a sight to behold.


Japanese White Spirea

Japanese White Spirea – $67.95

The Japanese White Spiraea has dark green leaves, contrasted by large clusters of white flowers hanging off its branches.

The Japanese White Spirea Variety starts to set flowers in June, and then it will continue producing new flowers all summer long, and you’ll get even more flowers from this plant if you  deadheaded the old blooms.

This beautiful shrub is very compact and it has a rounded form. They do well in the foreground of a mixed shrub planting, and they look absolutely stunning in clumps of three or more.

  • White Blooms
  • Tolerates Partial Shade
  • Burgandy-Purple Fall Foliage


Magic Carpet Spirea

Magic Carpet Spirea – $64.95

Magic Carpet Spirea is a vibrant shrub that stands out in almost any landscape. This is one of the best spirea varieties if you need to add some color to your borders.

This compact little shrub is also very easy to care for and it is very drought tolerant.  That makes it the perfect plant beginner gardeners since you won’t need a green thumb to keep it alive.  And you’ll be amazed by all the colors it displays all season long.

In spring the new foliage has a dark red color that quickly transforms into bright green as the leaves start to mature.  Then in June, the branches will be laden with pink flower clusters that will draw in butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard.


Double Play® Artisan® Spirea

Double Play┬« Artisan┬« Spirea – $32.95

Double Play® Artisan Spirea, is a new breed of Spirea that has deer-resistant foliage and beautiful purple flowers.

Double Play® Artisan Spirea starts out in the spring with deep red or purple foliage in the spring, and then as the leaves mature they settle into their final blue-green color before the start setting pure pink flowers.

  • Attracts Butterflies
  • Deer Resistant Shrub



Little Princess Spirea

Little Princess Spirea – $65.95

The Little Princess Spirea is easy to grow and you can plant it in full sun or partial shade.

The Little Princess Spirea variety is a compact, upright, plant that takes on a mounded shape as it matures. The leaves on this shrub are dark blue-green that narrow to an arrow-like point.

Litte Princess produces an abundance of pretty pink flowers corymbs starting in late spring and throughout the summer.

  • Pink Corymbs
  • Blue Green Foliage
  • Butterfly Magnet



Sem Ash Leaf Spirea

Sem Ash Leaf Spirea – $65.95

Sem Ash Leaf Spirea has fern-like foliage that emerges in the spring with pink leaves and stems that turn green as they mature  In the autumn this spirea variety puts on another show with its beautiful fall colors.

The Sem Ash Leaf Spirea starts flowering in late July and early August and it puts on a real show with its large white blossoms. It also stays compact so it works well as a low hedge, or you can use it as a foreground accent.

You can also plant this elegant spirea in northern climates since it’s one of the most cold-hardy types of spirea.


Double Play® Big Bang Spirea

Double Play┬« Big Bang Spirea – $79.95

The Double Play Big Bang Spiraea is one of the most beautiful Proven Winners spirea varieties. It can be added landscape in rows to create a wall of color all season long, or you can plant a few to accent a perennial garden.

The Double Play Spirea puts on a wonderful display throughout the year starting with orange and yellow foliage followed by pink bursts of color. With the Double Play Big Bang Spiraea, you’ll always have some color in your garden whether it’s spring, summer, or fall!



Dakota Goldcharm Spirea

Dakota Goldcharm Spirea – $69.95

The Dakota Goldcharm┬« ‘Mertyann’, has golden-green leaves and bright pink flowers that bloom in early summer, and it will produce new flowers all season long. The leaves start out a light bronze color, then they turn greenish-gold in summer, and in the fall the leaves have a pinkish-red color.

Dakota Goldcharm Spirea is a miniature type of spirea that’s similar that has a similar coloration as the Goldmound Spirea.  It prefers to grow in light loamy soil in partial sun, and it only grows to be 15 to 18 inches tall and 2 to 3 feet wide.  And since it stays so small it also makes an excellent ground cover.


Renaissance Spirea

Renaissance Spirea

Renaissance Spirea is similar to the Bridalwreath Spirea but it has a smaller more compact form and long-lasting flowers. Each slender branch arches over as the creamy white blooms start to bloom in early spring.

Renaissance Spirea might look like a flower you remember from your Grandma’s garden.  However, this improved variety of Bridalwreath has the same lovely white flowers in the spring, but it kicks things up a bit with a fiery display of red-orange foliage in the fall.


Crisp Leaf Spirea

Crisp Leaf Spirea

The Crisp Leaf Spiraea is one of the most unique spirea varieties.  The foliage of the Crisp Leaf Spirea emerges with burgundy hue, and then it transitions into a darker blue-green shade as it matures. Each one of the leaves also has a serrated edge, which is why it’s called “Crisp Leaf”.

Once fall rolls around the Crisp Leaf Spirea will start to show it late season colors as the leaves slowly lose their chlorophyll and turn beautiful bronze color, which perfectly complements a fall garden.

Crisp Leaf makes a great addition to any landscape since it can handle a wide range of soil conditions and it’s drought-tolerant and deer resistant.


Fritsch Spirea

Fritsch Spirea

Fritsch Spirea is a beautiful flowering shrub that’s a true three-season winner that will be a show stopper in your garden.

The Fritsch Spirea is also known as the  Korean Spiraea, and it produces a seemingly endless bounty of white flowers all summer followed by a beautiful display of fall color.


Goldflame Spirea

Goldflame Spirea – $67.95

The Goldflame Spirea was bred to be an accent plant along a walkway or in the foreground of a border.

Goldflame Spirea has orange and yellow young leaves that mature into a light greenish-yellow. Then the bright green foliage gets upstaged by the pink flowers that cover the stems in late spring and early summer.


Neon Flash Spirea

Neon Flash Spirea – $67.95

Neon Flash Spirea has the brightest flowers of any type of spirea. The electric blooms will deliver a show all season long from late spring to early fall.

The lance-shaped leaves also set this plant apart from other spirea varieties and the start off in spring with a reddish hue. And then the foliage slowly turns dark green during the summer, and then in fall, the leaves slowly turn a beautiful deep burgundy, and then finally purple.


Flaming Mound Spirea

Flaming Mound Spirea

The Flaming Mound Spirea as its name implies takes on the appearance of ‘flaming mound”. It looks amazing when planted in groups of three or more, and it really pops in a rock garden or when planted around plants with more muted colors.

Flaming Mound Spirea starts each season with bright red leaves that transition into a light green with red accents as the season progresses, and then they turn completely red again in the fall. The foliage also makes a beautiful backdrop for the large corymbs that produce deep pink flowers starting in late spring and continuing deep into summer.


Snowmound Spirea

Snowmound Spirea – $65.95

Snowmound Spirea is perfect if you have a small garden, but you still want a compact shrub with large white flowers. This spirea variety makes a great substitute for the Bridal Wreath Spirea for people with smaller yards. 

This dwarf spirea puts on a wonderful display of bright white flowers in mid-spring into the later summer and early fall.  Then it slowly changes into its fall color until it loses it leaves during the first winter frost.


Grefsheim Spirea

Grefsheim Spirea

Grefsheim Spirea is one of the most stunning early-blooming Spirea varieties. They will be one of the first spireas to bloom each spring. The white flowers are so numerous on the Grefsheim that they create a cascade of blossoms that arch from the top of the plant and almost reach the ground.

When the summer starts, the flowers give way to the blue-green leaves that have a delicate narrow form. Then when the fall arrives, the green leaves start to turn a reddish-brown shade before they are cast away and the plant goes dormant.


Tor Spirea

Tor Spirea – $66.95

The Spirea Tor Spirea has small white flower clusters that are juxtaposed against a sea of deep green foliage that has an almost iridescent quality in the full summer sun.

The foliage will put on another show in the fall as it transitions from red to deep purple.  You can expect to see a lot of butterflies in your yard if you plant Tor Spirea since it has so many nectar-filled flowers.  It’s also possible to keep the blooms going all season by trimming back the old wood so the plant focuses on new growth that will produce new flowers.  This spirea variety is also relatively compact, so it makes an excellent addition around the foundation of a hose or in a small border garden.


Vanhouttei Spirea

Vanhouttei Spirea

Vanhouttei Spirea makes a beautiful addition to any landscape, with its delicate cascading limbs it will be a focal point in any flower garden.

The branches of this spirea variety will almost be completely covered in flowers when it’s in bloom. The flowers also last a long time, so you’ll get to enjoy them all summer. And you’ll be surprised by how many pollinators like butterflies and bees are drawn to your garden.


Shibori Spirea

Shibori Spirea – $67.95

The Spiraea Shibori is a compact upright plant with bright multi-colored flower clusters.

This spirea will produce lots of branches with white and pink flowers  will produce, but it won’t spread or cascade so it makes a great addition to a mixed border.


Froebelii Spirea

Froebelii Spirea

The ‘Froebelii’ Spirea starts each year with purple foliage that’s topped off with pink and red early summer flowers

This shrub also remains compact and it has an upright rounded growth habit, and you can easily train it with hedge trimmers.

Then as the cool fall weather sets in the leaves on this plant will start to turn purple again for a year-round display of color.


Anthony Waterer Spirea

Anthony Waterer Spirea – $63.95

Anthony Waterer Spirea has unique color-changing flowers that start out a bright red, and as they age they start to tone down a light pink color.

This dwarf spirea also develops deep blue-green foliage in the summer and the leaves turn deep burgundy as the cool fall air starts to nip at the foliage.


Superstar Spirea

Superstar Spirea – $67.95

Superstar Spirea is beautiful and easy to care for, and it stays compact so it will fit into smaller gardens. However, even if you have a large garden you can plant a large grouping of Superstar Spireas for a beautiful display of color.

This dwarf spirea has deep green foliage when it emerges from dormancy in the spring. Then, the new growth on the tips of the stems will be a scarlet red color. As the summer starts to warm up the Superstar will put a show with endless pink blossoms that keep coming all summer. Then as the growing season comes to an end the leaves will start to turn light bronze color.


Double Play Candy Corn Spirea

Double Play┬« Candy Corn┬« Spirea – $39.95

Double Play Candy Corn starts off in spring with bright red foliage. Then as the season progresses the leaves will start to turn yellow, and the new growth will still start out a deep orange color. If that’s not enough them deep purple flowers burst out early in the season.  You truly won’t believe how beautiful this plant is until you grow it in your own garden, and luckily it’s one of the more affordable spirea plants so it’s a real bargain.


Double Play Red Spirea

Double Play® Red Spirea

Double Play Red Spirea has color-changing leaves that start out burgundy in the spring, and then they turn deep green in the summer and stay that way throughout the fall. Then in late spring, it will set a large amount of true red flowers, and it’s the only true red flowering spirea variety.

Double Play Red also keeps its tight compact mounded shape without any pruning, and as an added bonus it’s deer resistant. If you’re looking for a vigorous easy to care for spirea that’s a real show stopper you can’t go wrong with Double Play Red Spirea.


Gumball Spirea

Gumball Spirea

Gumball Spirea is a dwarf type of spirea that produces an abundance of hot pink flowers throughout the late spring and early summer.

The Gumball Spirea also has very attractive purple foliage in the early spring. Then in the fall, you’ll be delighted by a display of dark red, orange, and yellow foliage.


Norman Spirea

Norman Spirea

Norman Spirea is a compact dwarf Spirea variety that sets bright pink flowers on mint-green foliage. In fall color it first turns dark red and the foliage ends the season a deep purple color


Snow Storm Spirea

Snow Storm Spirea

Snow Storm Spirea starts off with small white buds contrasted against dark green foliage. Then as the flowers emerge you’ll get a wonderful display of large 8-inches flower clusters that cover the whole plant.  Then as the fall begins you’ll get another show when the verdant leaves slowly transition to orange and red.


Bridalwreath Spirea

Bridalwreath Spirea

Bridalwreath Spirea has long arching branches that are covered in doubled white flower blossoms.  That’s what makes this spirea variety one of the most popular in American gardens for over 100 years. And Bridalwreath Spirea won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a large deer resistant shrub that can serve as a centerpiece in almost any garden.


Double Play Doozie Spirea

Double Play┬« DoozieÔÇ× Spirea

Spirea Double-Play┬« Doozie has been bred to be sterile,  so it’s one of the few non-invasive spirea varieties. Doozie blooms all summer up until the first frost, and it produces endless clusters of dark pink flowers It also doesn’t require deadheading to keep blooming so you’ll get to enjoy Doozie all season long without trimming off the old flowers.


Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea

Double Play® Blue Kazoo® Spirea

Double Play┬« Blue Kazoo┬« has some of the deepest and most rich colors that you’ll find on any spirea variety.

In early spring, the plant will be covered wine-red new leaves. Then as the leaves mature they will turn a dark blue-green color.  Then as the fall starts to set in you’ll get a fiery display of bright red foliage.  

Then to top of the unique dark leaves, this plant produces an abundance of bright white flowers in the spring, and then it produces even more flowers during the summer!

This plant is also on the list of plants that you can use for firescaping, so it makes a perfect addition to gardens in fire-prone regions.


Pink Sparkler Spirea

Pink Sparkler Spirea

Pink Sparker Spirea is one of the most beautiful spirea varieties with large round pink flower-heads that form in early spring. Pink Sparkler will also rebloom in the fall with a set of smaller light pink flowers that are set off against burgundy foliage.


Mini Gold Spirea

Mini Gold Spirea

Mini Gold Spirea (Spiraea japonica ‘Mini Gold’) is one of the brightest green spirea varieties.  It has bright eye-catching yellow-green leaves that retain their color all summer.  Then tiny pink flowers will sit high on each branch and it will bloom for the whole summer.

 The foliage will eventually take on a deep gold color as the temperature starts to drop at the end of the growing season, but it will still keep producing a few pink flowers even in the fall,  which makes the Mini Gold Spirea one of the best spirea varieties for a fall flower garden.