YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter

YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter

If you want to keep warm this winter you’ll need enough chopped wood to keep your fireplace roaring. And we all know how hard it can be to chop enough wood by hand for the whole season. If you want to make sure you have enough split wood it’s a good idea to get a hydraulic log splitter. This YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter comparison should help you narrow down your options.


YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter – 28 & 25 Ton Log Splitter

YARDMAX-YS2865 -YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter

YARDMAX 28 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

Champion-25-Ton-Horizontal-Vertical-Splitter- YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter

Champion 25-Ton Full Beam Log Splitter

208cc Briggs & Stratton Engine

224cc Single Cylinder Engine

Cycle Time: 9.7 seconds

Cycle Time: 12 seconds

Hydraulic Pump: 14GPM

Hydraulic Pump: 11 GPM

Hydraulic Cylinder: 4 Gallons

Hydraulic Cylinder: 5 Gallons

Weight: 474.5 Pounds

Weight: 429.9 Pounds



YARDMAX YS2865 28 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

The YARDMAX 28 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter (Buy Online) is a durable high powered log splitter made for heavy-duty applications. This log splitter has a 6.5 HP 208cc Briggs & Stratton Engine, and it has a very fast cycle time of 9.7 seconds. Its hydraulic pump is rated at 14 GPM and it has a hydraulic cylinder capacity of 4 gallons.


The YARDMAX 28-Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter weighs in at 474.5 pounds, so you’ll need to tow it into a suitable location. That means it isn’t made for light jobs in tight spaces, and it should always be situated on stable even terrain.


The YARDMAX 28-Ton log splitter has a very reliable motor and it always starts on the first try when you turn over the engine. The 4-way-wedge also cuts through most logs like a hot knife through butter. You can split everything from softwood up to hardwood and get results that we are always impressed with when we use this heavy-duty piece of equipment.

You also get a very fast cylinder cycle that chops through a log in a little over nine seconds. Also, it’s able to produce a sizable pile of burnable pieces of wood in a little over an hour. In most cases that means you can split a month’s worth of wood in a day or two under optimal conditions.


The other standout feature of the 28-Ton YARDMAX Log Splitter is the spinning footplate. This plate allows the splitter to reduce the total pressure on the beam, unlike other log splitters, that rely on static wedge pressure. The footplate turns the log while the 4-way-wedge splitter presses into the wood, which leads to a faster and cleaner splitting process.


You can expect the 28-Ton YARDMAX log splitter to last for years even if you have lots of wood to split and run the machine under a heavy-duty cycle. And best of all the price of this machine is quite affordable given it’s splitting power.



Champion 25-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Full Beam Gas Log Splitter

The Champion 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter (Buy Online) is a very powerful and popular. It has a powerful 224 cc single-cylinder engine, and a cycle time of 12 seconds. Its hydraulic pump is rated at 11 GPM, and it has a hydraulic capacity of 5 gallons.


With its 25-Ton capacity, it can split any type of wood. The Champion 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter is rated to handle logs with a maximum weight of 1000 pounds, and a maximum length of 24-inches.

This log splitter weighs 429.9 pounds which makes it slightly lighter than the 28-Ton YARDMAX Log Splitter. It’s relatively easy to load it into the back of a truck, or you can tow it with an ATV, truck, or UTV that has a 2-inch ball coupler.

Cycle TIme

The Champion 25-Ton Log Splitter can be used on extremely large hardwood logs, and it will only take a matter of seconds to power right through anything you throw at it. The cycle time of this unit hovers around 12.4 seconds which is pretty fast, but not as fast as the 28-Ton YARDMAX Log Splitter which clocks in at 9.7 seconds.

Another good thing about the Champion 25-Ton Log Splitter is that you can quickly switch if from a horizontal or vertical working position. That can be really helpful if you have to work in tight areas where space is limited.


This 25-Ton Champion Log Splitter also has a convenient log catcher that keeps the split wood from falling all over the place. Most log splitters in this price range tend to lack a log catcher, so it’s nice to see that Champion included this feature.

Even though a log catcher might not seem like a big deal, you’ll quickly see how important it can be when you don’t have to waste time picking up split logs strewn all over the ground. On top of that, we’re sure your back will appreciate the log catcher as well.


You can keep your log splitter protected from the elements with the Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover (Buy Online). This cover is made for 15-27 Ton Champion Log Splitters, so you can easily protect your investment if you ever have to leave your log splitter outside in bad weather.


The 25-Ton Champion Log Splitter is also very budget-friendly, and it usually costs a couple of hundred dollars less than the 27-Ton YARDMAX Log splitter. If you’re looking for a powerful log splitter with a quick cycle time and a nice set of features this is one of the best log splitters in this price range and power category.




YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter – 7 & 5 Ton Log Splitter

YARDMAX-YS0552-Electric- YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter

Champion-Compact-Horizontal-Splitter - YARDMAX vs Champion Log Splitter

YARDMAX 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter


Champion 7-Ton Compact Gas Log Splitter


15 Amp Electric Motor

80cc 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Engine

Cycle Time: 16 seconds

Cycle Time: 20 seconds

Hydraulic Cylinder: 0.93 Gallons

Hydraulic Cylinder: 1.3 Gallons

Weight: 100 Pounds

Weight: 144 Pounds

Log Size: 20.5 Inches

Log Size: 19.3 Inches



YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

The YARDMAX 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter (Buy Online) is one of the best entry-level log splitters on the market. It has a 15 Amp Electric motor, and a cycle time of 16 seconds, along with a 0.93-gallon hydraulic cylinder capacity.

The YARDMAX 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter is very portable since it only weighs 100 pounds, so you can easily move it into place without much effort. It’s also relatively compact since it only measures 40.5-inches x 17.7-inches x 39-inches.

The 5-Ton hydraulic system is capable of handling logs that are 20.5-inches long and have up to a 10-inch diameter. Also, the 5-inch wedge will even split hardwood logs in under 17 to 18 seconds.

The 5-Ton YARDMAX Electric Log Splitter also has built-in guides that help keep logs firmly in place, so it will split every log you throw at it right down the middle. The stand also has a small log tray incorporated into its design, which will keep any wood from falling on the ground when you use this splitter.

If you’re looking for a log splitter for small to medium-sized logs than the YARDMAXX 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter is a great option. Also, it costs less than most comparable log splitters on the market, which is great if you’re on a tight budget. It’s also very well made, so you can be sure it will provide you with many years of reliable service, and it even comes with a 2 -Year Residential Warranty or a 90-Day Commercial Warranty.



Champion 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

The Champion 7-Ton Log Splitter (Buy Online) is a lightweight compact machine that packs a lot of power. It has an 80cc 4-Stroke Air Cooled Engine and a hydraulic capacity of 1.3 gallons that can handle 180 cycles per hour with a cycle time of 20 seconds.

The Champion 7-Ton Compact Log Splitter is also relatively lightweight since it weighs in at 144 pounds, and it measures 53.1 x 23.6 x 18.1 inches. It’s even light enough to reposition by hand, and you can attach it to a 2-inch ball coupler and tow it at speeds up to 45 mph. It’s also easy to store in a garage or shed since it doesn’t have a very large footprint

This log splitter is rated to work on logs that are no larger than 19.3-inches, which is more than enough for most residential needs and small landscaping operations.

If you don’t need a large 25-ton machine then this compact log splitter is a great alternative for small to medium-sized jobs that don’t require all that power. It’s also a good machine for first-timers since it’s very easy to operate and it comes with some features you only find in larger more powerful models.

If you’re looking for the next step-up from an electric log splitter than the 7-Ton Champion is one of your best options. It has more power and capacity than the YARDMAX 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter, and it’s more portable since it doesn’t need to be near an electrical outlet to operate.



Log Splitter Accessories

Woodhaven The 8 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

The Woodhaven 8 Foot Firewood Log Rack (Buy Online) will keep your freshly split wood protected from mold, fungus, and moisture. The stand is made in the USA using powder-coated steel, and it comes with a waterproof cover.

This rack is 8 feet long, 1.25 feet deep, and 4 feet tall. It can hold 1/3 of a cord of wood which is enough wood to last 3 to 4 weeks in average winter conditions. If you want to stock up more wood then you should get 5 or 6 of these racks to have enough wood on hand to last all winter.