Does Cypress Mulch Repel Bugs

Does Cypress Mulch Repel Bugs

Does Cypress Mulch Repel Bugs? Spreading cypress mulch around your house and garden can help repel bugs. Cypress heartwood is termite-resistant, and some studies show that cypress oil extracts can repel termites.

Cypress wood is resistant to mold, rot, and decay, so it will last longer than most wood mulches before it needs to be replaced. It also absorbs and retains moisture extremely well, which can be helpful in drought-stricken locations.

If you’re looking for the best mulch that doesn’t attract bugs then Cypress Mulch (Buy Online) is a good option since it can repel bugs and slow down their reproductive rate.

However, cypress mulch isn’t as effective as cedar mulch at repelling and killing bugs like ants, beetles, ticks, cockroaches, and termites.

If you want to know about other insect-resistant mulch options available like Cedar mulch (Buy Online) and Rubber Mulch (Buy Online) we’ll go over them in more detail in the following article.


Cypress Mulch Bulk



Golden Trophy Cypress Mulch

Golden Trophy Cypress Mulch (Buy Online) cypress mulch blend that contains a mix of cypress heartwood and pine shavings. This 2 cubic foot bag of mulch weighs 27 pounds and it’s available in bulk with free shipping.



Estate Premium 100% Pure Cypress Mulch

Estate Premium Pure Cypress Mulch (Buy Online) is a high quality 100% golden cypress mulch that’s perfect for flower beds and ornamental landscaping. This 2 cubic foot bag of cypress mulch weighs 30 pounds and you can get it delivered with free shipping.



Does Mulch Attract Bugs

Does mulch attract bugs

Mulch can attract bugs since it provides them with a hospitable environment to feed, breed, and reproduce.

The reason why bugs like to live in mulch is that it retains moisture, and mulch also gives insects plenty of places to hide especially in deep mulch layers.

cypress mulch termites

Some bugs like termites can also feed on wood mulch, which can be a big problem, especially around the foundation of your home.

Mulch does provide several benefits for your plants, and it provides cover for helpful insects. It also suppresses weeds, and it will keep your landscape looking neat and tidy.

That’s why it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using mulch before you decide to spread it around your home and garden.



Cypress Mulch Pros and Cons


Cypress Mulch Pros

A thick layer of cypress mulch can act as an effective weed barrier around plants. It also has an attractive color and it adds a tasteful touch around flower beds, trees and other plants in an ornamental landscape.

Cypress mulch is less expensive than other types of insect-repelling mulch, and it’s usually readily available for purchase online with free shipping.


Cypress Mulch Cons

One of the benefits of cypress mulch has to do with cypress mulch and termite resistance. Termites can eat cypress sapwood without any ill effects. But termites will have less reproductive success when they feed off cypress hardwood

Another cypress mulch problem is that cypress groves are being clear cut faster than they can be replaced. That means Cypress mulch isn’t a very sustainable or environmentally friendly mulch option.


Alternatives to Cypress Mulch

There are several insect-repellant mulches that you can use to enhance the look of your landscape. Cedar mulch is one of the most popular mulch options. Cedar mulch is very effective at repelling and killing bugs since it contains the chemical thujone.

You can also get rubber mulch that won’t absorb moisture, and it can’t serve as a food source for termites. Rubber mulch will also last for quite a long time since it can’t decay like organic mulch.



Cypress Mulch vs Cedar Mulch

cypress mulch vs cedar mulch

Cypress mulch and cedar mulch are both touted as being insect-repellant, but cedar mulch is more effective at repelling and killing insects. They are both aromatic types of wood that have chemicals that repel insects and even inhibit mold.

Cypress wood will slow down the spread and life cycle of certain bugs, but the thujone oil in cedar will deter and kill more insect species. However, cedar is such a potent insect-repellant it will keep beneficial insects like ladybugs away from your garden as well.



Cedar Mulch Bulk


Gro Well Brands, Shredded Western Red Cedar Mulch

Shredded Western Red Cedar Mulch (Buy Online) is an aromatic red ground cover that looks great in an ornamental landscape. It is naturally insect resistant and it absorbs and retains moisture extremely well. It also inhibits the germination of weed seeds thanks to its potent allelopathic oils.



Cedar Oil Insect Repellant


Cedarcide Original

Cedarcide Original (Buy Online) is an all-natural insecticide oil that’s extracted from cedar trees. It kills insects like fleas, ticks, ants, mites, and mosquitoes. It’s also safe and non-toxic to use around people and pets, and it has a delightful fresh cedar scent.

It can be sprayed around your house and garden to repel and kill insects. It’s also safe enough to use on pets, just be sure to follow the instructions if you plan on spraying it on your dog or cat.



Rubber Mulch


Vigoro 0.8 cu. ft. Cedar Red Rubber Mulch

Vigoro Cedar Red Rubber Mulch (Buy Online) is a long-lasting mulch that won’t attract insects. This rubber mulch comes with a 12-year color guarantee, so it won’t fade over time like wood mulch. It’s also much safer for use around kids, and you can use it in child play areas since it’s much softer than regular mulch.